Crack That Whip!

Possibly pre-whipping?

Possibly pre-whipping?

Last week, our dear Gale (fact: sometimes I find myself typing “Gale” instead of “Liam Hemsworth” and it’s NOT on purpose… except for this time) was in the Philippines promoting clothing brand Bench/, and during a press event, he talked very briefly about filming the infamous whipping scene in Catching Fire.

Did we seriously think they were going to leave that scene out? No. But is it nice to hear confirmation that it’s in there? Sure.

Fact is, the whipping scene and the aftermath of it is the majority of Gale’s involvement in Catching Fire the book. Except for a couple of scenes here and there (including a kiss and the ULTIMATE cliffhanger line at the very end, which of course are major), but he is mainly back in District 12 slaving away in the mines while Katniss and Peeta are being victors and victor-tributes and all that entails. We kind of have to leave Gale in the mines for most of the book, but since Gale is one of the three major characters in the series, his whipping scene is what reminds us that Liam Hemsworth is in this trilogy and has a huge part in it. That and maybe some cutaways to his character during the Quarter Quell (let’s limit those this time, eh Francis Lawrence?).

Now, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will need to be PG-13, so don’t expect any Passion of the Christ-esque scenes. We’re guessing it will mostly be done off screen or shown very quickly and briefly. Katniss and Peeta do come in at the end of it. But it’ll be there, and Katniss will be in hysterics (will she get hit with the whip though?) and so will we, or at least wince and screw up our faces a little.

So rest easy. We know of one horrific scene that will definitely be in the movie. Now for all the others…

When a problem comes along…

I’m sorry, but the Devo song got stuck in my head halfway through this post.



  1. Ha, I don’t think there will be any cuts to Gale during the QQ: It served its purpose in the first movie, but in this one it would be silly and pointless. If they should cut away to anyone to show a reaction during the Quell, it would be Snow. Imagine Katniss in hysterics when she thinks Peeta is dead, or Katniss and Peeta making out passionately on the beach (and you have to cut that scene somehow if you keep it true to the book, since it would last a bit too long!) and then cut to Snow watching the Games and looking really sinister…

  2. My thought when I saw the photo was: “Hmmm…probably should have cast taller/more muscular Peacekeepers.” They look a bit wimpy next to Liam. I think Gale can take ’em.

  3. I really want this scene, in part because I want to bawl my little head off and feel the injustice of it all, in part because I really want what comes after, when Haymitch and Peeta come to the rescue after Katniss steps in. There’s so much drama in those chapters and I love seeing how their characters become a real team. To me, that’s part of why it makes Haymitch’s betrayal so gut wrenching.

    And though I wish for it SO BAD I don’t have much hope for the later scene after Katniss meets Bonnie and Twill and hurts tailbone and comes to Peacekeepers.

  4. (Grrr, phone.) When Katniss comes home to find H, P, and her family waiting with Peacekeepers. I just love the drama of that scene, but post-whipping scene can probably accomplish same thing, and without Bonnie/Twill there’s not a compelling reason to leave that one in. Except for the reason that I want it. And the goat knocked up comment.

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