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So, THE PHOTOS. The ones that clearly no fansite is going to talk about, because they were taken by paparazzi taking a step up by not only shooting on set, but straight into the cast’s hotel rooms. We’re talking about them.

Yet drinking an entire bottle of wine would be no big deal...

Yet drinking an entire bottle of wine would be no big deal…

A few days ago, paparazzi photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and a friend smoking what was likely a joint while inside or on the balcony of their hotel rooms in Hawaii appeared on the Internet.

You could not possibly fathom the fucks we do not give.

It’s unbelievable how many people have expressed their disappointment in Jen and Josh, as if they’re now both small-time dealers without jobs or motivation, living in their parents’ basements. Or worse, that they’re crazy drug-addled fools on the road to ruin. REALLY?!

Drop the third grade mentality, people. Not everyone who has ever touched a joint in their lives is a bad person doomed to a life of recklessness. In fact, we know plenty of habitual smokers who are far more successful in life than ourselves, because they recognize that there’s a time and place for everything. The cast was not called to set that day. This decision didn’t effect their jobs nor their personal lives.

Forgetting the fact that they’re movie stars (because not all movie stars are excellent people), Jennifer still won an Academy Award for her beautiful performance in Silver Linings Playbook, a movie which has prompted a fantastic national discussion about mental illness. Josh is still an advocate for Straight But Not Narrow, an organization fighting back against homophobia, along with getting involved with several others charity events in his spare time. They’re both charming, funny, and good to their fans. They’re smart, influential people and joints don’t change that. Point and yell “SCANDAL!” all you want, but we’re just rolling our eyes over here.

YES, we know hemp is not the same.

YES, we know hemp is not the same.

If we’re going to worry, at least show us the hard drugs! If Jennifer Lawrence was snorting coke off the rim of her wine glass, we would have been concerned. If Josh Hutcherson was shooting heroin into his veins on the balcony, we see why people would panic. Instead, they got really chill for a while and probably ate a massive tray of nachos in their hotel rooms. Nobody was harmed and nobody was wronged. You don’t have a say in their personal lives, no matter how much you pretend you do. And guess what? You’re not better than them, dude!

And let’s be honest, did you think these two have never seen the stuff before? After being on a film set with Woody Harrelson?! It was only a matter of time before he passed the dutchie pon the left-hand side, though we’re sure Jen and Josh were well aware long before that.

The summarize: Does it affect their careers? No. Does it turn them into raging, dysfunctional monsters? No. Does it effect YOU in any sort of way, Mr. or Ms. Judgmental? No.


Love From A Big Kid Who Knows This Isn’t A Big Deal,
The Girl With The Pearl

P.S. Before someone inevitably bring it up in the comments: No, I don’t smoke weed. Not because of some deep moral compass, just because any type of smoking is not my schtick. We’re not hippie stoners, just people who grew up in reality. PLZKTHX.



  1. Yes, thank you! I don’t get the whole uproar, it’s not even like they were encouraging anyone to smoke weed, they did it as discreetly as possible. No one got hurt, it’s their life and the occasional pot is not really known for ruining lives.

    I get it however that the fandom is very young, and some in their whole life only heard phrases like “drugs – bad”, etc., which I’m actually cool with, because 12-13 kids really should not even think about smoking, let alone smoking a joint. I just hope that they can understand this situation without taking away the wrong message.

    1. ” I just hope that they can understand this situation without taking away the wrong message.”

      I’m curious as to what you mean by this. First of all, we have no idea if this was just something they did on a lark, or if either of them do use pot on a regular basis. Either way, if you think that “Jen and Josh are bad people who should be condemned” is the wrong message, then I agree with that.

      But are you also saying that “Smoking pot is a big deal, and you shouldn’t do it” is the wrong message? Do you think the right message is “it’s okay to smoke pot once in a while when you’re a legal adult, just don’t do it when you’re a kid”? I am really trying to stay neutral about this, but it seems a lot of people who don’t think this pic is no big deal, think that it’s no big deal for ANYONE to smoke pot, unless it’s a two year old smoking.

      Okay, so then, what if either of them had actually been caught driving drunk or stoned? Some would think that’s a big deal, some people don’t. What if either of them had been caught getting drunk or stoned, and using bigoted slurs a la Mel Gibson? Some would think that was a big deal, some people won’t. And I doubt either would ever *endorse* such behavior, any more than either has ever endorsed smoking pot. Does that mean it’s no big deal?

      I personally don’t expect celebrities to be role models either way. This means that I rarely pay attention to either the destructive things they do, or the constructive things we do. But if it’s legit for fans to give kudos to Josh for his anti-homophobia message, or Jen for her anti-anorexia message, or Donald Sutherland for his pro-Obama message, then I think it’s also legit to give anti-kudos.

      Face it, we just don’t know if either Jen or Josh really are all-around well-adjusted people who you’d want as your BFF, or not. I think excessive adulation of celebrities is just as wrongheaded as excessive condemnation. Personally, I try to stay away from both extremes.

