The Mockingjay, 2.0

Winter Storm Nemo left me stranded at someone else’s house for the majority of the past three days, which means one thing: Television marathons (plus two books read!) NCIS is my crime drama poison of choice and in this marathon, I caught the episode in which the Director dies in a fearsome firefight.

But who else could ROCK THE OUTFIT?!

But who else could ROCK THE OUTFIT?!

Naturally, my thought process went to the most obvious place: OH SNAP! WHAT IF KATNISS DIED BEFORE SHE GOT TO THE CAPITOL?

You know it’s not going to happen when Katniss is the narrator, but she DOES wake up in the hospital quite a bit. Electrified, choked, shot, and burned… Yet she goes on *raises lighter*

But if something were to happen to The Mockingjay, things would change. She would be remembered as a martyr and the rebels would rise up stronger than ever. Her friends and family would be scarred more than ever. Despite all this, The Rebellion would need a new leader.

So who gets the coveted role? Let’s find out how the other characters will manage:

Peeta – The least likely candidate, given that his brain has been toyed with by a bunch of Capitol croonies. He’ll also consider himself indirectly responsible from Katniss running off to District 2 (you know, months later when the hijacking wears down) or HE STRANGLES KATNISS TO DEATH, which definitely doesn’t make him our hero. Safe to say he’s out of the running!

Haymitch – He’s got a leg up on Peeta, but only because he never attacked Katniss. A forcefully sobered up, ragged old Haymitch is a great behind-the-scenes guy, but could you imagine him on camera?! The rebellion would be too busy gawking at this mess o’ man to actually stop and fight!

Boggs – Hey look! The only actual soldier of the bunch! District 13 might want to put a familiar face in the spotlight, one with skills and family values and such, but alas, they cannot! How would the oppressed relate to someone who grew up in an autonomous District, even if he is running the military strategy? Sorry, Boggsy!

Indeed, it is!

Indeed, it is!

Johanna – If Katniss dies before Johanna fails her big test, maybe she wouldn’t be given the test at all. Coin and her crew might want another strong female to spread their message, but Johanna is much less likely to play along. She’s got no one left to love (SOB!) and she’d give all those politics the finger before carrying on by herself.

Gale – We get tbe feeling Gale would be more than eager to be the rebellion’s poster boy. He understands the art of war and he’ll want to avenge Katniss. Plus, he’s got an in with the “I was Katniss’ cousin/ broski” backstory! Yet he doesn’t have it all– he’ll be angry and ready for action, thus missing that bright-eyed hope for the future and vulnerability. He won’t be as relatable as a past Victor.

Finnick – If this were a vote, we’d go for this guy! Finnick has a dark history as a Victor and sex slave, but he’s bared his soul (and his chest) to the people of Panem. He’s a face that everyone knows and trusts. By the time Katniss is gone, he’ll have Annie back and he’ll want to protect her by getting this war over with. Plus, he’ll avenge Katniss’ memory in words, rather than going “RAHHHHH! LOOK AT MY ANGER AND GUNS ROAR!”, which many others would do. He’ll be a bit reluctant, we suppose, but sometimes reluctant leaders who don’t recognize their own strength and value are the best type!

There you go, our emergency plan for a plot twist that will never happen! Aren’t you so glad you read it?

This Is The Darkest Timeline,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Another unlikely candidate, but wouldn’t it have been an interesting twist for Prim to rise from the ashes of Katniss’ death to lead the rebels?

  2. I think Prim is the obvious person who would inherit the Mockingjay mantle. In fact, I really think that is why Coin put her in a position to be killed. At the time Prim was sent to the Capitol to serve as a medic, Coin thought Katniss was dead. I think she wanted to get Prim out of the way, as well. Wasn’t it Johanna who said in Catching Fire that nothing would happen to Prim because she was so well-loved by the people of Panem? Clearly Coin knew that Prim would have sway over the emotions of the people because of how intimately she was tied into Katniss’ rise to fame.

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