Crazy Talk

sam-claflinSam Claflin is our Finnick Odair. How many times does that have to be said for the fact to sink into people’s skulls? I honestly have no clue, ’cause I accepted it before the rumor of his casting became not a rumor, but true. But, as always there are harder sells out there, but hey– if I can accept Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, you out there in the nothing can accept Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair. Acceptance has been reached by some, and with acceptance comes well, some bargaining, if you will?

The recent Entertainment Weekly cover story should have assuaged some people’s apprehension, but before I go any further, I have to confess something fandom related– I no longer frequent Tumblr, except in fits of weakness, and then I rebuke myself for it for hours. Also, I’ve maybe been to a Hunger Games message board a handful of times including before I became a staff writer for Victor’s Village, as well as after. I am a bad fandom member in this sense, because I don’t engage in discussion in the most common and conventional way, or at least the way in which I’m gathering most people who consider themselves Hunger Games aficionados do. So, what does this have to do with Sam Claflin, or Finnick Odair for that matter? Easy, I had no idea that after the Entertainment Weekly cover story was released, that people were freaking out over the frankly 01_300dpiunfounded idea that Finnick was getting more screen time, more attention, and was taking over the love interest role from Peeta Mellark and/or Josh Hutcherson in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. However, when I did learn that this was a reaction that a few loud people were having to the tiny soundbites of information Nina Jacobson, or Francis Lawrence were expelling– my reaction was “oh, for fucks sake!” I said it above, UNFOUNDED, and that is simply the case. I know people like to drum up trouble, and read into things that aren’t there, or are there but only if you squint and pop a zit at the same time, but come on people, really?! I mean, I know Sam’s a fit bloke and everything, but they’re not going to change the entire trajectory of the film franchise just, I don’t know, because they can? This isn’t 1942, they didn’t buy the rights to a novel, just so they could keep the title. Luckily people have seemed to have calmed their tits down, but I wouldn’t know– ’cause yeah, message boards, and Tumblr freak me the hell out, ’cause as you know– tons of crazy talk seems to go down. And trust me, I’m crazy enough as it is.

Shine on you crazy diamonds, Finnick’s not replacing Peeta in the beach scene, I’ll bet my camera on it, her name is Ado Annie, and she can’t say no– except when the memory card is full.

Them There Eyes



  1. Hahahah, love it! I hope those members of the fandom have calmed their tits down too, I really couldn’t believe some of the things I was reading..

    I have a whole new level of respect for Sam Claflin after the crazy this week too.

  2. Poor Sam. I hope someone has told him that most of us normal fans fall into the hopeful “we’re rooting for you” category!

    Question: do you think these few super noisy fans fall into the category of people who have completely missed seeing any of the filming photos and this is their first time look at Finnick? Or are these eagle vigilant fans watching every paparrazzi pic and then surprised at one EW pic of Josh?

  3. I stay far away from tumblr most of the time, since I find that format to be totally unfit for any meaningful dialogue. It makes it really easy for people to just hop onto a bandwagon without any analysis of the original post. It seems most of the THG tumblr sites are frequented by teenagers that emphasize the love triangle, and aren’t really filled with deep analysis.

    But unfortunately, the “crazy talk” has gone on in many mainstream fansites as well. I hope it’s okay if I name them, because I recall this kind of stuff being posted on,, and even the HG Fireside Chat comment page (someone was fretting that because that EW still of the VIctory Tour showed Katniss, not Peeta, in front of the microphone, that the movie would just have Katniss speaking, and cut out Peeta’s words!).

    What I recall about all the “crazy talk” wasn’t really that this was about being anti-Sam, but more about being pro-Josh/pro-Peeta. I think this would have happened even if a fancasting fave like Armie or Garrett was featured on the EW cover. Because the anger was really that Finnick, as a character, “doesn’t deserve to be on the cover at Peeta’s expense”. Maybe if a more popular fan choice for Finnick was featured, there would have been even more agita that he was going to eclipse Peeta. (Not completely unintentional Twilight reference there.)

    It seems that MANY Peeta fans were very disappointed about the treatment of his character in THG, and have basically adopted a “guilty until proven innocent” attitude toward the CF movie. To them, the EW article not focusing on Peeta isn’t just a one off event, but yet another sign that the moviemakers don’t consider Peeta to be important. Almost like what Katniss does, be very pessimistic and assuming the worst, out of fear that hoping for something positive will just lead to disappointment.