      1. By the “wrong message” I definitely mean “smoking pot is okay and you should do it”. I mean that being the wrong message here. Sorry, if I gave the wrong impression. What I actually tried to say is that young people should not be encouraged to smoke weed, they need to grow up first and be mature enough to make their own opinions and decisions on the matter.

        However I get what you are saying. It’s a tricky situation because we can’t expect celebrities to be role models 24/7. From what I’ve seen, Josh and Jen do their best to deal with the pressure of that responsibility, but they are people who do need their privacy where they can be themselves without that burden. It’s hard for me to judge them for that, not just as a fan, but as a human being. As far as I’m personally concerned, the worst thing they did is that they used pot in a state where it was still illegal. But then again, that’s just my own personal opinion on weed.

        But how do you tell that to a kid who actually looks up to them? People, real people are not made to be idolized and yet we do it day after day. I’m not saying that what they did should be celebrated. But it also doesn’t negate all the good stuff they did and the positive messages they send out. They didn’t endorse smoking pot. They just did it. I guess a statement wouldn’t hurt from them to clarify that, but that would be also tricky and could hurt the situation even more, so I understand why they chose silence instead.

      2. I’d say that it’s really not a big deal that people make it out to be, if both of them drinking alcohol (which we know they do) was never met with any such shock and outrage. Yes, it’s true that alcohol is legal (though in Josh’s case, it’s actually not legal for him to drink in USA, though it would be in many other countries), but it’s also a fact that it’s much more dangerous than weed. (And I say that as someone who drinks socially not very often but still much more often than I smoke weed.) So if the latter didn’t cause anyone to proclaim that they can’t be role models (though I don’t know why actors should have to be role models in the first place), I don’t see why the former would.

  2. Let me add a slightly different POV. In my personal life, I do NOT buy into the “pot’s not a REAL drug like coke or heroin, people can smoke it all they want” attitude, and WOULD be concerned if a friend or family member was using pot. (Also, note that THG fandom is international, and while there are many countries where using pot is totally legal and cuturally normative, there are also countries where using pot is seen as a VERY BIG DEAL, almost as much as coke and heroin, and you can get hard time for it. One of the fans who was very critical of Jen and Josh seemed to hail from such a country.)

    However, last I checked, Jen and Josh were not my friends, and I was not related to them. I also have never been a fan of paparazzi intrusiveness. So this is the first time I have commented on this “scandal”, because I really didn’t think it was any of my business. All that being said, I also rarely join in giving accolades to THG actors for what they do off the set.

    I think a lot of celebrities want to have it both ways. When they want to use their influence to support causes that are important to them, then they’re happy to be seen as role models. But when they’re caught doing something not as likely to get positive comments, then they (or their stans) bring out the “I never said I was a role model, leave me alone” card. I think that the backlash would not have been as bad, if Jen and Josh hadn’t tackled hot-button issues in the past (Jen discussing anorexia, Josh discussing gay rights, and in both cases, presenting themselves as role models).

    I did also wonder, what the reaction would have been if Hunter Parrish had been cast as Peeta, because I’ve read articles about fans assuming he smokes weed on a regular basis (which he doesn’t), just like his character does on “Weeds”, and asking him to share a joint or two!

    1. “I do NOT buy into the “pot’s not a REAL drug like coke or heroin, people can smoke it all they want” attitude”

      What is your opinion on alcohol? It is also a real drug, and in many ways more similar to hard drugs like coke or heroin than to pot. The difference is that it’s possible to drink without becoming an alcoholic or getting drunk, but many people cross that line. Do you think it’s OK for people to drink?

      1. Just as you said, “The difference is that it’s possible to drink without becoming an alcoholic or getting drunk, but many people cross that line”.

        I am not opposed to all alcohol consumption. However, I don’t think that people getting drunk on a regular basis is a good idea, and I certainly think that if someone has actually crossed the line into alcoholism, they shouldn’t drink at all. I’d also readily concede that not everyone who smokes pot, develops a problem with it. I also don’t think smoking pot makes someone a bad person, cancels out everything good they’ve ever did, etc.

        Personally, I think that Daniel Radcliffe drinking (likely legally, considering the low UK drinking age) and showing up drunk or hung over to Harry Potter movie shoots, was orders of magnitude worse than Jen and Josh smoking a joint off set, because he let his private life affect his work. He himself admitted that he wasn’t making great choices then.

        However, I didn’t get into this debate to discuss whether smoking pot is a good idea or not. The issue I had was the idea (which apparently was my misunderstanding) that no one should dare criticize Jen or Josh for anything, as well as the implication that anyone who had a problem with Jen and Josh smoking pot, was a horrible, judgmental, naive, immature person who should be the subject of ridicule and derision. Especially considering how many of the people who got up in arms, were young teenagers, who OF COURSE are naive and immature, because they’re teenagers!

        As for the whole role model thing, IMHO, I think that praising Jen to the skies as a positive role model for making an offhand remark about not losing weight to play Katniss, was just as “ridiculous” and overwrought, as bashing her for smoking pot. Bashing is wrong. But not all criticism is bashing. And you can disagree with criticism without bashing the critics. That being said, I do realize that hyperbolic statements are par for the course here, and I likely over-reacted to the over-reaction to the over-reaction. Well, at least VV is getting a lot of site traffic over this.

