We Have Stills!

Today I screamed a little bit, but not at anyone personally, just let out a sharp, shocked cry from my mouth. Why? ‘Cause, oh dear god… Plutarch Heavensbee! Yeah, yeah, you can hate on whatever the hell you want, nit-pick everything to within an inch of its life, and just be a complete knob, but today you can’t ruin my joy, because we got our first real, glossy, edited, official photo-stills from our new favorite film we haven’t seen yet, AKA The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Oh, and we also got the first Catching Fire Entertainment Weekly cover of 2013 revealed to us. But obviously that’s not what got us all screaming– nope, t’was the photo-stills. Yep, if you haven’t seen them, and also if you consider anything that shows costuming, hair styling, or pretty much anything from the film as a spoiler, read on at your own risk, ’cause I’m gonna gush all over you, and it won’t be pretty, also the photo-stills will be there, staring at you… judging.


This is the first still that was flashed before our eyes, and then a large majority of us started to flail like trees in the wind, but only on the inside– because face it, many of us were at work, or in school, or in public when these photos surfaced, so we had to reign it in for fear of freaking people out around us. So, there’s Finnick and Katniss in the training center, and to me at least, Sam looking fucking perfect (yes, that word was intentional, deal with it). Jennifer looks like she’s about to turn around and punch him in the face, which, yeah– equally perfect. What’s revealed in this photo is that the paparazzi shots of the cast milling about behind the set in Atlanta all those months ago, were in fact of everyone in their training center garb! Yay for our suspicions being confirmed! But, really– what else could they possibly have been? If you say arena costumes, you’re dead to me. Okay back to Sam, if you’re still not sold on him as Finnick– I don’t get it, and I probably never will, because he looks sexy, and handsome, and his hair is deliciously poofy, it’s also the right color bronze, not too orange, not too brassy, he’s tanned, and he’s toned. I’ve seen Sam pull off this flirtatious/ provocative stance before though (see White Heat), and trust me, guys– he’s really, really good at it. So, please stop worrying, it wreaks havoc on your skin, believe me I know. What this photo-still makes me feel is this though, I can’t wait to hear him say horribly illicit, but still rated PG-13, things in her ear. Speaking of PG-13, or getting by with that rating, Sam confirms in the article that the infamous strategically placed fish net costume has made the cut. So, to Sam– you are a brave, brave man, and in my humble opinion you can’t screw it up, so please relax, put your feet up, and go watch some footie, hell– make it a fiesta footie night!

197011_402846689798783_1399826937_nThe next photo-still I saw was this one. To which I believe my reaction was, “I want to have the costume designers babies.” And I’m not even into babies. But seriously, to me the costume designs that have been revealed to us over the last few months has been superior to that which we were subjected to in The Hunger Games, it’s like the woman read the books, and the message got through to her “THIS STORY TAKES PLACE IN THE FUTURE!” I see futuristic in this photo, not only in the almost reptilian Peacekeeper costume, with that angular textured breastplate, and completely anonymous helmet and visor, but also in the combinations of fabric used in Katniss’ blue dress. Leather and silk and/or satin is not a common combination now, and I don’t think it ever has been, so it works– it takes us out of our own everyday denim, and rayon. And then there’s Peeta’s long coat with leather details, but it’s the cut of it that screams “NOT 2013!” Which is what I’ve been craving ever since I saw Katniss wearing a prom dress from Jessica Mcclintock as her interview dress. Must be said as well, Josh looks very very handsome in this shot. What’s happening in the photo though, that’s important as well– my guess is they’re in District 11, and Katniss has just spotted Rue and Thresh’s family. Peeta’s being stoic, and strong, but Katniss is seemingly about to break, and, I love it– that is all.

Now, this is the one that made me scream, oops almost wrote cream, but that’s simply notcatching-fire-haymitch the case, and also… ew. I was not expecting a photo of Plutarch, this is why I screamed. Now, I’m just going to say it, I like the conservative look they’ve given Plutarch, I think it says that he means business, that he’s a traditionalist, which to President Snow probably translates to “you won’t defy me, you’re totally trust worthy, yay me!” Plutarch is blending in, which makes perfect sense, because he is playing both sides as we all know. About the suit though, it’s an understated purple jacquard, that looks like it’s interwoven with silk, so– hello expensive, and also again, Trish got the future setting! And then I noticed his coat, it’s patterned as well in a light check, so not only is he blending in, but he’s secretly brave when you think about his bold choices in mixing patterns. And then there’s Haymitch, what I like about Haymitch is that Trish (the costume designer), took what Judianna did (The costume designer for The Hunger Games), and kept Haymitch’s style continuous. Yes, while I’m not a big fan of what Judianna did with many, many things– Haymitch’s costuming was neither here nor there for me, so keeping with the smart ties, and tails works. It doesn’t blow me over though, it just kind of comforts me, like “hey, it’s Haymitch– he looks like Haymitch!” Although it’s not as if I expected Trish to throw out everything that was established in The Hunger Games, that would just confuse the children. I love this photo-still, it reeks of the Capitol, and it smells like fruity wine, and fake smiles.

All right, that’s all folks– there are three other photo-stills that were revealed, but these were the most interesting to me. Oh, and is it November yet?

