The Scooper

ugly+head+2He’s reared his head again, which means it’s time to rip the scoop apart with our teeth, ’cause that’s what an overly involved fan-site writer has to do! All right so Russ Bowen, local newscaster extraordinaire has let loose once again with so-called inside scoop into the goings on with behind the scenes Catching Fire, and odder yet– Mockingjay Part I news. Oh, right– if you’re not familiar Bowen is a North Carolina news caster who has dubbed himself sort of the Perez Hilton of The Hunger Games fandom, and this of course all started when production took up residence in practically his backyard two summers ago. Too bad Perez doesn’t know about this, he’d have inappropriate drawings of things all over his photos by now. I mean that Russ would– Perez would be the one doing the drawing, of course.

Anyway, the so-called scoops are these, that production on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is extending a couple of weeks more in Hawaii, and they’re also going to be filming portions in Los Angeles, and the funny bit– that they’re over budget. Okay, why is the money part the funny bit, you might ask? ‘Cause if you remember last time around, i.e. whilst making The Hunger Games, they were seemingly so locked into the 75 million the studio had secured, that by no stretch of the imagination– the things that could have been the most fabulous about the film, we’re truncated. Derr, I mean us getting literal mutts, clothes from H & M as Capitol couture, and oh my god the mutts. Sorry, still stuck on how 0007-originalawful the mutts were, especially considering that concept art was released of them working on bigger, better, and scarier mutts, but they seemingly settled on the Bull Dog/ Mastiff mutts. This lady wanted to be scared witless by the intolerable cruelty of the Capitol, by realizing that those creatures were painstakingly made from the memory, and DNA of the fallen tributes. Boo hoo, didn’t happen, and probably because the budget was as tight as a stuffed sausage, scratch that– let’s be un–PC, a sexually inexperienced asshole. Yeah, I said it.

Look, to me going over budget means that the fabulous stuff, AKA the stuff that needs money poured all over it like chocolate needs strawberries, just might turn out like our poor, sick, twisted, Finnick loving, souls envisioned all those years ago. Which brings me to the second bit of news Bowen spewed forth, that Mockingjay Part I may be starting production in July. To this news I say this, “hold the fuck up there little doggie!” Sorry, everyone, Russ Bowen included, July is not feasible for numerous reasons, one of them being one simple, teeny-tiny fact, X-Men: Days of Future Past, whose title is going onto my list of Worst Movie Titles Ever (Cowboys and Aliens is on there too, also Gangster Squad). Jennifer Lawrence is incredibly lucky that her schedule was freed up some by X-Men pushing Comic-Con-Logoback production to later this spring, thus allowing her to be able to do pick-up shots, and re-shoots in Hawaii, as well as Los Angeles for Catching Fire. So, yeah— X-Men’s more than likely going to be still shooting all the way into the summer months, hell Michael Fassbender (Magneto) just had to drop out of a project because of the X-Men scheduling push-backs, and what not. Other reasons that July isn’t feasible, they’re going to still be neck deep in post-production with Catching Fire, and if the production team are smart, which they’ve proven they kind of are on occasion. Sure, they can be out doing location scouts, and auditioning people, pre-production stuff, but full-on production, nah uh, that’s just a stupid move. Oh, there’s also the little-bitty gathering that’s happening in San Diego in July as well, I’m talking about Comic-Con! They could skip out for a day or two to do a panel, debut the 1st full length trailer, or hell– announce casting for Mockingjay, but actually start production on it? Calling it like I see it, and I see a big fat “not going to happen.”

That being said, here’s to hoping no one has a reason to wear an I’m With Stupid T-Shirt this July!

Them There Eyes



  1. Apparently, the website Hypable have updated their post about Bowen’s “insider info”, saying “UPDATE: We’ve learned from a reliable source that some of the information noted by Bowen, stated below, is not accurate”.

    Which didn’t surprise me at all – I was very suspicious of the veracity of this info, since a lot of it doesn’t make any sense. Two more weeks of shooting in Hawaii? We know that Josh is already in LA and is flying to Panama on Friday. Sam is also back in UK, and Jeffrey Wright tweeted last week that he was finished with the shooting. What Arena scenes could they possibly be shooting for two entire weeks that don’t include Peeta, Finnick or Beetee? Surely they wouldn’t need two weeks just to shoot Johanna knocking out Katniss, Katniss wandering around and shooting the forcefield, and getting picked up by the hovercraft?

  2. Kudos to TTB/Ivana for being the voice of reason about this; I noticed you’d posted your reservations on other sites, even before Hypable updated the story. Now, the Hypable “retraction” doesn’t say that ALL the information was bogus, so possibly, there may still be some CF shooting left to do in Hawaii or LA. And perhaps the production DID go over budget. But the whole “4 weeks of shooting left to do” and “MJ filming starts in July” do seem rather unlikely, for all the reasons given in the OP by TTE, as well as what TTB said. (Now I wish I had a catchy abbreviation for my username…)

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