  3. mse: “People, real people are not made to be idolized and yet we do it day after day. I’m not saying that what they did should be celebrated. But it also doesn’t negate all the good stuff they did and the positive messages they send out. They didn’t endorse smoking pot. They just did it.”

    Replying here because WP won’t let me reply directly under your last post. I certainly don’t think this episode negates the positive messages they send out. However, where Jen at least is concerned, she DID put herself out there as a positive role model when she spoke about not losing extreme amounts of weight to play Katniss. To me, if you’re a celebrity, it’s inconsistent to say, “Look at me and what I’m doing or not doing, use me as a positive role model” one day, then the next day, say, “Don’t look at me, don’t look at what I’m doing, don’t think I’m a role model”. Not that Jen herself did that. But it does seem some of her defenders are.

    See, I totally respect people like Charles Barkley who say, right out, that they’re not interested in being a role model. Fine with me. But once you put yourself out there as a role model for young girls, I do think that you have to accept both positive AND negative feedback about your actions.

    Abel Toy: Jen is over 21, and can drink alcohol legally, so I’d have nothing to say about that (unless she did something really stupid and/or illegal after that, like drive drunk.) But Josh isn’t 21 yet, and I have seen photos of him with drinks that look alcoholic. I have never commented in a public forum about that. I have also never made any comments, until now, about Lenny Kravitz’s reputation, though he does have one, likely more notorious than Woody’s, when it comes to marjuana use.

    See, I have NEVER looked to celebrities to teach me anything about responsible substance use. In my personal life, I’m actually a complete teetotaler who never drinks anything alcoholic at all, and have never smoked anything. Which is actually completely different even from the lives many of my relatives live. Because in the end, I know I’m responsible for my own decisions.

    So, I also would actually have the same reaction to this if Jen or Josh had actually been caught using coke or heroin. Which is that anyone who’s condemning them as horrible people because of what they did, as well as anyone who lets this influence in them in any way toward using substances themselves, are BOTH over-reacting.

    1. Finally, if we’re talking about being inconsistent, I think that BOTH people who gush about the good things Jen and Josh do and say, as though the little positive glimpses we get of them mean we can confidently say that they’re wonderful people who we’d love to be best friends with, and people who “anti-gush” about the little negative glimpses we get of them, as if they can confidently say that they’re horrible losers we should stay away from, are over-reacting.

      I almost never join in the adoration and idolization of Jen, Josh, or any celebrity, that I’ve seen on this very site, as well as other fansites. Because we just don’t know enough about them, to be sure one way or the other. I’d think that’s one of the messages of the THG series itself. That the way someone presents themselves in public, to a camera, is often VERY different than who they really are.

      I suspect one reason Suzanne Collins herself has been so camera-shy herself, is that she realizes that there’s no way fans could ever get to know who she really is, and she doesn’t want people to assume they do, when they don’t..

    2. One last thought and I’ll leave you to it, I swear. 😉
      I’d just like to react to your comment about celebrities choosing if they want to be role models or not. See, I don’t think that it works that way. I think that if you make the decision to take part in a franchise like this you will be by definition become a role model for many, whether you like it or not. You could try to maintain your privacy of course, you brought up Suzanne Collins in your other comment, but for an actor it’s increasingly difficult to hide from the world. It became a necessary part of their job to put themselves out there and even when they thrive for a moment alone and out of the cameras’ prying eyes, things like this could happen.

      When Jen and Josh said yes to THG they of course knew or at least suspected that this would happen. Jen famously spent three days to make that decision for that very reason. So in that sense, okay, they did have a say in whether they wanted to be role models. But like I said I don’t see them standing by the positive messages they believe in as putting themselves out there as role models; it’s merely them recognizing that role and the influence they have over young people. It’s understandable that people don’t want to be responsible for anything but their own actions and it probably should be that way. But saying that you don’t want to be a role model doesn’t magically erase the fact that you might be that for a bunch of strangers around the world.

      1. “I don’t see them standing by the positive messages they believe in as putting themselves out there as role models; it’s merely them recognizing that role and the influence they have over young people.”

        But if that’s the case, then they should have realized that their private actions COULD be caught on camera, and that they WOULD get flak for it. While I think some of the fan reaction went overboard, I really have no pity for either of them. (And to be fair, neither of them are wailing about being unfairly ragged on. Hopefully, they both take this as a learning opportunity.)

        I also realize that Hollywood is a place where substance use is almost expected, and I’m sure they’re both subjected to pressures that the average teenager could never imagine. But I keep getting this vibe that the people who think this is no big deal think “it’s no big deal because smoking pot is no big deal”. Whereas my position is, “it’s no big deal because what celebrities do in their private life is no big deal”.

  4. My stance on this is that I don’t always agree with what my favorite celebrities do, but I actually do not know them, so it doesn’t matter to me one bit. It doesn’t, and shouldn’t, affect my life. Also, I think they probably thought they were doing this in private, however, the creepy paparazzi were able to take picks zooming into the hotel rooms. If they were going around flaunting it,(cough, Miley Cyrus) then it would be a different issue.

