Hunger Games Fans Are Cheaters… AKA Kids At Heart

Let’s all stop and admit to something: We are a bunch of big, dirty cheating cheaters!

It’s not our fault! When you’re swimming with sharks or running with wolves or existing alongside some vicious creature (aka other fandoms!), you do what you gotta do to come out on top!


It least it looks cooler than an Oscar!

How did this revelation come about, you ask?
Today was a big day for me on a personal level, as I managed to pull off my sister’s bridal shower without murdering anyone in the process. But even in the middle of playing party hostess extraordinaire, The Hunger Games still worked its way into the day… because everyone knows I’m a huge fandom geek.

This time, it was a cousin who has children in the appropriate Kids Choice Awards age range. To paraphrase…
Her: “We were watching The Kids Choice Awards last night. The Hunger Games won a bunch of stuff! I was kind of surprised, given the age range.”
Me: “Oh, the Internet knows no age range. Maybe 10 percent of the people voting for The Hunger Games were actually age appropriate. When voting is all online, an 80-year-old could vote for the Kids Choice and no one would be the wiser. Kids voted, I’m sure, but I guarantee you there were way more adults. Hell, I bet some cleared their cookies and voted multiple times.”
Her: “Don’t grown adults have better things to do with their time?”
Me: “Sadly, no.”

From there, I tried to point out Alexander Ludwig’s heinous comb-over. She didn’t recall, but SERIOUSLY, WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT?!

Anyhow, clearly there’s a large chunk of cheaters among us! Not to say that there aren’t kids who have read or seen The Hunger Games– we’re under the firm belief that it’s up to parents to decide when their children can watch certain books or read certain books– but we wouldn’t guess that the majority of kids are totally saavy on books and movies heavy on death and political turmoil. Plus, WE KNOW about the cheating because we helped facilitate it through our social networks! Because if The Hunger Games is nominated, WE BETTER WIN, DAMMIT!

Willow's elbows FTW!

Willow’s elbows FTW!

We’re not the only ones, of course! Kristen Stewart won not one but two awards. Plus Johnny Depp took home the award for Best Actor for Dark Shadows, which was a great movie… said no kid ever. They seem a little out of place among the wins for Selena Gomez and One Direction and Spongebob Squarepants. That’s because they are! They were put there for the fandoms and the fandoms ensured the win, regardless of supposed “age restrictions”.

For the record, it was totally worth it, simply for that moment we realized that Willow Shields is both adorable AND double jointed in her elbows!

We All Know We Have the Maturity Level of a Ten Year-Old Anyway,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I was waiting for the results of the show and stayed up late to check them. I also watched the hunger games again since it was the anniversary of the premiere . Kids don’t really understand the books, even most adults won’t read them I know. I think certain people really get them. But even then they miss things in the meaning. Susan Collins said she meant for readers to interpret their own meanings. I guess some us will be obsessing for a few more years. I know I will be for a long time. Waiting for the next film and checking for news. What else should grandmas do in their spare time? I did not vote for this last contest. I admit I have voted for others.


    Regardless, I don't necessarily think that The Hunger Games won because of adults voting. To be honest, The Hunger Games is hugely popular amongst kids. I know, because I nanny two kids (9 and 10) who are HUGE Hunger Games fans and all of their friends are Hunger Games fans too. I also volunteer to work with 4th-5th graders on a weekly basis and they also all love The Hunger Games. That's not to say that adult voting didn't help, but I don't think it was 90% of the reason The Hunger Games won.

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