Brand It

brand-loyaltySometimes I wonder about the inner workings of The Capitol, or more like the surface-y workings of the Capitol that people who live in the Capitol probably think are tantamount to global warming, or veganism. The name of the game is this brand loyalty, does it exist in the Capitol, or are they more concerned with style over whose name is stitched across their backside? In my real life I have family who work in the fashion industry, and they’ve informed me over the course of a career that’s spanned nearly 20 years, that believe it or not since the 90s, when everything was seemingly Who you were wearing for the lady folks, that men have become the brand loyalists. Hard to fathom, right– or is it? I dunno, you come to your own conclusions on that one. Anyway, real life aside the subject should really be about the Capitol’s adherence to brand loyalty, or better yet– do we think they even have brands?

I posit this, they do– they just have to reinvent themselves even faster than The Gap (Old Navy for the cheapies). Hell, I remember a time when acid washed jeans were available at The Gap, now it’s cardigans, and whatever it is you crazy kids are wearing now a-days. Kidding, ICapitol-ads-the-hunger-games-movie-28933277-480-634 wear cardigans too, and some of them aren’t in neutral colors, hold the gasping to a minimum. Here’s another thought along the brand vein– would the stylists that work The Hunger Games be above having their own fashion lines? We know from the viral marketing that was used during The Hunger Games promotions, that prominent Capitol personalities like Caesar Flickerman, and Seneca Crane were featured in a toothpaste ad, and beard trimmer ad, and then of course there was Cinna advertising his ever-present gold eye liner, and Effie advertising her faux eye lashes. I know these Capitol ads were for our benefit, because Effie is not a Capitol celebrity, and Cinna’s 1st Games were the 74th, but I still wonder– in a fictional world, in Panem’s fictional world– would those ads have actually ran, or would they have been more extreme, or more streamlined? We all know by now that The Capitol is an extreme place, where fashions change faster than a season, that people get body polishes, and plastic surgery to alter them selves to look like cats, and of course the pinnacle entertainment showcase of the year is literal fight to the death. Therefore, I say that the Capitol viral ads put forth by Lionsgate barely scratched the surface of the Capitol’s true brand loyalties, or true branding for that matter.

I wonder if The Capitol has a Starbucks on every corner? Now there’s a scary thought, bad coffee, and a city chock-a-block full of fashion victims. Ha. 

Them There Eyes


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