Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Academy Awards 2013 red carpet

And looked FABULOUS doing it!

*cough* We mean, not that we’re that surprised. We explained our high hopes after seeing Silver Linings Playbook and her steady string of wins beforehand, but nothing is guaranteed until it happens and IT DID. If ever you stumble across this in an alternate universe where you find yourself on Hunger Games humor blogs: CONGRATULATIONS, JENNIFER!

Also, before the fandom snobs come out to say “So what? She didn’t win for The Hunger Games. Why is the fandom making a big deal out of it?” Just leave the party (aka this blog) NOW. You are uninvited, because you clearly don’t get it, man! Jennifer is the core of the films and we support her in all her endeavors because she’s whip smart, grounded, and doing all she can to make great films… We even forgive her for House at the End of the Street!

But before the Oscar was even won, fans were all a-Twitter about what could happen if she did…


Yes, the curse in which talented actors win an Academy Award and then go on to take a professional cliff dive into ridiculously bad film choices that make audiences wince, with the occasional decent but not-very-worthwhile role thrown in there. Halle Berry, Marisa Tomei, Adrien Brody, and Cuba Gooding Jr. are popular examples of the phenomenon at work. Will Jennifer Lawrence be next?

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Academy Awards 2013 trip fall


To help riddle this out, we’ve created a list of what could happen to Jen’s career:
1. Catching Fire, Mockingjay: Part 1, and Mockingjay: Part 2 could all bomb critically despite intense popularity, thus truly making it the next Twilight.
2. Beloved Hollywood directing icon in the making, David O. Russell, could turn Jennifer’s other upcoming films, The Ends of the Earth and an untitled Abscam film, into utter disasters.
3. After receiving almost every script she qualifies for a role in, she picks all the most tired, oldest concepts and roles that she can easily phone in.
4. She quits acting to pursue a career in crab fishing or cattle ranching, never to be seen in Hollywood again.
5. She makes her upcoming films. They are released and most likely get good receptions from both audiences and critics. She makes more movies, some of which probably miss the mark, but she tries to make smart film choices and acts the hell out of them either way. She gets plenty more opportunity for recognition over the next several years.

We might be straight up craaaaaaazy, but we’re gonna go with #5!

For every “Oscar curse” recipient, there are others who have won in multiple occasions or even been well-received throughout their careers without a slew of extra nominations. Daniel Day-Lewis won his third Lead Actor award tonight and it’s not coincidence– the man has talent and he took on challenging, risky roles that paid off over the course of a long career. He’s astounding but he’s not superhuman, so why should we expect other winners like Jennifer to fail?

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  1. Whoo hoo! I am so happy for Jen!

    I stayed up late enough to see her interviewed on red carpet but then had to go to bed. This is a great way to start off the day.

    I am going to go with #5 too. As long as she stays herself, I think she’ll choose good roles and keep knocking rhem out of the park. Plus, with an Oscar under her belt, I would think Hollywood will send her scripts that were previously unaccessible.

  2. CF and the Mockingjay movies should have Jennifer impressing people even more, since her role becomes even more challenging. And from what I’ve heard, though I haven’t read the book, her role in Serena, which will be shown this year, is also really challenging and award material.

    “The Oscar curse” is a silly myth. The actors who didn’t have good careers after winning an Oscar are in the minority and have only their bad choices to blame. And if they weren’t getting good offers after the Oscar, they would’ve been getting even worse if they hadn’t won it.

  3. I still think #4 seems like a legit thing Jen would do… 😀
    But I agree about the Oscar curse not being quite real, every actor has hits and misses. It’s just that after an Academy Award the critics and the media analyses these actors’ projects a lot more. Especially if they decide to try themselves in some mainstream stuff, which Jennifer already did a.k.a. The Hunger Games, not sure if you guys are familiar with that stuff though… 🙂 The other reason for the “Oscar course” comes when actors decide to shift their focus, settle down, have kids and families, work less for a while, etc..
    Since presumably we still have a few years for the latter to happen, and Jen loves her precious indies with interesting stories, I don’t see her falling into that pit. Not even if they try to throw her in it.
    Anyway I’m really over-the-top happy for her, I expect that this will spawn a lot of bitter haters, because she’s 22(!!! Hello, second fucking youngest winner in the category, and the youngest ever to receive two acting nominations for leading roles…), but I could care less. And it will certainly help raising the franchise’s profile, I mean wow, that’s just way cool, not even sure that they’ll need to put it in the trailers since already everyone knows about it anyway. I’m guessing that this will also raise her payment, which is totally okay, she deserves every single penny of it. 😛
    And I think the fact that Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman instantly jumped to their feet to help her out says way more than the infamous trip itself. Also the fact that she didn’t need neither of them to get back up. 😉

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