HG Fireside Chat’s 100 Things To Do Before Catching Fire

Just like with the first movie, our friends at HG Fireside Chat posted a list of 100 Things to Do Before Catching Fire. Of course, I had to go through the list and pick out my favorites and some of the ones I’ve actually done!

3. Visit your local bakery and ask if Peeta’s working that day.

There’s a blond teenage boy that works at a bakery near my work, and in my head I call him Peeta. Maybe I’ll actually do this… and confuse the heck out of everyone that works there.

22. Sing Alexander Ludwig’s “Liv It Up” at karaoke.

Oh yes, I already do this. In my own personal karaoke room called my car.

35. Blame the Capitol when something doesn’t work properly.

36. Then credit Beetee when it’s fixed.

I have a lot of electronics, and they quite often give me trouble so this one is a snap. And of course I’ll credit Beetee the day my Blu-ray player decides it wants to connect to my wifi.

42. Put a “Victor’s Village” sign on your door.


68. Get your picture taken next to the first Catching Fire poster you see at your local movie theater.

You bet I’m doing this. And I’m still holding out hope for my huge Sunset Blvd advertisements.

76. Search everywhere for a purple robe with a fur-trimmed collar for when you become Head Gamemaker.

…Doesn’t everyone do this?

No luck still, but I’m keeping an eye out!

80. Watch a Phillip Seymour Hoffman film in which he has a full head of hair.

I have quite a few of his older movies on DVD, but I’ve always got a special place in my heart for Dusty.


90. Buy a friend a Hunger Games-themed creation on Etsy.

I’ve done this! Got my lovely friend Courtney from Welcome to District 12 a Katniss Everdeen devotional candle from Banana Leviathan for Christmas. Also got myself one too. (Sorry, she’s out of them.)

Check out the full list at HGFiresideChat.com in video and non-video form!

How many can you do?


  1. I had two I was already planning to do, including reading Plutarch’s Lives, but I think going into a bakery and asking for Peeta is a hoot. If only I had enough teen spirit to do it.

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