Hunger Games Fandom Alert System

We are the mother hens of The Hunger Games fandom. See, we aren’t just geeks. We are defenders and protectors of geeks. And we’re wary… Vewwy, vewwy wary.

You remember the palpitations we had when we heard about the CW reality TV show based on The Hunger Games, The Hunt? We kind of lost faith in humanity and freaked out. That was probably the worst of it, but that doesn’t keep us from being suspicious of other things.

The producers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy are working on a new reality TV show called The Quest, which promises an epic journey for the lucky fantasy lovers who are cast. They’re looking specifically for people who dream of being a hero and enjoy extra-cirriculars like Live Action Role Play. And they’re reaching out to The Hunger Games community.

Did we mention this was for a major cable network? It seems like a really cool, fun concept if the participants were your average fantasy enthusiasts portrayed in a positive light, which is what you’d hope for given the producers. But this is network television. You know what that usually means? Nerd shaming.

See, networks usually go for *cough* unique personalities. Aka the weirdest, most messed up people they can find. The type who “make for good television”. Then they air these people’s most embarrassing, awkward moments and edit out every moment that’s relatively normal. Instead of being fun and knowledgeable, they’ll probably be portrayed like Augie from Role Models.

Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe they want to spread the good word that uncool is cool. Buuuuut… prolly not.

It’s not that we shouldn’t enjoy being fans nor should we stop showing our fandom pride. Things like conventions and premieres are safe zones for utter and complete nerdom. But let’s not totally set ourselves up in the public sphere, capice?

We’re Basically Just A Mouthy Neighborhood Watch,
The Girl With The Pearl


One comment

  1. Ugh. If the nerd shaming you predict actually happens (and it probably will), I’ll be so disappointed in the LOTR producers. Just one more reason for nerds to keep our Katniss wigs, Millennium Falcon models and Hobbit slippers safely hidden in the closet.

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