Jennifer Got Jacked

jennifer-lawrence-jack-nicholson-omgThe day after the Oscars, interviews with Jennifer Lawrence being adorable/funny/clever swept the interwebs and were gif’d, shared, blogged about, and tweeted. One interview in particular was a favorite of many, and that was her interview with George Stephanopoulos that Jack Nicholson crashed.

We all love that interview because it represents what we love about Jennifer in the first place.

1) Veteran actors like and respect her.

Jack Nicholson came up to her even though they’d never met before. We all know Jennifer is talented, but so do her peers and role models. Donald Sutherland has sung her praises, but so have many in Hollywood as well. We like that our Katniss has so much talent and is well known for being a terrific actress.

2) Jennifer shows off her natural charm.

Her responses to Jack’s semi-creepy-but-it’s-Jack-Nicholson-so-it’s-sorta-okay comments were taken in stride. She even shoots back with her ‘new girlfriend’ comment. Yes, Jennifer says what’s on her mind, even when it’s mildly inappropriate or TMI, but we like that. It’s what makes her charming.

3) Her inability to hold in her ‘wow I just met Jack Nicholson’ feelings makes her relatable.

A big reason why we love Jennifer Lawrence is because we can relate to her. How many times have we said we want to be her best friend? It means that she has kept herself grounded and at our level, even though we are just common-folk to some more snooty and pretentious actors out there.

4) It was an honest moment.

Her surprise at seeing Mr. Nicholson come up to her and then coming back felt very honest. There has been some backlash about certain actresses being fake or insincere this awards season, but the crashed interview captured a genuine couldn’t-have-made-this-up-if-you-tried moment.

Jennifer has had an amazing awards season, and we’re confident she hasn’t peaked (Seriously, why would you ask her that after she just won the Oscar?). Here’s to more moments like this in the future!


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrre’s Jack!



  1. I really loved this moment for Jennifer. She took it in stride and was just so honest. I loved her reactions! I think Jack Nicholson is AWESOME! And to get a comment from him. GAH if I was in her position would have been the same way…. but less graceful! She is just great. With ever interview and moment. It just makes me love her more.

    And No she has not peaked. Jen is just getting started and we can expect great things from her! 😀

  2. I actually have NEVER thought “I want Jennifer Lawrence to be my best friend”. IMHO, gushing like this is just as much an over-reaction as the “anti-gushing” that was commented on in the “Planet Overreaction” topic. I really don’t care either way what celebs do off set. I just care about whether they do a good job.

    One of the “lessons” of the THG trilogy is that people are often VERY different in their private lives from the public images we see of them. I don’t see any reason why Jen (or anyone else involved with the franchise) is an exception. I might like being friends with Jen, but I could also hate being friends with Jen. I don’t think any of us have anywhere near enough information to know!

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