The Hunger Games’ Deleted Scene Dilemma

Believe it or not, we’ve got nothing to fool you with this April Fool’s Day. Not that we wouldn’t love to, but sometimes the real world interferes long enough that we don’t come up with clever ways to mess with you.

Thankfully, some other sites were kind enough to do it for us! We’re especially fond of article claiming Jennifer Lawrence dropped out of the last two films and has been replaced by Shailene Woodley (aka the young actress who will be taking over all other Young Adult films in about a year) and Down With The Capitol‘s announcement that Suzanne Collins will write a 4th Hunger Games book.

The Hunger Games deleted scene Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark


But the best faux announcement (also from DWTC) was about those freaking deleted scenes. You know, the ones that Gary Ross has gone so far as to say don’t exist– well, to be clear, he claimed he used all the material he shot in the film. Until stills from scenes that weren’t in the movie showed up online. Seriously, Gary, you know you can’t hide anything from the Internet! Plus, why claim there’s nothing? Why not just say it’s not something he is ready to release?

DWTC claimed that there was a special one-year anniversary edition of The Hunger Games featuring the mysterious deleted scenes. If we were perfectly clear about those unreleased deleted scenes, this wouldn’t be such a surprise for those of us who forgot the evil that is April Fool’s Day.

So big, yet missing so much!

So big, yet missing so much!

We mean, imagine what scandalous materials are being hidden away from us in those deleted scenes! Gruesome, bloody deaths! Pure smut! Extreme prejudice! Or *gasp* the really awful stuff! Another scene in which Peeta and Katniss talk about their lives or the games for another couple minutes?! More looks at life in The Capitol or the districts?! Something that actually clarifies the status of Katniss and Peeta’s relationship during the ending?! CRAZY TALK, WE KNOW.

These scenes could be as dry as sandpaper. They could be completely insensible. But we still want to see them! We want to know every inkling of what went into making these movies, even if we watch them and think “Ouch… okay, we understand why that wasn’t included. My eyes burn!

Maybe there will be some crazy anniversary DVD in the future that we can all feast our eyes on in the future, but can we at least get a consolation acknowledgement of such scenes in the meantime?!

We don’t care if the scene is bad, JLaw’s hair looks fab!
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I thought Lionsgate said they will release those few deleted scenes from the Hunger Games once all the rest of the movies come out on dvd.

    1. Nope! Lionsgate has never said a peep about the deleted scenes. Though most fans assume they’re saving the deleted to be released in some future special edition, it’s never been confirmed, sadly!

  2. This particular gif you put in here (Peeta: why did you help me back there?) i think might have been considered redundant (maybe appropriate term is annoyingly persistent) question from Peeta if it was included in the movie because i think this is a follow up not only to what happened in the Games at the end but more so to the conversation of Katniss and Peeta when Katniss helped Peeta after he sustained that Cato’s sword-leg injury, this:
    Katniss: Im not gonna leave you, Im not gonna do that
    Peeta: WHY? (insinuating? or plain curious tone?)
    so if they included that scene (gif above), audiences would be like, “DUH PEETA, what do you want to know… assuming much????” (if you get what i mean.)

    and that’s it. that’s just my assumption though. 🙂

    1. If that’s the reason they didn’t use it in the film, that’s totally cool! Redundancy is definitely something you want to avoid (though I’m hoping this is the magical scene where Peeta realizes that Katniss was faking her love for him). It’s the whole thing where Gary Ross has said there were NO deleted scenes that drives us bonkers! Why not just tell fans that some things weren’t worth including?

      1. “It’s the whole thing where Gary Ross has said there were NO deleted scenes that drives us bonkers!” – I get your point, this was my reaction too way back.
        ‘no deleted scenes’ (on the dvd) versus ‘no deleted scenes’ (at all) – maybe that’s the main difference.

        “Why not just tell fans that some things weren’t worth including?” – yes. I agree. 🙂

      2. the realizing part, i think, was all left to the scene of the train journey back to district 12. (peeta: what happens now?
        katniss: i guess we try to forget.)

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