  5. Iv’e actually been quite disappointed with the number of people who’ve had responses likr this. People who have said it doesn’t matter, or even that it’s ok, because they have been idolizing Jennifer for so long and they are in the habit of sticking up for everything she does. She’s allowed to make mistakes just like any other person. And yes, I don’t think it can be denied that she has made a mistake. Doing drugs like marijuana is wrong. Morally wrong, physically dangerous, and also illegal. It has led a whole lot of celebrities to very bad places, and I’m disappointed that someone like Jennifer hasn’t been smart enough to avoid that. Not to mention, she’s become a huge role model to a vast number of people, which she freely acknowledged when she said that she didn’t diet for the role of Katinss because she didn’t want young girls to think “I’m going to skip dinner so I can look like her.” What happened to this acknowledgement? Something is not right there. That’s my opinion. If you don’t agree, you are perfectly entitled to your own, but you’re not going to change mine.

    1. You have all the right to your opinion and I am not trying to take that away from you but I must ask you something. Would rather girls buy into the farce that every celebrity is completely perfect in every way? If anything I feel as if this only makes me respect her more. I doubt any 12 or 13 year olds are going to go out and start smoking marijuana just because Jennifer Lawrence is in the first place but at least it shows that Hollywood stars still make mistakes. And in all honesty, what would have this little stint harmed? She was in a private area and as mentioned in this post, she wasn’t doing much. You can view it as wrong but there are many drugs much more harmful than this one with harsher effects. Jennifer Lawrence is an adult and she is allowed to make her own decisions. And the fact is that if these photographers (who disgust me far more than Jennifer) hadn’t taken these photos in the first place, everyone would have loved her the same. I just think it’s a shame that so many people are now judging her when I’m sure many would be doing the exact same thing (or finding other equally as morally wrong ways) to cope with the pressure of Hollywood.

      1. “I doubt any 12 or 13 year olds are going to go out and start smoking marijuana just because Jennifer Lawrence is in the first place.”

        Using the same reasoning, you could say that “I doubt any 12 or 13 year olds are going to go out and start starving themselves just because Jennifer Lawrence is in the first place”. But if that’s the case, then Jen deserves just as much credit for NOT doing that, than she deserves censure for smoking this joint. Namely, none. The idea that “fans should fall at Jen and Josh’s feet for the good things they do, but they have absolutely no right to say anything about the not-so-good things they do”, is something that doesn’t sit well with me at all.

        That being said, I do agree that many of the fans who were expressing disappointment, set themselves up for this by putting Jen and Josh on pedestals, and thought they could never do anything “wrong” or at least questionable. This kind of reveal is exactly why fans shouldn’t idealize celebrities. Chances are, your hero or heroine will turn out to have feet of clay.

    2. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that we only wrote this because we idolize Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Let me reiterate that this could have been ANYONE and we’d feel pretty much the same. We just don’t think that in the grand scheme of the world, whether or not a couple of people smoke in their spare time is that big of a deal. Weed is a regular part of our society whether we care to acknowledge that or not, it’s unnecessarily taboo in the way that alcohol was during Prohibition and frankly, we’re not falling for it. We’re just don’t think “It’s BAD because we were always told it’s bad, therefore we should be upset with these strangers” is a good enough reason for all this blatant hate and closemindedness running around the Internet, as people do with MANY subjects.

      Also, Jennifer is comfortable with her weight and expresses that when asked why she didn’t lose weight. Does that automatically qualify her for role model status? As such, should she stop doing whatever she wants to do in her personal time and instead live in fear that someone MAY be watching her, because she once told magazines that she likes her body image? That would be a torturous hell of a life, don’t you think? It’s just silly. It’s kind of sad that people actually expect a celebrity to base their lives around a strangers opinion of them.

      1. “Also, Jennifer is comfortable with her weight and expresses that when asked why she didn’t lose weight.” I have no problem with that. But it Jen herself who went beyond this, and stated that she didn’t want young girls to think “I’m going to skip dinner so I can look like her.” No one forced her to make that statement, which implied that she DOES consider herself a role model.

        Anyway, I really don’t think either Jen or Josh are crying themselves to sleep that “oh no the fans don’t like us anymore because they caught us smoking weed”. I don’t think Jen or Josh need to live in “fear that someone MAY be watching”, just that they should understand that IF the paparazzi catch them doing something many people disagree with, then they should be prepared to get some criticism. The thing is, I’m sure they DO understand that! I don’t really understand this righteous indignation on their behalf, unless the whole point of this article is to give your personal opinion that Weed is No Big Deal.

      2. Satsuma, no that’s not my only reason for writing the article. The major point, the only you’re continuously missing as you argue anything and everything with anyone while simultaneously saying you don’t have much of an opinion on the topic, is that Jen and Josh are free to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone (themselves included) and the fact that so many people are whining because two strangers don’t fit into their neat idea of how people should behave is really pathetic. Whether it’s pot, gay marriage, tattoos, clothing, or another of other issues people hate on strangers because of, IT’S JUST STUPID.

