LyKe OMG, Have U Heard?!

OMG prepare to weep bc sources say there is some hardcore dramz going down! There’s like… a total celebrity relationship meltdown going on right under our noses!

Look! A snarky photo representing a split! WE ARE SO CLEVAR!

Look! A snarky photo representing a split! WE ARE SO CLEVAR!

ICYMI, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are TOTES on the road to Splitsville!

It’s a fact, bc every gossip site has the dish and we all know they are 110% TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

How do they know? Well, Hemsy went to Australia to visit his family without Miley! Who cares if it was a nice opportunity to see his loved ones before a contractually obligated event in the Philippines? It doesn’t matter if Miley is smack up against the deadline to finish her new record, she should have ignored her career and GONE! Any couple that doesn’t go on every. single. trip. together IS DOOMED.

While he was in Australia, Liam also bought a house. It MUST be a bachelor pad bought in preparation for the breakup, because celebrity couples NEVER own more than one house, especially not a house in each of their home nations!

And then and then and then Liam got in a car with January Jones after the Oscars. So what if they’re friends according to some sources? Other sources say it was clearly a CHEATING SCANDAL and OMG we luv scandalzzz! And he let fans hug him at the Bench event in the Philippines and Perez seyz that means he’s soooo over Miley! God, that Perez guy is practically Freud!

She was all like “I was spotted without my engagement ring because it went in for repairs and yeah, the marriage is still on”, but we all see through that! She took it off when they first broke up and now she wears it again ‘cuz she’s desperately trying to save the ‘ship.

So start dreaming that pathetic dream when you meet Hemsy and make him fall in love with you, folks! Now may be your chance!

The Girl With The Pearl

*Sites that actually write articles about things like this, in this style, pop up on our Hunger Games alerts constantly. We would rather be subjected to hours of nails on a chalkboard.



  1. My first thought was “Oh dear god, I bet they’re now going to start RPS-ing him with Jennifer, too. As if she doesn’t have enough ‘boyfriends’ (i.e. guys under 40 she made movies over the last year with/was seen near while attending public events, who are not related to her) as it is. Please, no” :p

  2. I am proud to say that I don’t even know what half of these abbreviations mean. But at least if they do go splitsville, we won’t be subjected to anymore photos of M making out with a unicorn.

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