Sleepless in Hawaii

sleepless-in-seattle-this-hypnosis-download-allows-you-to-sleep-sleep-sleepI think the calm before the storm is nearly about to break, and it just might break all over our pretty little heads. Storms are fun though, we like storms, they bring rainbows, and rain puddles for us to splash in, and also other stuff, like giant ass lightning strikes that blow out force fields, and free contestants from the worst reality TV show ever imagined! I’ll take the puddles over the lighting any day, y’know– if anyone’s asking, which no one has. If you’re as lost as I am in this lovely train of though laden article, here’s the deal– principal photography of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is about to start its true last days, and this is going down in a matter of hours. On top of that the promotional/ viral marketing that is oh so vital to a successful franchise now a-days, began to creep its tentacles out at us, oh– last week. It has to be said, I think we’re at a level of Def-Con 4 at this point in time, 5 of course is reserved for shirtless photos of Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair (Sorry Sam), because we have priorities.

Key members of the cast have traveled thousands of miles, and are currently lounging, punching themselves in the face, and also hitting them selves in the face with their phones (ex. A and B), taking sunset photos by the hotel pool, have gotten their hair did, and dyed unnatural, and natural colors, and are possibly getting a round of golf in– maybe, I don’t know. I get the

Josh got his hair did, I mean dyed.

Josh got his hair did, I mean dyed.

feeling that tonight is a pretty strange night for those assorted cast members, they’re all jet-lagged no doubt, all away from home, and missing their pillows unless they were smart and brought their own, some of them are probably still reeling from something that happened less than a week ago, oh– and a couple of them probably are still doing triple takes every time they glimpse them selves in the bathroom mirror, or perhaps all reflective surfaces. If I was one of them I don’t know what I would do with myself, I also don’t know what character I would be right for.

Scratch that! I’m picking Johanna (again I must parenthetically apologize to a cast member. I’m sorry Jena, but Johanna is the only character that I’m the right age for, I also have short dark-ish hair, so tough– I’m taking your role. But only in my head!). Anyway, if I was one of those lucky few, I’d probably be exceptionally boring. Seriously, I’d go to the hotel gym, I get a workout in, I’d take a steam– if they have a steam room, damn they better have a steam room, I’d shower, I’d eat a meal, a boring one, but a healthful one (no salt!), I’d watch Southland on TNT, and then I would attempt to sleep. But how the hell can I sleep when I’m playing Johanna Mason, I’m in Hawaii, it’s the night before principle photography is starting its final days– hell no, I’m not sleeping! I’m staring at the ceiling, and pacing the carpet, I’m contemplating cracking open the mini-bar, and drinking all of the tiny bottles of wine, and eating the ridiculously over-priced Toblerone! I’m going damn near close to certifiably crazy, and then my wake-up call comes through, and I have to be down in the lobby to meet the driver who’s taking me to set– and I haven’t slept. Oh well, that’s what hair and make up are for.

So, here’s to the cast and crew of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! I hope your night looks nothing like the one I imagined above, and I hope you all have a blast finishing up this film together. Now, go make magic!

Them There Eyes



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