        Of course this will blow over with absolutely no professional consequences for either of them. They’re probably not worried about it at all. We know that. Why is that? Because most people are intelligent enough to know that what they do in their private time is not our business to judge. That’s what this is about.

  6. Sorry but I’m not selfish enough to think that celebrities should change who they are just because the world idolizes them and think of them as role models. Their only responsiblity is how they present themselves infront of the camera. What they do in their private lives is none of our business. In this case, they were smoking in the privacy of their hotel rooms, not in a public park where there are families having picnics. The only people who has the right to judge them are the real people in their lives, not us. They don’t owe us anything so stop acting like they do. This makes me think of what Jen said, “It’s like they don’t expect us to be human anymore”.

  7. Is the main argument here that what a celebrity does in their private life is off-limits? Okay, then why were people talking about Josh’s tattoos, or his adopting a shelter dog, which have just as much to do with his credentials as an actor, as this whole MJ controversy does?

    I’m not accusing anyone in particular on this site, but the message I’m getting is, “it’s okay to POSITIVELY judge a celebrity for what they do in their private life, but it’s mean and evil to NEGATIVELY judge a celebrity for what they do in their private life”, Well, the problem is, what celebrity, unless it’s someone on the “Seeking Redemption from Rock-bottom” part of their career, is going to voluntarily reveal anything negative about their personal lives?

    1. Um, whoever said it was okay to talk about his tattoos and his dog? That’s part of his PRIVATE life. Just because people are nosy about it doesn’t mean they have the right to. The same rules apply here. It’s only okay when he actually publicly say, “Yes, you may talk about my tattoos and my dog.”

      On the contrary, it’s like, it’s okay for Jen to be herself when it’s something positive (her body weight) but when it’s something negative (smoking weed) then oh no she MUST change herself to please the world. lol what is this logic. Just think about how YOU feel if a bunch of strangers would only ALLOW you to be a certain way. I’d shoot myself tbh.

    2. Well, don’t you think that you shouldn’t constantly hate on people you don’t know, celebrity or not? It just seems like common sense to me.

      We make fun of the silly little things The Hunger Games actors do all the time, but that’s all in good fun. We like to discuss the good things about people. We’re just not hateful, most of the time. Sorry I’m not sorry.

      1. I totally agree that you shouldn’t “constantly hate on people”, even people you DO know. I don’t agree with fans who crossed the line into hatefulness. However, I do NOT think that simply stating “I’m disappointed”, which is all I saw posted from some fans, is automatically hateful.

      2. And that’s why I love reading your blog. I had to unlurk this one time cuz these comments are so infuriating. But I’m going to stop before I start using a certain kind of language that will ruin the delicate souls of the children who may be reading this.

  8. When it comes to this.. I am just really irked by the paparazzi. It is creepy that they go to the extremes of taking pictures of people who are in their hotel rooms. Creepy and wrong.. So not a fan of it.

    When it comes the issue of weed. I don’t agree with it. But it is not my place to judge them. I have no right to. Especially, when I would be judging them by a paparazzi photo..Just no. It is none of my business because I do not know them on a personal level. They are people who are actors making an amazing move for us. For that, for doing what they love. They have to sacrifice their private life. Which we all take for granted.

    All I am going to focus on as as far as I know, Jen and Josh are good people. They are not perfect. But they are good ones who are kind to their fans. For me that is all that is going to matter when it comes down to it.

  9. Ay yi yi, I seemed to have missed all the drama! Well, let me sum it all up:

    Paparrazzi – You are creepy, annoying, and a destroyer of people’s well deserved privacy
    Fans – stop overreacting and stop idolizing Josh and Jen as perfect
    Josh and Jen – not your finest moment

    Not to get all preachy on those freaking out, but one way to look at it is that, “He who is without sin can cast the first stone”. Nobody should be throwing verbal rocks at Josh/Jen because there is not a one of us who has not made mistakes or poor decisions. And none of us have ever faced the pressure of having millions of people watching us, and creepy paps in the bushes. It’s enough to make someone want to check out and ignore the world for awhile. Oh, wait a minute…

    1. I actually agree with everything you wrote here! This seems to be a quite fair, balanced summary of the issues involved, I always appreciate your reasoned comments! (Maybe I should have waited for your input, before charging into this debate like a bull in a china shop. 🙂 )

    2. Yep, good summary. All in all, I pretty much agree with you. The only thing I differ on is that I think there’s a difference between disagreeing with their choices (my reaction has basically been “I’m disappointed in them, I had hoped they would make better choices than that”) and “throwing verbal rocks.” I don’t hate them, I’m not saying they deserve to be pulled of a pedestal or vilified or anything like that. I’m not even necessarily interested in the whole “role-model” concept, although it does play a role in the end… but basically, I’m just a little sad that they made a poor choice. The same way I am when anyone I know makes a similar poor choice. Yes, the same way I am when I look back on a poor choice that I made myself.

  10. I think some people are missing the point of the argument. It is not that we can only heap praise on them, and not criticize them. I am not a fan of that at all, and it completely bothers me that many seem to take the stance that they, especially Jennifer, are perfect people. However, there are those that took this weed smoking picture too seriously, and they let it ruin their lives. Just like those young girls who all wanted to cut them selves, because Justin Bieber was caught smoking pot. Disagree with somebody’s actions all you want, but just don’t let it affect your own life too much.

