Boggs, Boggs, Boggs

imagesI could literally write a Boggs fantasy casting article everyday for a month, and I would still have people in mind. Now that that’s out of the way, let me just say that apparently some of you are very keen on us, face it me–’cause I’m the one who keeps writing these damn articles, fan-casting this role until perhaps some bovine creatures come slowly ambling up to your homes demanding to eat your hypothetical lawns, and possibly non-existent flower beds. However, the fact of the matter is is that we don’t even know what Catching Fire looks like, let alone if it’s any good, which is beside the point, because we also don’t have a script for Mockingjay Part 1, we only have a writer in place, and of course the director. All we have really, and truly are our imaginations, which is what we’ve always had ever since we cracked open copies of The Hunger Games, and Katniss Everdeen’s world unfolded in our minds, and we became addicts.

I don’t fancy myself to be the authority on fantasy casting, because none of the people I’ve advocated for have been cast. Sam Claflin, however was someone that I saw years ago, and said to myself “he could be Finnick.” And that’s exactly what happened. So, when I see people in films, or on TV shows, and the thought crosses my mind that they could be a good Boggs, or a good Alma Coin– I kind of want to keep it to myself, because it almost feels like I jinx people. I was so very fixated on Armie Hammer playing Finnick, that is clouded things for me for awhile, but I’m determined to not emotionally invest myself in one specific actor taking on one specific role in this franchise ever again, and perhaps that’s why I can easily spend weeks on end fan-casting Boggs.

When I read Mockingjay for the first time, I can’t even recall if I had anyone’s specific face in my mind when I pictured Captain Boggs. I took in the description of a tall career military man in his 40s, with blue eyes, greying hair, and impeccable posture, and I didn’t see actors– I think I saw men of the armed forces who have actually crossed my path in real life, or on the news. We live in a world right now where we all could know people who have served over seas in some capacity, so I guess I saw amalgamations of all those people I’ve known, or fleetingly have seen flash across my TV screen during the 5:30 pm or 6:30 pm news hours. In this sense I think Boggs may be the most real character from the series for me. Boggs can’t be played by these people though, he has to be played by an actor.

Let’s review shall we? I’ve written four articles about fantasy casting this role, and the actors who made the list so far are as follows: C. Thomas Howell, Wentworth Miller, Ray Stevenson, Jamie Bamber, Jeremy Renner, and Bradley Cooper. You can tell where I started to change things up in my thought process where it comes to this role by the reputations of the actors who have most recently been fan-cast by myself, I blame Philip Seymour Hoffman for that change. Despite this change-up, I’m going to throw some curve balls at you guys now! Starting with someone we all should be glad to stare at off an on for 2 + hours, Josh Holloway. josh-holloway-short-hair-1848750079

If any of you out there watched the ABC series Lost, you know this guy is not just a pretty face– this guy is a phenomenally emotive, versatile, and gut wrenchingly good actor. And if you haven’t seen Lost, kindly stop judging it by people railing over how it ended, I am a devout Lostie, and I can say that I liked the ending, thank you very much. About Josh Holloway though, here are some STATs on him, he’s 43 years-old, he’s 6’2, American, and according to his IMDb page, he doesn’t have anything lined up after Paranoia, which if memory serves that is the film Liam Hemsworth was filming before he went to Atlanta to start on Catching Fire. So, good actor (check), right age range (check), tall (check), physically fit, i.e. good posture, ’cause his abs are still very much so visible, and in working order (check), blue eyes (CHECK), his hair is greying in real life, but that photo above is a couple of years old, this is what he looks like now, and in my opinion– he just looks more the part (check), available to work supposedly (check)! I’m going to let the idea of Holloway lead you to my next idea, and if you don’t like this next idea– please don’t tell me, ’cause I will think you’re insane.

Ralph Fiennes. I think I may have had an admiration crush on Ralph since Schindler’s List, because he scared the shit out of me, and he let himself go so far in that role, ’cause he honestly believed no one would notice him, but man did he get noticed– for he was nominated for his first Oscar! I think I’ve seen pretty much every film he’s made, minus about 5 out of the 52 listed to his name, so, yeah– I’m a fan. Fiennes hopefully isn’t just known by most of you out there for playing Valdemort, ’cause hello, I just said he has 52 bdab8b90c5a7titles to his name, and he was only in four of the eight Harry Potter films. This guy has been working steadily since the late ’80s, so Harry Potter is not the epitome of his career, I wouldn’t even put Skyfall up there either. Nope, his best work might be Quiz Show, English Patient (second Oscar nomination,) Oscar and Lucinda, Sunshine, The End of the Affair, Spider, The Chumscrubber, The Constant Gardener, In Bruges, The Duchess, The Hurt Locker, The Reader, and Coriolanus which he starred in and directed. Versatile thy name is Ralph Fiennes, also he’s not above taking smaller roles in films with ensemble casts, case in point Chumscrubber, Hurt Locker, In Bruges, and the Harry Potter films. If you can’t picture Ralph as Boggs, just– what? STATs on Ralph, he’s 50, he’s 6 feet tall, he’s blue eyed, his hair is greying, he’s in good shape, he’s played career military men before as well, and he’s English, but wholly capable of a North American accent (see Quiz Show, and The Chumscrubber), and he really likes jigsaw puzzles.

