Put That Window Frame Down!

You know how we thought it was super cool that you could tour the filming location for District 12, Henry River Mill Village. You know, walk around Mellark Bakery and look in the window and imagine that you’re Prim looking at cakes, things like that. Well, due to vandalism – which we talked about way back in JUNE  – you won’t get that opportunity any more.

Wait, that's not how it looked in the movie!

Wait, that’s not how it looked in the movie!

It’s upsetting to think that fans would vandalize good ol’ District 12. Taking pieces of the buildings just for your own keepsakes is an incredibly selfish way of celebrating your fandom. Every piece taken would diminish the experience for those that came after. It’s no wonder that finally the owner Wade Shepherd had enough!

If you’re angry that you can’t go visit Henry River Mill Village, don’t blame Mr. Shepherd. Be angry that some didn’t think about those who want to come after. I’d rather he be able to preserve the area as much as he can, even if it means closing it off to the public.

And I hope you don’t think your wooden board off the “PASTRIES” sign of Mellark Bakery is cool. It’s not. It’s a piece of stolen property. And thanks for ruining it for the rest of us!

Another edition of “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”




  1. I thought the “window frame” comment was a joke, but then I read an article about this topic that mentioned “fans” literally stealing the windowframes out of some houses, being caught by the owner, and initially REFUSING to return them, until he threatened to call the police. I really can’t wrap my head around reasons people would go that far. I also wonder if some of these people are planning on selling the stuff on ebay or something. (Though that would be a crime, too.)

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