Hail the Conquering Victors!

ACATCHING FIRE VICTORY TOUR POSTERbout an hour + ago we got one of the first tastes of the wonders yet to come, other wise known as we got a shiny, glossy, new, fabulous, highly styled, pretty-pretty, white rose laden, poster featuring our beloved Peeta, and our treasured Katniss promoting their Victory Tour! And the world wept, rejoiced, fan-fared, other stuff. No, really, everyone, guys, girls, whatever you identify your selves as– this may be short and sweet, but if this poster is signs of things yet to come? Visually speaking The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will surpass Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games, and quite possibly eat it for breakfast, with maybe a little salt and pepper on top?

Personally, I love the look, it’s polished, as in they look like they’ve been through a body polish a la The Capitol, it’s also streamlined, and the lighting is fantastic, and god knows I love me some good lighting (photographer, I’ve literally left locations because the light sucked), and of course the pièce de résistance— the costuming. Katniss’ dress is gorgeous, a sort of throw-back to the 1930’s with its pleated top, and of course it is white symbolising the image that the Capitol likes to project of her– that’s she’s pure. And then there’s Peeta, looking handsome as ever, also in 1930s style garb– check out the trousers, they have metal tabs instead of him wearing a belt– that’s a throw-back to old school styles right there (yes, I study fashion as well, sue me). I like that Trish Summerville has decided to keep continuity by using the 1930s styles Judianna established in the Districts, I think it falls in nicely as the 1930s was hard-times for most everyone, and also a booming time for Art Deco architecture, jewelry and clothing– which is reflected mostly in the avant garde styles in The Capitol. The way I like to think of it is, the Districts are stuck in the Depression, the Capitol is fully embracing the Victory Rolls, the shoulder pads, and mad fashions seen later in the 1940s, it’s all there if you’re paying attention, promise.

Be forewarned, this is just the beginning– because more is to come, we have months on end of nibbles that’ll hopefully only wet our appetites for the main event, and personally I cannot wait to see what they unfurl at us.

Them There Eyes



  1. I love love love this so much. I was not expecting this at all. One of the writers over at Crushable seems convinced that this is Katniss’s wedding dress, so she is enraged, but I think it’s just a promotion from the capitol for their tour. Much like we saw with the promotion for Hunger Games with Effie and Seneca promoting different products. Really beautiful.

    1. There is no way that Lionsgate is going to reveal the Mockingjay wedding dress at this stage. NOT going to happen. They are way too calculating intheir marketing department. I agree this is just to whet our appetite. November has never felt so far away. Ack!

    2. I’m of the opinion that there’s no way they’d show us Katniss’ wedding dress in a promotional shot. This dress is too simple, and too girlish to be one of Cinna’s fabulous gowns designed for her wedding. The wedding dress is a mainstay, an anticipated moment, not something that they’ll show us 8 months out from the film release. Sorry to disagree with you. 😦

      1. Oh no I never thought it was the wedding dress ever! I was just saying somebody who wrote an article about the poster did, and it really annoyed me how upset she was about it when it was obviously not the wedding dress. I would really be disappointed if they showed us the wedding dress this early, or at all before the movie. I think it should stay a secret. = )

  2. I love it. They are amazing. It has been photoshopped to high hell (hello tall Peeta) but that just makes it look very Capitolistic.

    Hopefully now all the Peeta fans can chillax a little and stop worrying that Peeta wouldn’t be given an important role in the movie.

    1. It’s an optical illusion, they’ve set them on an angle which makes Peeta look a little bit taller– so it’s not photoshop per se. Also, they’ve styled his hair so his bangs/ fringe is up, which also gives him a little extra height, so again… not photoshop in this instance. The polish, and the lack of flaws in skin, and tone… that is photoshop, and I see no problem with it, because this is the Capitol, and they strive for perfection, and Peeta and Katniss need to reflect that, and they do.

      I agree, as a Peeta fan, I see nothing to complain about here– he looks beautiful, and if anyone has a problem with it… wow.

      1. Yep, Peeta is looking quite dashing if I do say so myself.

        As an aside, I have been liking Josh’s hair more this time around as well. Feels like they got the color to look a.more natural blonde.

      2. No, I’m sorry, that’s not an optical illusion. Katniss is wearing heals and standing in front of him, and he’s still taller than her. It’s even more obvious in the second poster where you can see the full body shots. They’ve photoshopped him to make him look taller than he really is.

  3. Can we talk about the way that incredibly awesome structure behind them just hangs above them like its going to cut them at any moment (esp in the other picture) ?! Uhm.. Snow put some clues in there! I love the way the Capitol always wraps their authority and sadistic nature in stylish and glamourus wrappers.

