Not too long ago our quirky Miss Jennifer Lawrence hosted the illustrious Saturday Night Live, which I’m sure everyone has seen by now, or at least clips of, downloaded a torrent– I don’t care, just watch it somehow. Anyway, she hosted, and she did a bang up job, which is a good thing! That being said, I think the highlight for me other than seeing Jen pretend to be a dog, and the most evil waitress ever, was seeing The Lumineers performing. I know, I know, they have nothing to do with Jen, and she probably only spoke to them briefly in real life, but I’m a Lumineers fan, and I was over the moon that they passed the live TV test, in other words, for me if a band I like sounds as good as or better on TV than they do on their record– I will consider shelling out money to see them live in concert. Lumineers passed with flying colors! Y’know who didn’t? Fun. Sorry Fun. but you were pitchy, and then you canceled a bunch of dates, including the one in my city, sorta made me glad I didn’t jump on buying tickets to see you, all’s I’m sayin’.

photo-1Back to Lumineers! Several weeks ago when the announcement was made that Jen was hosting SNL, I posted this article. And in this article I said that I thought The Lumineers would be a good candidate for Soundtrack 2.0. That belief has only gotten stronger over time, and was ceremoniously solidified in my heart after seeing them as the musical guest on SNL. I’m sorry, guys– but they need to be part of this project, ’cause they’re freakin’ perfect! They’re folky, they’re soulful, they’re like Mumford and Sons and The Civil Wars had a baby, and the baby moved to Colorado, and met a cello player on Craigslist! I can’t even pick a favorite song of theirs, but just know this– all their songs on their debut album are good, and I can only hope that their second will be just as good or better. So, you’ll hear it here for the second time!

Lumineers for soundtrack 2.0! If only we knew who the music supervisor was.



  1. I agree that the Lumineers were a big highlight of the SNL episode. In fact, I was disapponted by most of the sketches. How did they manage to make Jen less funny than she is in real life? Because that’s what happened IMHO.

    But as far as Lumineers, can’t you totally see them playing the music for Finnick and Annie’s wedding? And Katniss, Prim, and all of District 12 dancing away?

  2. Ahhh! I totally agree with you on the Lumineers. I love them! (Do you have any idea how much I was fangirling when I found out my favorite actress and one of my favorite bands were going to be on SNL? A lot) I would love to see them have a song on one of the soundtracks, whether it be for Mockingay or Catching fire.

  3. They’re fantastic! I saw them open for Old Crow Medicine Show over the summer, and I never wanted their set to end. They’re folky but they’re also commercially accessible which is good and bad. They sound wonderful live but I don’t know how well they’d be in a larger venue if they continue to sell out their shows.

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