Them There Eyes



  1. I get that VV isn’t a fan of Gale, but he is in the movie and it would have been nice if you could have posted that picture too. It is a pretty significant moment in the movie. Also, notice the chain of the pocket watch that Plutarch’s wearing?

    1. Sandy, first of all thank you for your comment. Second of all, the VV is made up of three regular staff writers, myself, Twiffidy, and The Girl With The Pearl. So if you have a gripe about the contents, or non contents in your case, we’re not a homogenous brain, promise. Third, I simply don’t believe that the still of Gale reveals anything new, and frankly it was uninteresting in comparison to Sam’s first official still as Finnick, or the new costume designs being showcased on Katniss, Peeta, and Plutarch. As well as the reveal of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch. Also, I see no pocket watch chain on Hoffman’s costume, and I looked very closely. I realize that the still of Gale is set during a pivotal scene, but it just didn’t speak to me– nothing against Gale. Fourth, I’m not sure what you mean by our collective dislike of Gale, but I assure you I don’t hate his guts.

    2. This post only goes over 3 of the 6 stills released, so it’s nothing against Gale (or President Snow or Prim or Mrs. Everdeen…)

      Also, the article I think you’re referring to was written by me, though it wasn’t written out of hate. I was simply explaining that I personally don’t get why people find him swoonworthy. Not that I hate him, just that I don’t find him sexy. I know there’s been a gust post along the same line, but that doesn’t mean we hate the character.

      Of course, if you have an article you’d like to write expressing Gale’s awesomeness, we’d be happy to post it!

  2. The Capitol looks are far more subdued compared to the first movie. There’s this decadent dandy culture feel, but it doesn’t look like a city full of Lady Gagas.

    The Finnick/Katniss still is perfect, he has the flirty, seductive look and her face is completly blank. But as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing the stills, the fandom has been really exasperating with many of its reactions. It’s a little frustrating to see people panicking and getting upset over absolutely anything. First it was whether Sam was “hot enough” (and there’s still some of that – apparently Yahoo News even posted a story about “fans saying that actor isn’t hot enough” which made me feel really ashamed for the THG fandom) and now people are being upset that he’s on the cover with Katniss and saying that Finnick isn’t important enough to “deserve” the place on the cover with her, or making conspiracy theories that they’re trying to market Finnick as Katniss’ new love interest. And now some people are even getting upset that Francis mentioned that Katniss and Gale have two touching scenes in CF, one of them being the whipping. It’s almost surreal. Apparently, Lionsgate has it in for Peeta’s character and want to marginalize and destroy the K/P relationship, and the only way these fears will be alleviated would be if Josh is on every single THG cover, Katniss has no emotional scenes with anyone of the male gender except Peeta ever, and they release stills of K/P cuddling and making out as promo material.

    So, now it’s established: Lionsgate hates Peeta, and Victor’s Village hates Gale. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sandy: There’s also a still of Prim and Mrs. Everdeen, and one of President Snow. It’s not like they just decided to ignore Gale.

    1. I was too sick yesterday to go on the Net, so I missed all this, am coming to the party late. But maybe that’s a good thing, otherwise I might have been tempted to break my resolution to not be rude on the Internet; as it is, I think I may have done so already. But hopefully not as badly as I might have if I’d waded into the thick of things yesterday.

      Ivana/TTB, I’ve seen your pleas for people to be reasonable and rational pretty much go unheeded on other sites. I’ve also noticed this tendency for people to panic and jump to all sorts of conclusions, many of which turn out to be completely unwarranted. The main causes for panic seem to be (1) Fears that Finnick is getting too much attention and (2) Fears that Peeta will be short-shrifted in terms of attention. I still find it amazing, though, how so many people were willing to assume that what we see in ONE magazine article (and actually, as of yesterday, EXCERPTS, not the actual full article), MUST be representative of not just ALL marketing for the film, but the content of the film itself!

      One example is how so many people thought the still of Finnick and Katniss in the training center was meant to replace the “sugar cube scene”. Only to have EW release an interview with Sam Claflin in which he speaks SPECIFICALLY about shooting the sugar cube scene.

      I really hope the rest of the “CF countdown” isn’t like this. Much of the angsting is coming from people who I know, from prior posts, to not fit the “shallow teeny-bopper” demographic, either. Makes me want to put a little bit of morphling in the fandom’s drinking water just to calm everyone down.

  3. Yes, this, all this. I was teetering on the edge, then the Plutarch/Haymitch pic sent me into full on flail. I have to know what Finnick is saying to Katniss to make her look like she’s about to turn around, aim low and kick. It’s obviously not “want a sugar cube?”, because hey, no net. And is there dialogue in that scene with Plutarch and Haymitch? Are they plotting a revolution? Oh and the new look on the Peacekeepers, that’s bloody brilliant, once you notice it. And the cover, I don’t think that was an attempt to push Josh Or Peeta out, that was Lionsgate saying “hey, silly fangirl that’s never tuned into the BBC, see this guy here, all tan and blonde and ripped, Is he still not Finnicky enough for you, if not, you dumb”.

  4. I am DIGGING IT! I think the costumes are fabulous, and especially like the shimmery fabrics with the leather inserts.

    I’m not as wild about the cover photo, but when I see that still of Finnick whispering in Katniss’ ear, I GOT CHILLS. I bet money that Sam’s Finnick is going to make us all proud.

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