    Flawrence,(my new nickname for him. He shall be called Flawrence and he shall be our Flawrence) I think you will surpass Ross.. (or Gross.. )

    The photoshopping.. oh GOD the photoshopping. Look at her hands. She’s practically a plastic doll.

    1. Yes, love the structure… it’s tall, and totally looks like a sward that can swoop down and slice them into itty-bitty pieces.

      I’m more than good with the photoshopping, or as I am now going to call it “body polishing“. It adheres the the series’ insights into Capitol fashions and standards, which they did not really establish in The Hunger Games. You say she looks like a doll, I say… fuck yeah, that’s awesome!

      You’re right, “Flawrence” is kicking “Gross'” ass at this point.

      9 months!

  4. While I like using “Flawrence” to refer to Francis Lawrence, I don’t think we need to tear down Gary Ross in order to build F-Law up. (Which I’ve seen happening a lot around the fandom these days.) We don’t even know how much input FL had into the marketing, or if we’ll even see Katniss and Peeta wearing these clothes in the actual movie.

    However, if this is a taste of the fashions we’ll see in the movie, I do like the idea that Trish Summerville has decided to keep some continuity with the 1930s/40s styles established by Judianna in the first movie. (Though the EW still of K and P on the tour showed them in much more futuristic outfits.)

    It will also be interesting whether the idea that the Capitol actually body-polished Peeta and Katniss themselves, not just their photos, will make it into the movie. In the CF book, Katniss remarks in Chapter 8, just before she tells Gale about the plan to run away, ” I watch his hands, his beautiful, capable fingers. Scarred, as mine were before the Capitol erased all marks from my skin, but strong and deft.” She also seems to take Gale’s later comment that “I don’t want anything made in the Capitol” as a rejection not just of Cinna’s gloves, but of herself, as well.

    1. I agree that we need to respect Ross’ contribution. I’m not sure who had a harder task: Ross creating a visual landscape from scratch or F-Law trying to keep continuity with Ross’ vision while up-ping the ante.

      1. Exactly, I wasn’t bashing G. Ross in any way. Of course Flawrence is gonna do better, he was able to learn from Ross’ mistakes, has a bigger budget (and I man HUGE), and has a background in making music video’s. So I expected CF to visually be better than HG. Even though HG was allready visually stunning!

        I think Ross, even tho he left the franchise, would’ve been very pleased to see CF and MJ 1& 2 become the awesome blockbusters they deserve to be. He did an amazing job on the first one.

        Although we have no idea how much Flawrence was involved in this, I do have a feeling that he was. Because this one is the opening of the Victory Tour, so it is very important, and they had to do a photoshoot with Jlaw and Hutch to make this. He maybe didn’t direct the whole thing, but probably did greenlight it. To make a scavenger hunt troughout twitter of an allready existing poster you don’t really need the directors approval, but for launching a whole new one.. I do think Flawrence was kinda involved..

  5. This is amazing. The posters really have a Capitolish look (or “Capitolist” LOL – I love that adjective!) and they remind me of Nazi propaganda posters featuring attractive, healthy-looking young people, who tend to be striking a pose and looking into the distance in the way Peeta does here. But Peeta’s expression seems very similar to the one in the released still from the Victory Tour – this is probably his “serious Victory Tour look”, but he actually looks tense and unhappy. Katniss on the other hand doesn’t even seem to be trying to make a “victorious” expression – or she’s just that bad at it – and just looks indifferent and blank.

    1. Ithink you are drawing a perfect correlation to Nazi propaganda posters. If this is a Capitolist marketing scheme for the Victory Tour, then Katniss and Peeta would be a mixture of dread, memories, and other emotions while stopping at each district.

    2. Hey TTB, I actually went looking on the Net for images of Nazi propaganda posters, and I totally agree that the poses struck by Katniss and Peeta in this picture have similarities to some of those posters. Here are a few links for those who might be interested! I think the similarities are particular striking in the first poster I linked, an advertisement for the Hitler Youth.

    3. Here are some links to images of actual Nazi propaganda pictures! The poster in the first link, which is an ad for the Hitler Youth, certainly seems to have parallels with the VT poster (except that Hitler himself, not symbols of him, is shown to be looming over the young man starting into the distance).

  6. I think it is one of the wedding outfits. Remember that in the book there were a dozen and Capitol fans got to vote for their favorites. It looks as if the movie merges the Victory Tour and the Wedding Dress Contest, which makes a great deal of sense visually and in terms of the amount of screen time.

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