    What I really found odd, is that almost no Finnick fans spoke up to point out that he IS an important character! I actually wound up doing that myself on one site, and feeling odd, because I really don’t consider myself a Finnick fan at all. Not that I dislike him, but I never felt the connection to him that most other THG fans did. But I guess it’s always the case that people who are angry and negative about something, will feel more motivated to express their feelings, than people who are satisfied.

    1. As a young teenager myself, and one who enjoys having meaningful conversations about the underlying themes in the trilogy (they are, in fact, what fuel my love for the series), I find the stereotypical belief that “teenagers are only interested in the romance aspects” to be quite condescending. Age has nothing to do with this factor of appeal. Yes, are there teenagers that are interested in the romance? Yes. But does that mean that everyone is enamored with it? Of course not. So many times people play that card– I’ll comment on forums or attempt to express my opinion, but once others learn that I’m a teenager, it’s as if my points are not valid anymore.

      Also– I find that especially in the THG fandom (probably because of attempts to cease comparisons to “that OTHER series”), if you enjoy the romance of the books, you are immediately put down. You can’t deny that the love triangle exists– it’s there and is a big part of who Katniss is. There’s nothing wrong with discussing the romance in the series. If it’s the only thing you took away from the trilogy, I think you missed Collins’ main messages. But you still found entertainment value in the series and the previous factor doesn’t make you any less of a fan. 🙂

      (didn’t really plan on making this a full debate with myself, but I guess I just couldn’t resist!)

      1. Savanah: I am very sorry! 😦 I did NOT mean to imply that ALL teenagers only care about the romantic aspects, and I certainly don’t think someone’s age should be a reason to dismiss their contributions. I have come across and appreciated your comments before, here and on other fansites, and I was not directing my comment at fans like you. I have also come across parts of fandom, such as the Nightlock podcast, and Rebellion Radio podcast, both hosted by teenagers, which show that there certainly are many teens who have meaningful conversations about underlying themes. It does seem, though, that the tumblr aspect of the fandom is not quite as deep in their analysis, and it is true that tumblr in general skews toward the teenage and 18-24 demographics.

        I also think that some aspects of Mockingjay DID fly over the heads of many (not all) teenagers, not because they are less intelligent or insightful, but because they lack the relevant experience. The “I can’t believe Katniss had kids, she never wanted kids” and “I don’t understand why Katniss and Gale never saw each other again, they were BFFS” questions come to mind immediately. Or the “Katniss not telling us her kids’ names means she didn’t love them” interpretation, which most fans who actually HAVE kids don’t seem to agree with.

        As for putting down people who enjoyed the romance of the books; I don’t mind people liking the romance aspects of THG, I liked it too! I do find it, well, sad, when people emphasize it to the point of totally ignoring the rest of what makes this series great. Such as people who say “It’s just a question of taste as to whether you prefer Peeta or Gale”, when I think Katniss’s choice was much deeper than just who to marry. Or the Clato shippers who seem to completely miss the “they are trained killers” part of their storyline, or even seem to find the idea of their hunting down tributes together to be romantic in some twisted way, instead of extremely tragic (the Careers, while not totally innocent, are also victims in their own way).

        And while I understand why you’d say that only caring about the romance “doesn’t make you any less of a fan”; well, what about the people who actually found the Games themselves to have “entertainment value”, found Coin’s plan to reinstate them as justified or even “cool”? Fans who write those semi-RPG “SYOT” (Submit Your Own Tribute) stories that are often set in a semi-AU in which the Games were never abolished, allowing for the 80th, 100th or even 200th Games? You could say the same thing about those fans, who I actually find MUCH more disturbing than the “I just want to know if Katniss picks Gale or Peeta” type fans. This section of fandom also seems to be dominated by younger people.

        It also goes to the question of, did Suzanne Collins actually succeed in reaching her target audience, and having them ponder questions about violence, war, and morality? Because she herself has pretty much stated this was her goal, to get young people, in particular, thinking about these issues.

  4. Victor’s Village– please do a post, or at least include a mention, on Sam Claflin’s drunk tweeting tonight. It’d be perfect. haha xD

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