A Garden State of Mind

a_Garden-State-Parkway1They’re really and truly not finished filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Did you know that? God, I hope you knew that, ’cause I knew that– but what I didn’t know, or didn’t see coming was them choosing of all places to shoot scenes from Catching Fire is… New Jersey. Get your heads out of your asses, ’cause New Jersey isn’t all Jersey Shore, with Guidos, and Juice-heads, and– whatever, I don’t watch MTV so I really can’t spout off the colloquialisms. It’s true though, Catching Fire as of today the 25th of January, was shot in part in northern New Jersey, okay at least one or two scenes– I think.

The skinny is this: Locals have been buzzing recently about permits being acquired, and locations being scouted, and today all was confirmed, because the trailers showed up, and areas of a state park called Ringwood were cornered off so Francis Lawrence and his team of misfit toys, which includes the usual suspects of Jennifer Lawrence, and I’m taking an educated guess here, possibly Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, perhaps even Mr. Woody Harrelson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Mr. Donald Sutherland, could film there– maybe. That or they were there to play dress up and play mean game of Charades! Now, I’m speculating here, but since the location is a state park lousy with wooded areas, that they’re filming bits and bobs for scenes taking place in District 12. Please note as well that today it was very cold in Northern New Jersey, actually it’s below freezing there right now as I type, so they may be taking advantage of all the winter that’s going on, and going for authenticity where it comes to certain scenes we all remember devouring like scalding hot chocolate. I also speculate that since the park is also home to gardens, and a stately looking house, that they may be filming portions of the Capitol Victory Tour Gala, thus why Sutherland and co. might be in attendance– I really don’t know if they are, don’t hurt me if they aren’t.

Well, location, location, location as they say– I hope they feature the Garden State well. She really needs the TLC right now.



  1. I don’t think Jennifer will be shooting THG anytime soon. She is in the midst of awards season (and a flu-pneumonia!!! situation).
    More importantly she let the blonde poke out. True story. Her hair is now at least 30% blonde. If that is not a true indicator to her current THG filming state situation I don’t know what is.

    1. I kind of think she was there. if they were filming D12 scenes that take place in winter, they can easily get around her hair color by putting a hat on her head. As for her being ill, people work while sick all the time, I recall when Romeo & Juliet was filming in Mexico City in ’95, almost the entire cast a crew was sick including Leo and Claire– In fact, Leo had the flu. Also, back to the hair color… she could also wear a wig, it’s not unheard of, hell Lisa Kudrow wore a wig for I believe the last couple of seasons of Friends. Awards season or not, even Jen has been quoted saying she’s not done filming.

      1. I would agree with that, but pneumonia is really nothing to joke about. And I just read somewhere that she was basically resting this whole week after her SNL appearance to fight it (she wasn’t there at the AACTA awards ceremony last night, and that’s when her Aussie co-star Jacki Weaver confirmed that she has pneumonia) so she could attend the SAG awards tonight. And while it’s a rumor, I gotta say I believe this one.

        She’s probably not done filming, but I don’t think she would’ve let go of her hair color if she was getting back to the role so soon. It also seems silly for her to wear a wig when it can be dyed just as easy. Given just how crowded and packed awards season can be it seems much more likely that the folks at THG scheduled their filming around it for Jen. Since the new X-Men movie won’t start filming until April as of now, they have plenty of time in March to shoot the rest of Jen’s scenes after all this Oscar craziness blows over.

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