I think that’s enough for today! Tune in next week where I’ll regale you with more possible Boggs’! No really.

Them There Eyes



  1. Oh, you have made me so happy!

    Josh Holloway! Heck yeah, give him a military haircut and then let his acting tear me into tiny pieces by the time we get to the last Boggs scene. Don’t mind looking at those dimples for a few hours either.

    Ralph Fiennes! Honestly, physically Ralph probably looks more like what I had pictured, maybe because I can just as easily picture him as a dad and a military leader, steady, dependable, smart, not easily ruffled. Can’t you picture him in scene where Katniss throws up on Boggs and then she says she.thinks Boggs sighs?

    1. I love that this all spawned from your special request, HGBC!

      Both actors are phenomenal, but I don’t know if I see Ralph Fiennes in the role– not that he couldn’t play it, he could play ANYONE and I would be more than enthusiastic to watch. I just don’t see him taking what will probably be a small role. Then again, if Phillip Seymour Hoffman did it…

      As for Josh Holloway, I am also a dedicated Lostie and GAHHHH THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! PS. Sawyer + Juliette 4 eva

      1. Somehow I must have missed one of the fancastings because I only remember the one with Jeremy Renner. But I was a Lost fan, and would enjoy seeing Holloway portray a completely different character from Sawyer, who was a character I grew to love.

        In my own fantasy world, I cast Denzel Washington, who would definitely feel like older uncle figure to Katniss but still give military leader, compassionate father, be nice to look at, gruff but inside marshmallow, and let’s face it, kick general butt. I can’t see Denzel doing this small a part but a girl can dream.

  2. Finally someone who’s as fed up with all the whining about the Lost ending as I am! 🙂 I liked it, too, or rather, I liked the finale and I liked the whole flashsideways universe – though I’m not so keen on season 6 as a whole, the Island plot specifically, the whole Jacob vs MIB thing and what was done with some characters like Sayid, or the way new characters were introduced and disposed of.

    Out of your list, I like about half of the choices. I won’t repeat why I think Bradley Cooper would be completely wrong since I’ve written about that at least twice; and Jamie Bamber and Wentworth Miller, probably Jeremy Renner, too, look too young, IMO, for someone who’s a father figure to Jennifer Lawrence’s character (even if their chronological age just barely makes them age appropriate for the role). I’m not sure about C. Thomas Howell since the only thing he did in the last couple of decades that I’ve seen is the small role in The Amazing Spiderman, but he does at least look right. I like Josh Holloway, though he’s not someone I’d think of for Boggs, but it would be interesting to see him in a role completely different from Sawyer (in which case, it might perhaps be less of a problem that people would think of him as Sawyer, than it would be if Michael Emerson were playing Beetee, which was the most popular fancasting; I kept thinking that people would find it too distracting and difficult to separate him from Ben Linus, especially since he probably wouldn’t look that different). The best choices on your list are Ralph Fiennes and Ray Stevenson. I love Stevenson, I can imagine him as Boggs, and I’d love for him to get a significant role in THG. Fiennes would be perfect (and the last roles I’ve seen him was a tough military man, though one with a very different personality, in Coriolanus; he’s also great at playing characters that are caring and strong in a quiet way, as in The Constant Gardener); the only issue is whether he’d be interested and available. Yes, PSH was; but PSH took the role because he read the books and really loved them; this may not happen with every high profile actor, and they may have other things lined up.

    Anyway, I think that Boggs is one of the roles that will be the easiest to cast. There really is no dearth of good actors in their 40s and 50s that can play a decent, strong and silent military man and who look the part to a T, or not exactly to a T but close enough (between getting an actor with blue eyes and getting an actor who has the Boggs demeanor, I’m sure they’d go for the latter; getting the exact details of physical descriptions from the book, such as eye color, has hardly been Lionsgate’s priority so far; I think Esai Morales would be an excellent choice, and from what I’ve seen online, Cliff Curtis seems to be an extremely popular fancasting. An ethnically diverse cast certainly does not hurt).

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