Third Time Around

tumblr_lxsws2XFZB1qgyzk8o1_500Tomorrow our dear Jennifer Lawrence will be hosting the American comedy staple, Saturday Night Live– and I predict that three to six specific people will be there to cheer her on, or to even participate. Those people are as follows: Her mom, her dad, possibly her two brothers, her co-star and friend Josh Hutcherson, as well as her friend and co-star Bradley Cooper. Jen’s hosting for several reasons, but I can only guess at what some of them are, but one is most definitely to drum up more attention for Silver Linings Playbook, which if you’ve been asleep for the entire season– just won a butt load of awards. She’s probably also there to promote The Hunger Games franchise as well, but Silver Linings is forefront in everyone’s minds, so please if they don’t mention Hunger Games, (which why wouldn’t they?), don’t pitch a fit, ‘kay? Did I mention Bradley Cooper yet? Oh yeah, I did! Okay, so here’s the deal guys, I know he’s not technically the right age, and doesn’t wholly fit the description, but right here, right now– or more like a couple of months ago, but I kept it to myself and a few close friends– I’m putting Cooper at the top of my list for possible Boggs’.

Note: Jeremy Renner will always be my tippy-top choice, ’cause he’s awesome, and no one can convince me otherwise, they just can’t, so don’t even try– just don’t. There are differences between Cooper and Renner though, and it’s not just the height and age differences (Cooper’s 6’1, Renner’s 5’9. Cooper’s 38 years-old, Renner’s 42– and to be honest both of them look younger than their chronological ages), it’s the acknowledgement bradley-cooperof interest. Or at least what’s come off as interest, ’cause frankly it came off a little wishy-washy. Here’s the facts: Jeremy Renner has only ever appeared in a sketch on SNL that joked about his character Hawkeye from The Avangers being like Katniss Everdeen, and Bradley Cooper has actually said that he’d like to have a part in The Hunger Games franchise. Big difference there, right? There’s more though, Cooper as we know has already worked with Jennifer Lawrence twice, and it doesn’t sound like either of them would be apposed to working together again. The problem, or basically non-problem is the pretty much also non-problem that Cooper, as I said before, does not fit the description of the character. I’m willing to over look this fact for the fact that many of the already cast actors didn’t fit the so-called descriptions of their characters to a T, then again a lot of the character descriptions from the books were hell-a vague, so we can’t really pass judgement on the casting department when they had so little to go on to begin with.

So here goes, A. we know he and Jen have a good working relationship, friendship, and good chemistry on screen. B. he’s a tried and true good actor, who’s versatile, smart, and willing to try new things all the time, as well as take risks. C. I don’t have a C. D. I honestly would not mind staring at Bradley Cooper off and on for 2 and a half hours, and I hear he’s a sweet guy in real life, so I doubt anyone in the cast or crew would be all “Bradley Cooper is a shit, I hate him, meehhhhhhhh!!” E. Who the hell ever does an E? Me! He does have the blue eyes that Collins wrote Boggs to have, so– score!

What can I say, I like living in a fantasy world where Debra Zane is my bestie, and she listens to my ideas? 

Them There Eyes



  1. It’s nice that he would like a role in the THG franchise, but so did Kristen Bell, and that didn’t help her – and I can certainly imagine her much easier as Johanna (and did when I read the book) than I could Bradley as Boggs, not to mention that he never specifically mentioned that character. Bradley is completely wrong for Boggs in every way: he doesn’t have the look of a strong and silent military man, he’s too young, he looks even younger, and in both movies he did with Jennifer, he played her love interest. Boggs and Katniss definitely should not have THAT kind of chemistry. He’s supposed to be a father figure, and considering the fact Jennifer is older than Katniss and will be at least 23 when Mockingjay is shot, it would be much better to go with an actor older than Boggs’s stated age, rather than have the non-book viewers think that Boggs is protective of Katniss because he’s got the hots for her and starting a “Team Boggs” fanbase. If the eye color were the crucial thing in casting, there’s thousands of actors they could’ve cast as Peeta instead of Josh, but of course it’s not.

    There are, on the other hand, lots of actors who are the right age or look the right age and have played Boggs-like military men convincingly. A few years ago, James Morrison, aka Colonel McQueen from “Space Above and Beyond”, would have been perfect (you’d even get the blue eyes!), but he may be a bit too old now (or not – see what I said above about the relationship between Boggs and Katniss). If Lionsgate ignore the unimportant physical details, which they sure have in quite a few cases (Haymitch is not supposed to have long blonde hair, and I doubt that many people imagined ashen-skinned Beetee as Jeffrey Wright), Esai Morales would be pretty great, if his role as Major Beck in Jericho is anything to go by.

    1. “He’s supposed to be a father figure, and considering the fact Jennifer is older than Katniss and will be at least 23 when Mockingjay is shot, it would be much better to go with an actor older than Boggs’s stated age, rather than have the non-book viewers think that Boggs is protective of Katniss because he’s got the hots for her and starting a “Team Boggs” fanbase.”

      This, to me, is the main reason I would NOT want Cooper playing Boggs.

      It seemed obvious to me that Boggs has fatherly feelings toward Katniss, and Katniss herself mentions seeing him in the lunchroom carrying his son, which made her trust him more. We’re already having fans freaking out that CF will make moviegoers support Team Finnick, I do NOT want a repeat with Mockingjay. I wouldn’t be opposed to giving BC a cameo as one of the other Star Squad members, though.

      Now, I guess a counter-argument is that the morphlings were played by much younger actors than the books. So you could argue that by casting a younger actress for the female morphling, that might make non-book viewers think she’s protective of Peeta because she’s got the hots for HIM. And say that, if that’s ok with Peeta, why not with Katniss? However, the female morphling isn’t the only female tribute to sacrifice herself for Peeta; Mags does it as well. And I doubt anyone would think Lynn Cohen’s Mags had the hots for Peeta.

      But, Boggs is pretty much the ONLY D13 authority figure who is shown to change from being “Coin’s right-hand man” to a Katniss supporter who warns her about Coin’s true intentions, when he has nothing to gain from doing that. He’s actually a guy with a story arc of his own. Unlike Haymitch, who after the initial estrangement over him not rescuing Peeta, is firmly back in Katniss’s corner, or Plutarch, who does come to Katniss’s defense after she’s killed Coin, and seemed to obviously be doing that out of self-interest, not actual concern for Katniss. Note that instead of making any inquiry into WHY Katniss wanted Coin dead, he gets her off on an insanity plea.

      Also, the scene with Peeta and the female morphling might not even make it into the CF movie; I have my doubts about that. I can even see F-Law deciding to cut that because “this scene would come across as way too romantic, and it would take away from the short time I have to establish the Katniss-Peeta relationship”.

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