Something’s Happening

imagesYou heard me, or read me, yeah read is better in this context, but something is happening! Sure, we’ve speculated, pondered, and of course joked– this is Victor’s Village in case you forgot. Wait, what have we joked, pondered, and speculated about!? Oh, yeah,! Yeah, yeah, that thing, which will forever be TheHungerGames-Sexplorer to us, because we like to pretend Sigmund Freud doesn’t exist, but Tyrion Lannister does, actually Freud doesn’t exist– because he’s dead, therefore we win! What do we win though? The ability to not care that we think is secretly a Hunger Games fan-fiction, and fan-art archive geared towards all things sexy-times! Just imagine all that fish-net themed Playgirl-esque photoshopping! But, on a realistic note, we know it’s not that at all, but it would still tickle us a tiny bit if it was.

Anyway, today’s hullabaloo (yeah, it’s 1965 in my head), was about that thing that I swear I’ve written out about ten times by now, and my fingers are hurting because of it! TheHungerGamesExplorer, quick say it 10 times and fast! Turns out it’s definitely going to be playing an integral role in the viral marketing campaign that’s being slowly revealed to us. Today I woke up to news of the newest development with it by Facebook message, and then promptly when on a quick search for more information. By now hopefully you all are up to speed, and if you’re not here’s the deal. TheHungerGamesExplorer is looking like it’ll be a combination of the attempted innovation of CapitolCouture on Tumblr, which really turned out to be rather static, and a better suited film themed web-site focused around The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Slowly we’re going to be teased new materials (photo

The 1st Still

The 1st Still

stills for now), which we have to unlock with our conceded, and collective efforts in tweeting the Twitter hashtag #HungerGamesExplorer as well as #CatchingFire. Over the next couple of weeks more and more materials will be revealed to us, the official launch of the site, i.e. not just a front page, will be happening after the first teaser trailer premieres this coming Sunday on MTV. Another interesting factoid surrounding this new leg of the promotional campaign is that it’s entirely international. Yep, we’ve become complacent in thinking that all news Hunger Games comes out around 10 am Pacific Standard Time, nope– not this time around. There will be no rhyme or reason to the release of these materials, just us tweeting the shit out of those hashtags. So, if 1,000 people in Guam are going to town on both those hashtags, new materials just might pop up at a reasonable time for them, but not for say– me, because they’re about 17 hours ahead of me, yay them. So, keep your eyes peeled folks! Personally I hope this site proves to be more interactive, and less about pictures, and graphics. It is a site made to promote a film, therefore I stubbornly hope they’ll include audio visuals, i.e. perhaps use the site to premiere music videos from the film’s soundtrack, clips from the film, behind the scenes interview clips with the cast, crew, and director, and my favorite idea that just popped into my head– an interview with the film score composer, because I am a film score dork. I just want more, y’know?

So, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages… Let the games begin! And follow me into madness by staring at this GIF for 20 minutes!


Them There Eyes



  1. Are you sure Tyrion Lannister isn’t adminning this TheHungerGameSexplorer??????

    Just remind me not to say that ten times fast in a public place again…

    1. LOL! Come to think of it, there are a lot of parallels between the THG and Games of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire franchises, as both are set in wartime in societies that are loosely based on actual history — GOT on the War of the Roses period in medieval England, the Capitol from THG on ancient Rome. They include many characters facing tough moral/ethical choices, with no easy answers, and no one is either 100% good or 100% evil. Tons of people die in horrible ways.

      And to top it all off; both franchises have scenes of star-crossed lovers in caves. (TV-only fans, that’s something that will happen this season — won’t go into anymore detail to avoid spoilers! 😉 )

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