The Big Bucks

Lawrence-Reading-Books2I’m about to lay the truth on you like no one has ever laid the truth on you before. Contrary to popular belief none of us here at Victor’s Village, or any other fan-site, or blog dedicated to The Hunger Games are paid by The Powers That Be, otherwise known as Lionsgate Studios. I know, I know– but many of us got to go to the world premiere of The Hunger Games in Los Angeles, and we also occasionally have awesome merchandise to give out during contests! Gotta say though, none of that is evidence that supports the notion that we’re in any way, shape, or form monetarily connected to the people who own the rights to The Hunger Games. We are, and will always simply be this, fans. We may be a little different from your average fan of the series, because we have taken our passion to a higher level than simply reblogging GIF sets on Tumblr, or tweeting that we can’t wait to see the film again, or how much we love Peeta, or Katniss, or Finnick, or even Buttercup. Nope, we have blogs, we have sites that we pay for the rights to own the domain names of with our own money, we have podcasts, Google alerts up the ass, and we have extra flat rate mailers in our closets just in case we’re running a contest, and one of you out there has won something from our prize stores. There’s one thing about us though that I think we can share on some level, we’re unabashedly, unequivocally in love with The Hunger Games trilogy, some of us might even go so far as to say we’re obsessed.

So, the next timetumblr_loccpjGztx1qk1obso1_400 someone’s mind stumbles upon the thought that we’re paid for all this work, which it is work, do not ever forget that, and that we’re just talking things up because it’s all about the money, stop your self. Here’s the deal though; we may not be paid for our time, our energy, and our efforts, but we are rewarded everyday, or at least every week by the thought, the indicative proof that we’re not alone in our passion by interacting with you out there, as well as fellow fan-site runners, and bloggers, and that the time we take out of everyday, the time we take away from our families, from our pets, our real life jobs, are appreciated both by you out there reading our articles, listening to us on podcasts, subscribing to our Twitter-feeds, site alerts, that cast members from the franchise are willing to engage with us, and that Lionsgate Studios does care about what we have to say, and that they do give us kindness by paying attention, and gifting us premiere tickets. Mostly it’s about the fact that we’re not just yelling into a giant black void. This is what they call being paid the big bucks, because the bucks are invisible, and you can imagine them to be enormous, and with so many zeroes tacked on at the end.

The funny will be back next week.

Them There Eyes



  1. I don’t know what particular callous incident prompted you to write this (or if it was a combo of many) but YES! Thank you! All of the things are true!

    A lot of people don’t know about the double-edged sword for premieres: “You’re invited!” Then you just pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to travel to LA and lodge there for a while. I also totally laughed about the flat-rate mailer comment, because I have a small arsenal of various empty packages for such occasions!

    1. T’was a combination, or a culmination of things. And, you’re welcome!

      And also you’re so right, it is a double edged sword. I won’t complain too much, because the experience is worth it.

      I totally have flat rate mailers inside my closet too, it’s just part of our lives now I think.

  2. Hear, hear! While I don’t have the same degree of obsession *cough*, I mean degree of emotional, financial, and time expenditure into the THG fandom, I know exactly what you mean about the big black void. In fact, I literally commented on this yesterday on my own REAL LIFE facebook about how different it is to read a book in this day and age when you can interact with others in large scale on-line conversations, compared to my childhood experience of reading books with my feet cooling off in a creek and not a single person to tell about this character or that plot or whatever. There is something to be said about loving a book and connecting with others who love it as much as you do.

    That being said, I think I can speak on behalf of all your Victor’s Village readers that we so much appreciate your dedication and hard work on this website. Just in the few guest posts I have written, I can tell that it IS quite a lot of work to write so frequently and to be FUNNY about it. Dab nab it, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get the funny into my writing… so you guys must be sweating bullets. Or perhaps have an extra funny gene in your DNA.

    No matter, the point is that VV fills in a special niche in the THG fandom. So thank you!

    1. HGBC, you’re hilarious in your guest posts! I distinctly remember gigglesnorting when you talked about some of the more interesting interactions with your kids in the last guest post! Don’t doubt yourself!

      1. You are probably referring to my admonition to “stop licking the carpet”. Yeah, ok, that is pretty funny even if it is my Real Life. 🙂

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