We Beat Meryl Streep

The First Wives Club isn’t a movie that most people in my generation memorize. We’ve seen it, but it was mostly something that we watched when they played it a lot on basic cable television when we were little. It was appreciated a bit then mostly forgotten by most of us. Then again, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the same as most of our generation.



In her Golden Globes acceptance speech, it became clear that Jennifer Lawrence has memorized The First Wives Club when, despite a 104 degree fever, she spouted out several jokes including a cheeky “I beat Meryl Streep!”

Let’s get say that I haven’t seen the movie in AT LEAST 10 years and I recognized the quote as said by Bette Midler, mainly because Bette Midler has a way of saying things that makes it hard to forget!

Hollywood exploded, because Hollywood is full of oversensitive idiots. The charge has been led by Lindsay Lohan, who– OH, IT’S JUST TOO EASY! Let’s just remind you that we did once suggest her for the female morphling role and we seriously doubt she’s watched enough decent cinema.

Even for those of us who didn’t recognize the quote, Jennifer quotes it in the same tone as Bette Midler, which is clearly not serious. Jennifer is giddy, she’s unpredictable, but she’s also really, really friendly. You think one big award win and she’s going to start spitting on America’s sweethearts? Really?! This was the Best Actress in a Comedy category and we can’t crack jokes?!

Hollywood has a collective stick shoved up an uncomfortable place from which it should be removed. A trophy shaped stick.

One of the only people who hasn’t spoken out about this ridiculous so called “controversy” is Meryl Streep, who was probably smart enough to 1) get the joke and 2) not be an arrogant diva who talks about it all over the media. It’s sad that she’ll probably have to address it some other time. we bet she’s rolling her eyes just thinking about it, sighing at all of the people too silly to take a joke.

Meryl is Rolling in Her Millions and Not Really Worrying About It,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I admit that I did not remember that line from First Wives Club, but it made total sense when Jen explained it on David Letterman (which BTW, is one of the funniest interviews I’ve ever seen). We all know that Meryl is the cream of the crop when it comes to actresses, so to beat Meryl really is a huge honor for Jen. Too bad these people are concentrating on their yappers instead of congratulating her.

    As far as Lindsay Lohan, (sigh) I hate to say it, but I think she’s an example of how Hollywood can take a sweet little girl and get them all screwed up (not sure how much was the industry and how much was her own contribution).

    In contrast, I think Jen is completely refreshing in that she HAS STAYED GROUNDED. She still hangs out with her old friends, she still is herself in interviews like when she said the word “orgies” to the New York Times, the paparazzi leave her house at 5pm because they know she’s an “old lady” who is going to stay home and watch Real Housewives or whatever, and her favorite thing is TO EAT! Can I just make a plea right now? Jen, please, we beg of you, you can grow up but don’t change!!!!

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