Granny, Thread, and Cray

tumblr_mgsanp7wgn1qfqp8jo1_1280We got ’em guys. Yeah, that makes no sense! So, here’s the deal, I’m getting kind of tired of dealing in speculating on casting where it comes to this franchise, but low and behold real casting information has gone ignored for too long.

Remember a few months back when those audition tapes from CL Casting were leaked, and we learned that they were looking for people to fill the roles of Thresh’s, Rue’s and even Peeta’s family? Well, we have a grandma, Thresh’s grandma actually. I’m one of those sad lot of people who check The Hunger Games: Catching Fire IMDb page frequently, and I do it for several reasons. For one I tend to forget how to spell people’s names, and IMDb usually has the correct or most used spelling of people’s names. Two, the page’s information is in constant flux, i.e. people add them selves to the cast list, and then they get taken down,  as well as people getting added to the cast list by the proper channels. 99% of the time if a name has stayed up on there for longer than a month, they’re more than likely the real deal.

In the case of Thresh’s Grandmother she’s a regional actress with several small roles under her belt, and if I do say so myself, she totally looks like she could be part of Dayo Okeniyi’s (Thresh) family. Her name is Deena Beasley, which you can clearly see emblazoned across her head-shot, and you have got to admit that she looks like Dayo. Deena’s been in some higher profile projects that tote names like Nicholas Cage, and — actually Cage appears to be the most recognizable name connected to her. But, hey — now she can possibly say she’s connected to Jennifer Lawrence, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Woody Harrelson, and Donald Sutherland.

Everyone remembers Romulus Thread, right? I hope you do, ’cause he’s involved in one of the most intense scenes to take place in District 12, i.e. Gale’s arrest, and gruesome whipping.

Aside: God, I hope they don’t skimp on the intensity of that sequence. photo

I know that Thread’s casting was kinda sorta released, there was never a press release from The Powers That Be, but at this point press releases aren’t things that they’re that focused on, especially where it comes to secondary characters who aren’t Tributes, or semi high profile like Plutarch. Anyway, I have my own sources who have confirmed that Patrick St. Esprit’s casting is the real deal. But about St. Esprit, he’s best known for his recurring role on Sons of Anarchy– which I have to admit, I became a huge fan of a couple of months ago after marathoning all five seasons, I’m refraining from commenting on the ending of season five– which is really hard for me guys, really hard.  He’s good guys, we have nothing to worry about where it comes to Thread, unless of course they’ve decided that Thread’s a bleeding heart who likes kittens, and I don’t mean to eat. 

Next we’ve got Cray, which should not be confused with the colloquialism “crey crey“. Old Cray is how we know him, but according to IMDb he’s just Cray now– not a big deal. Big deal for me though is that the actor who’s playing the old lecher is a Prison Break alum! Confession: I’m a massive Prison Break fan, and do not ask me how I feel about the 4th season, I’ll just ignore you. Wilbur Fitzgerald played a small but important role on Prison Break several years ago, and no– he wasn’t the main characters’ father. Fitzgerald, like Beasley is a regional actor, he is in fact based out of Atlanta, and he’s represented by the same agency several of the other Atlanta based cast members are. Cray’s a departure for him though, as most of his work has been fatherly/grandfatherly types, but he’s also a played more than his fair share of law officials– I believe he was a lawyer in another life. Color me impressed.

So, that’s that, we’ve got Thresh’s granny, and two brutes from District 2. Now, where the hell is Annie!?

Them There Eyes



  1. Uh….(whispers) you do know that IMDB CAN be edited by anyone with a Pro account, right? So I don’t know if I’d say these castings are quite *official* — though I do think you’ve compiled a great amount of evidence that they are for real. I just feel a need to be nitpicky, guess I’m still in that mode from my recent post.

    **(puts hands in pockets, whistles, and walks off into the night)**

    1. Satsuma– they’re not going to put out press releases for secondary characters who aren’t Tributes, or anyone higher up on the rung. And yes, I’m aware of the ins and outs of IMDb, I even said as much in the article.

      1. Well, actually, you said “people add them selves to the cast list, and then they get taken down, as well as people getting added to the cast list by the proper channels.” Which is true as far as it goes, but didn’t quite express what a no-man’s-land IMDB can be; let’s just say, that I doubt Tony Shaloub added himself to the cast list! Also, the IMDB CF page *still* lists Simon Beaufoy as a scriptwriter (I just checked). So I do tend to take the info there with more than a few grains of salt.

        That being said, I agree with the “99% of the time if a name has stayed up on there for longer than a month, they’re more than likely the real deal” part of your article. I do think, considering the evidence presented in the article, that these casting choices are 99% likely to be Real, much as all the news related to “the Idiom” is most likely real even though there has been no LG press release that “Yes, The Idiom is actually Catching Fire!”

        So, with that assumption — hopefully, reminding us of the St. Espirit casting for Thread (which I do recall being posted somewhere before, as was the Fitzgerald for Cray casting), will calm some fans who are so distrustful of the CF movie that they actually stated fears that “maybe they’ll cut the whipping to keep the movie PG-13”, etc.

        As for Annie; if we’re really going to get into IMDB-based speculation, there IS a credit for a “Kathryn Dickerson” who plays a “District 4 family member”. Dickerson is a brunette girl who (per her own IMDB bio) just finished high school, so while she’s actually *younger* than Annie likely is in canon, she is close enough in age to play a “glorified extra” version of Annie (much as someone who was NOT Robert Pattinson played the “glorified extra” version of Cedric in the PoA movie). Here’s a link to her IMDB page…

        Does seem like speculation fodder, at least…

  2. Goodness, Granny really does look like Dayo!

    OK, so this news is not 100% official, but I appreciate you pointing our attention to it since it kinda got lost in the shuffle. I guess we will see for sure when the movie comes out, but I can picture Thread and Cray having these faces for now.

    Geez, I am with you on hoping for an intense whipping scene! I’m not violence-hungry, but I don’t want that scene to lose the emotional depth that it had in the book. For one, Katniss is forced to see how much she really cares about Gale. Honestly, I think she would have had a strong emotional reaction to ANY of her friends getting whipped because her personality is one that will defend the helpless IMHO, but it is important to the arc of her relationship with Gale.

    Also, I LOVE the connection between Haymitch, Peeta, and Katniss in the whipping scene. To me, that was SO INTENSE. Here they are after the 74th Hunger Games, having developed a tentative team, and then they return to a life back in District 12 that now includes one another to some degree. When Gale gets whipped, not only does Katniss step in (and get struck), but Haymitch steps in to defend Katniss, and Peeta steps in as well to defend his “fiance”. I felt like their little team showed an “I’ve got your back” at a whole other level… which continues to increase as time goes by, and becomes the reason why Haymitch’s betrayal becomes such a, well, betrayal.

  3. I want to know who is going to be cast as the actual Annie so bad! Does anyone know when the casting will be for that? I heard somewhere that the producers were looking at people already. I really hope that it is Alicia Vikander. I voted for her on that fan blog that has been going around

  4. I can’t remember having read this before, but… PRISON BREAK! Yep, I actually got a little… a lot excited reading about Wilbur Fitzgerald. I’ve been an avid fan of the series for years and even when watching a movie on series now that PB-alums are starring in, I always end up being all giddy and excited about cos, ya know… Prison Break.
    Okay, my two cents to that. I gotta skim the rest of your articles to get caught up on all that glorious funniness of this blog.

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