    1. If any fan is walking around devastated because of this photo, or wanting to cut themselves, or letting it ruin their lives, then of course that’s an over-reaction. it seems to me, though, that has been far from the majority fan reaction. It seems most fans haven’t even bothered to comment, and those who have, have said something like, “It’s not something I’d do or agree with, but it’s not really any of my business, either.” Which I actually think is quite reasonable.

      However, it seems some fans think that ANY criticism of Josh and Jen for their actions, even saying they made a “mistake”, is inappropriate, and makes someone a “hater”. I don’t agree with that either. Last night’s discussion made it out as if the only two alternatives are to say nothing negative at all, or be “constantly hating on someone”.

      The idea that a “true fan” can never say anything negative about people connected to a franchise they claim to be a fan of, without being a “hater”, is something I’ve had a problem with way before this photo started circulating. I even wrote a whole guest post about it last year! That’s what personally annoyed me about this whole brouhaha.

      1. ” The idea that a “true fan” can never say anything negative about people connected to a franchise they claim to be a fan of, without being a “hater”, is something I’ve had a problem with way before this photo started circulating. ”

        See, there’s the issue, Satsuma. Nobody actually said that. In saying that we don’t think it makes Jen and Josh lesser people and don’t think it should affect the fandom,you’ve misconstrued it to mean that we’re idolizing them and calling out everyone who doesn’t. The actual intent of the post and how you’ve chosen to interpret it are much different.

        We’re also not trying to make everyone agree with us. There have been several other comments from people stating that they also don’t agree with us. It’s okay to discuss things you don’t like (we do that sometimes!) But it’s all in the delivery, which doesn’t always need to be accusatory and belligerent when dealing with others commenters who just trying to express their opinions too.

  11. Satsuma, thank you for the compliment. I have the benefit of some gray hairs and my past as a former wild child that guide me from judging anyone else. You speak with passion and eloquence… Perhaps your New Year’s resolution needs to include a passion and cause worth defending, not just trying to avoid writing negative?

    1. Thank YOU for the compliment. It also occurred to me as I reviewed the discussion from yesterday, that one way some negative fans were “over-reacting”, was by acting as if Jen and Josh did them wrong on a personal level, or felt personally betrayed by what they did. I certainly don’t agree with that kind of entitlement mentality. It reminds me of the Jen-Brad-Angelina debates, where many people acted as if Brad Pitt had personally cheated on THEM. (And I know he claims he didn’t actually cheat on Jen, but even if he had, he didn’t cheat on his fans. I thought many people were totally over-reacting there, though I certainly don’t think cheating is okay.)

      It seems that unfortunately, many young, and not-so-young people, also have a very black and white view of life, where good people do good things, and bad people do bad things. The idea that a good person can do something bad, or vice versa, just doesn’t seem to occur to them. So, if someone they thought was “good” does something “bad”, then either “they must be a bad person”, or “maybe what they did wasn’t that bad”. Also, while many celebrities get an inappropriate amount of scrutiny and “hating”, many others get off scot-free, or with a slap on the wrist, for offenses that an “average Joe” would get severely punished for. I don’t think either extreme is right.

      However, I’m starting to think that my basically asserting the “right to say negative things about people” on a site where a site admin has stated, “We like to discuss the good things about people”, was not appropriate. Sorry! 😦

  12. Seeing articles like this just makes me really sad. I don’t care about celebrity or Jennifer Lawrence as a role model, I care about how blase you are about pot. As a family member of multiple people affected by marijuana, it’s actually just really upsetting to see that people think pot is no big deal. There is no history of schizophrenia in my family (thought I’d throw that in there just in case someone wanted to bring up the tired old argument of ‘you only get schizophrenia from pot if you have a family history of it’), yet a pot smoking relative of mine developed it and was institutionalised. That wasn’t even the worst of it but I don’t feel like sharing the deeply personal and upsetting aspects of my life with you especially as you are probably trying to justify your nonchalant beliefs as you read this.
    Marijuana has, in many ways, broken my family. Don’t think you’re not susceptible. It’s a drug that works differently for different people. Some people can function normally, some become stereotypical stoners, others develop paranoia.
    Sorry to get or deep and meaningful on you guys but it’s frustrating to see so many articles repeating this same generic ideal when I know from personal experience that it is so far from the truth.

    1. We’re sorry to hear that you have a schizophrenic relative in your family. We too know people with that condition and know how difficult it can be.

      However, you should know that anybody can develop schizophrenia at any point in their lives, regardless of family history or drug use, so those factors may have nothing to do with it. While some studies theorize that the two may be linked, there’s no definitive study proving this to be the case. It’s a theory, one that marijuana users are not to concerned about. Again, we don’t smoke it, so we don’t know.

