FANSITE EXCLUSIVE: Official Beetee Character Portrait!

Victor’s Village, along with several of our fansite friends, are thrilled to be Capitol Tastemakers for this year’s Victory Tour!

Lionsgate already released triumphant character portraits for Effie Trinket, Caesar Flickerman, Haymitch Abernathy and our Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen.We’ll be analyzing them all Victor’s Village style later this week, so stay tuned for that!

Now, the Capitol Tastemakers are pleased to debut the portrait introducing you to the infamous Volts of District 3, Beetee!

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Beetee Character Portrait

Check Beetee out, sitting in a chair reminiscent of the electric chair, ready to pop the head off that white rose!



  1. Much like Cinna’s design, or Haymitch’s, I like how Beetee’s clothes are very simple at first glance, but actually has very interesting “touches” when we take a closer look. The outfit seems to come out of the wardrobe of a stereotypical geeky college professor, stuffy vest and all; yet the vest (and pants) seem to be cleverly based on a computer chip design, with metallic accents on a green background. I love how he’s not actually wearing a tie, but a coil of rope. Which is likely a subtle allusion to his favorite weapon, a coil of wire!

    It seems the white rose will be a recurring motif here. I agree that Beetee seems to be about to snap the “head” off, hinting at his rebel ties. (Katniss, on the other hand, was holding her rose upside down in a rather indifferent way, but not an outwardly rebellious one, since at this point in CF, she is not a rebel insider.)

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