What seems to be all over the entertainment news sites for the past week or so are “spoiler” images of the Cornucopia from the Catching Fire movie. Where did these pictures come from? Good ol’ Google and their satellite images. Yes, some resourceful fan was able to locate where they were filming the Cornucopia scenes and the picture that just so happened to be up showed an aerial shot of the set.

Google lived up to its “you can find ANYTHING” reputation (except maybe the airport), and it was a +1 in the Hunger-Games-fans-will-find-it-if-it’s-on-the-Internet column. It’s actually impressive and kind of scary. It’s becoming more and more difficult to keep things a secret. And this was found through a service that the average person has access to for free. Studios didn’t used to have to worry about, “Hey, what if fans looked up satellite images of our super secret sets?” Technology these days makes it so much easier to spy on your fandom’s closed-set productions. Even sites like On-Location Vacations help you stalk your favorite movies and TV shows.

This wasn’t the first time the Cornucopia “leaked”. Remember when pictures of the first Cornucopia showed up way before we were supposed to see it?

Well, we seem to have impressed some of the nerd world by this, but Lionsgate is probably not too happy, especially since it seems like it was everywhere. Seriously I was getting a ton of Google Alerts about it the past week or so.

Now where is the satellite image of Finnick’s dimples


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