      1. Victors Village – unfortunately you missed the entire point of my comment. We KNOW my cousin developed schizophrenia as a result of marijuana. Being in a psychiatric ward means we have had doctors opinions to back this theory up. Responses like yours are the reason why I didn’t want to comment in the first place. You’re trying to discredit what I know as fact from personal experience and medical opinions of those caring for my cousin with your own ideas that you most likely formed after reading biased articles online. Sorry I’m getting hostile but your response was exactly the one I thought I would get but hoped I didn’t. Also please note that I’m not saying everyone develops schizophrenia from pot; I’m just saying that it DOES happen.

    2. I’d thought I was done commenting on this, but I did want to provide some validation for your opinion, and thank you for sharing “the other side” of this issue. It was brave of you to discuss your own experiences, especially as I get the vibe from your post that you expected to be dismissed or insulted for your views.

      It seems you have many relatives who were negatively affected by pot, not just the one who developed schizophrenia. From what I’ve seen in my own life, I agree that “It’s a drug that works differently for different people. Some people can function normally, some become stereotypical stoners, others develop paranoia.”

      Also, just because people like Jen and Josh seem “well-adjusted” now, there’s no guarantee that they will stay that way for the rest of their careers. Once upon a time, people used to think Miley Cyrus was well-adjusted, too! (Though one big difference is that Miley’s parents seem to be quite messed up too, and I don’t get that sense about Jen or Josh’s families.)

      While I don’t think it’s fair to “downgrade” Jen and Josh as people based on this one episode, I think it’s perfectly justified for fans to state that they are concerned about them, or to state a concern that people might be influenced by this episode to smoke pot themselves. That’s all I’ll say here, to keep the discussion civil.

    3. Smoking a few joints here and there ISN’T a big deal. Developing an addiction to anything sucks… But we’re talking about two actors chilling out and smoking a small amount of weed. I’m so sorry that marijuana has “broken” your family, but that doesn’t mean that it should be illegal or that people who smoke it should be criticized or publicly shamed. Alcohol “broke” my family, but I’m not running around slamming people who drink regularly or who say drinking isn’t a big deal. Or suggesting that alcoholic beverages should be banned. Drinking ISN’T a big deal. It is IF you become an alcoholic and let it negatively impact you and those around you. Just like ANYTHING IN LIFE. Everything is best in moderation.

      Marijuana has a LOT of positive benefits. I think you should try to look beyond your personal story, if you can, and see how it’s helped so many people around the world.

    4. Also, there is absolutely *NO WAY* that marijuana causes schizophrenia. It definitely can contribute to the problem, but it is by no means a cause.

    5. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for being the one to point this out. I’ve been somewhat appalled by the number of people on this comment thread who’ve acted as if substance abuse is no big deal, or even acceptable. Drugs- and that includes both “little” drugs like alcohol and pot, and “big” ones like coke and heroin- have broken a lot of families and taken a lot of lives, and it incenses me a little to hear other people treat that kind of damage as if it were nothing. I’m so very sorry about your family, it’s not right that you have had to suffer that.

    6. I usually don’t comment, but this is just chock-full of bullshit.

      I am a nurse in a psych hospital. Your cousin’s attending cannot KNOW that marijuana causes schizophrenia because there’s no official medical doctrine relaying that information as fact. Saying that it does most definitely crosses legal and ethical boundaries. Either he’s a shitty doctor giving you cheap explanations for an inexplicable disease or you’re pretending your own theories are the doctor’s to try to validate your own opinion. Educate yourself on mental health because you go spewing off things like this.

      1. I don’t really understand why you reacted so harshly to my comments. I apologise for my not being a medical professional, and relying on my own experiences and what my family has been told by actual medical professionals, as well as what I have been able to read on the matter. How about I put it this way: if my cousin hadn’t started smoking pot (he was a prolonged user; I never said one try will ruin you forever) its doubted that he would have ever been institutionalised. Also I’m aware that marijuana has done great things for people, but I was just trying to give the con to the pro. I don’t recall mentioning anything to do with the legal status or marijuana, I was purely commenting on the hazards. Sorry some people seem to have gotten so fired up by what I said? Hopefully this comment is calmer than my last two. Some things have happened recently so I was particularly touchy about the subject. I honestly just don’t want people to have to experience what my family has. Not trying to ruin your fun.
        (sorry I haven’t replied to everyone individually; I’ve been posting off of my phone and it’s having a bit of a temper tantrum atm)

  13. We reacted harshly to your comments because you’re spreading misinformation. Pot does NOT *cause* schizophrenia. It can aggravate it, though, of course. But smoking pot is NOT a big deal — at all. Like I said, anything is a big deal if you become an addict or take it too far. What your family has experienced is a rare exception. Sometimes bad things happen when people do things, and it sucks. Someone might die after an allergic reaction to shellfish, having not realized they had an allergy. Does that mean that shellfish are evil and “a big deal” and we should take them VERY SERIOUSLY? No, it doesn’t. It means that we should all just be aware of the dangers that lurk inside of EVERYTHING we do, see, experience, etc.

    And you’re certainly not ruining my fun, as I personally am not a pot smoker. It’s just very important to me that people have an accurate image of the world they live in. Socially smoking pot is no more or less harmful than socially drinking, which is something that almost everyone who is “of age” does. Pot smoking is probably way more common than you realize. It’s just something that people don’t speak as freely about because of the stigma attached to it (that’s being perpetuated in so many of the comments here).

