Jennifer Lawrence and Hate Groups

Oh, journalism. I’d love to say you’ve gone way downhill recently, but more often than not, you have always been a cruel mistress of sensationalism and general ridiculousness.

The most recent form was an article published by a couple weeks ago, which tried to discover if anyone could possibly hate Jennifer Lawrence, one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, by calling several hate groups to get their thoughts on her. Seriously, all he had do to was go on tumblr. There are haterz there for EVERYTHING.

To cut it down so you don’t have to read the article: Every hate group except one told the reporter to go fuck himself. They claimed to have no idea who she was. It’s not a surprise– not just because they’re hate groups, but because the question is kind of stupid.

The one group that did know Jennifer? The Westboro Baptist Church, an uber-religious hate group that pickets everything– mainly military funerals and anything related to the gay rights movement. They’ve been so offensive that Hell’s Angels and the KKK have threatened to counter-protest against them. However, they’re also known for being creepily kind to the media, whom they speak to willingly and often.

In this conversation, a member of the church admitted that he didn’t know much about her, but he thought Winter’s Bone “rocked” and also presented this whammy: Some of the kids in the church are fans of The Hunger Games movie.

Knowing the Westboro Baptist Church, the books aren’t exactly readily available and the messages of the series haven’t quite crept up on this after ONLY seeing the first film, but we’re still baffled by this. Here’s one of the most well-known protest group, infamously known for their vicious intolerance and propaganda, getting into a series that largely heralds the extreme dangers of intolerance and propaganda.

All we can think is… Wow, wouldn’t it be great if those kids stay into the Hunger Games movies all the way through Mockingjay: Part 2 and the filmmakers highlight the use of propaganda to brainwash people into believing things that aren’t real or true? It probably wouldn’t change their mind. There’s years of hateful indoctrination practically running through their veins. But what if someone in that organization realized something was off, if even for a moment? That propaganda that tries to dictate peoples’ lives should not be taken lightly? We think that would be kind of beautiful.

I Still Find It Awkward That They Watch Real Movies,

The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I am one of the few who dislikes her. I would not push this feeling to hatred since that would require more negative action and waste of my time. However, I am not at all pleased with how the media portrays her as a goddess. She does too much to get attention: from showing off her boobs to appeal to the male audience as sexy and to constantly calling herself fat, even though she is not, to get more women to relate to her. She uses too many negative words to herself, thus lets girls think oh it’s okay to call myself fat and a slob and helping lower their self esteem. But the WORST think about jlaw are her “jokes.” They are meant to be funny but if u actually listen closely to them they are mean and borderline bullying.

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