The Halfpipe Theater

Last night, I went to see a concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. As I hadn’t bought the tickets I had no idea where our seats would be and it turns out we were in the nosebleed section. Last time I had been up there was Backstreet Boys Black and Blue tour in 2001 (aw yeah, you jealous?), so I forgot how freaking terrifying it can be to be that high up, seemingly out in the open, and also at that steep of an angle that is not normal for your average stadium seating situation.

All of these thoughts entered my mind and then of course reminded me of this:


Are people in the future, mainly Capitol citizens, just not afraid of heights?!

I remember while seeing The Hunger Games in theaters that shot would generally elicit a collective gasp from the audience, and rightly so. How does it even work? No panes of protective fiberglass to keep people or their possessions from flying down into the sections below, just a halfpipe-like theater jam-packed with (mostly computer-generated) Capitol citizens complete with crazy hair and outlandish outfits. No wonder Katniss Everdeen was so nervous!

And how do they even get up there? I don’t imagine many Capitol citizens wanting to walk up so many stairs and at that steep angle too. There are no doors or breaks, not even a defined balcony. I like to imagine they all start at ground level and everyone buckles in (safety first!) and the seats and the floor mechanically shoot straight up in this formation. God help you if you’ve got to pee during the middle of the interviews.

Question is, will we see this again for Catching Fire? Maybe if we do, we can get a better look and figure out how it works.

So yes, when I’m scared, I go straight to The Hunger Games.



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