  14. Something is sorely missing in this comment thread: A regular marijuana smoker.

    That’s me. I have been heavily involved in the Hunger Games fandom for a few years, and am in fact a dedicated runner of a THG website. I am in my late 20s and have been smoking marijuana regularly for 7 years.

    Let’s get something straight. Marijuana is NOT for high schoolers or anyone below the age of 18. That is not okay and your brain has not finished growing, and I would forbid my own children from partaking until they were of age. Marijuana is a “drug” (note: strange it’s the only drug that is a natural product of the earth) with medicinal properties to be used as such, but in terms of recreational use, it is at its best when used socially.

    I have always had innumerable migranes and headaches since I was a kid. When excedrin didn’t do the job, I found relief in marijuana. It’s rekindled relationships both of friends and family, and I owe it a lot for that. When I got into a violent car accident, my back and spine got very injured. My doctor visits and physical therapy treatments are over, but of course I still have awful pain. It’s possible I will struggle with it for the rest of my life. Marijuana helps these conditions more than anything else has.

    Two of my favorite relatives have died (one way before their time) because of cancer. Having experienced that, it has supremely effected me when I see cancer patients coming in to get their medications. I have seen many. That’s what makes me feel good about this whole thing. It’s not just helping me, it’s saving people on the brink of death from their pain.

    I do completely support about Erin’s comment about the misconception of the relation between medical marijuana and schizophrenia. This is an argument on which the jury is out. I have researched these studies and they have differentiating results. A certain percentage of marijuana users who have inherited the schizophrenia condition have found that the disease has been revealed in them three years earlier than typical. Sounds to me like marijuana is helping them discover their condition earlier than they would normall. So on one hand you have that it brings out the disease (but obviously not causing it. Anyone, even a doctor, that says otherwise is clearly not informed on this medical issue), on another you have many testimonies of people with the disease who have found that it HELPS their condition. What we can infer from these studies is that the effect on the afflicted person can be either or, depending on the individual. One thing is clear. There is no evidence and no study that has evidence of marijuana CAUSING schizophrenia. Sounds to me like it is either alerting that person earlier on in life to the condition (is that really such an awful thing?) or it actually helps someone deal with it. If you take anything away from this paragraph, know that the jury is out. There is not enough evidence one way or another. May I also mention that schizophrenia cases have been the lowest percentage these days? Also did you know that marijuana usage is up more than ever as well? Something to think about.

    So let us get back to the article at hand, which THANK YOU someone said it. Blah blah role models blah blargety blar blah. None of this matters because they do not have to uphold the “role model” qualities WHEN THEY ARE IN THE PRIVACY OF THEIR HOTEL ROOM. End of story. Besides, they are adults. And excuse me, but if I were portraying the role of Katniss Everdeen, marijuana would certainly help me relax after shooting and trying to get out of her head and back into my own.

    Yes, this should be legalized. Rest assured it will be with time. Why? Because every day more and more people smoke it and use it responsibly and begin to understand that this is something that can help people (though it’s not for everyone). What those of you who don’t smoke and have a misconception about this wonder drug do not know is how many people you know smokes medical marijuana. Your brother smokes. Your neighbor smokes. Your aunt smokes. Your best friend and her parents smoke. Your teacher smokes. I smoke. It can and should be used for good. So, “who the hell cares”?

  15. I’m posting this just in case jos194 comes back, to try to balance some of the harsh replies. It seems to me that something very traumatic happened that is causing jos194 to see marijuana in a negative light, and people are just going into debate mode and ignoring that (well, other than the initial Victor’s Village reply, which I do think was reasonable). Obviously, people’s opinions of marijuana (or anything) are going to be vastly different based on their own experiences. People who have had negative experiences, like jos194 did, are going to have a very different POV than people who have had positive experiences.

    I think jos194 has acknowledged that what happened to her (his?) family members does NOT happen to every single person who smokes pot. However, it does seem that many people on this thread have ignored the fact that SOME people will get addicted to pot and let that affect their lives in a very negative way. (And if this debate was about alcohol, I’d say the same thing, if a person from a family of alcoholics posted about the dangers of alcohol, and people reacted by cursing at her, and tried to invalidate her experiences as irrelevant. Any drug, legal or not, has the potential for harm – even Tylenol and aspirin, can kill someone if they take too much of it).

    I realize I’m probably being a total hypocrite by saying this, but I really think that it should be possible to disagree with someone without being so harsh. Or, as the great admin of this site said to me, “it’s all in the delivery, which doesn’t always need to be accusatory and belligerent when dealing with others commenters who just trying to express their opinions too”.

    1. Thanks for the kind replies! I know I was a bit too firey on my first few comments which probably didn’t help peoples reactions towards what I said, but thank you for realising I was speaking about a fairly isolated incident. I wasn’t saying it would happen to everyone, I was just annoyed that people seem to refuse that marijuana has any negative aspects.
      Also, I’m a female, just for clarification haha 🙂

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