2012: A Year in Ridiculousness

Happy January 3rd! Three days into the New Year seems like a good time to finally stop and look back on the year that was, right? GOOD. Because we’re gonna do it anyway!

WordPress has given us a handy stats review of Victor’s Village in 2012… one that could have easily been converted into blog form or made public to everyone in its original form, but NAY! We have broken some of it down into little graphics instead!

We’ve always been amused by key search words, as evidenced by our “Why You’re REALLY Here” posts (Part 1 | Part 2) that we do periodically. Then we got the top 5 for the year…



Turns out that most of you are just filthy, dirty boys and girls looking for your next naughty Hunger Games fix! Maybe Victor’s Village seems like a place where that would be go down! …Okay, not all of you. Just roughly 3/5 of the people who accidentally stumble on our site using popular search terms in 2012.

Regarding “Hunger Games Hovercraft”– our most popular day of the whole year was August 9, in which this keyword randomly skyrocketed and directed everyone to this post, in which we only mention hovercrafts briefly. I remember being thoroughly confused but also not caring because ZOMG all the hits!

We were also given a world map displaying our readership! The darker the blue, the more of you:


Whoaaaaaa! There are the obvious mainly English-speaking nations where we have amazing readers in convenient timezones that correlate with our posts and we can’t believe they read our posts. Then there are countries in remote locations where people are also looking at our posts and we’re completely chuffed, as the Brits would say (we were going to say “humbled”, but it doesn’t sound as fun)! We freaking love you all!

Goal for 2013? Make lots of those light blues darker!

Speaking of users, here are the busiest users on Victor’s Village in 2012, the comment crowd:


A special thanks to you for keeping the conversation interesting, especially if you’ve kept it civil enough that we’ve not yet considered blocking you from the comments! :-p As for our most commented post? No surprise! Everybody loves a giveaway! Then again, about half the entries didn’t count because people didn’t add our keyword from the rules into their comment! Details, people!

What the WordPress round-up doesn’t tell you is even better!

We attended the world premiere, where we made lifelong friends!
We finally saw The Hunger Games movie!
We interviewed Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid!
We made our way onto video coverage on Celebuzz (twice!) as well as primetime coverage of The Hunger Games fandom on ABC! Also, lots of fun Hunger Games countdown articles on Movies.com!
We celebrated one year of crazy writing antics!
We shared our favorites when we opened up our recommendations pages!
We did tons of fun contests and giveaways!

In all the important ways, we’ve grown as a site. We have brought the funny, though we have also busted out the tough subjects this year. My personal goal is to get BACK into the funny more often (admittedly, it’s harder to write than straight commentary) and continue to make this site crazy enjoyable for one and all! Thanks for a lovely 2012, y’all!

2013… IT’S ON, BITCH!

The Girl With The Pearl



  1. What?! How did I end up being the most Chatty Kathy on Victor’s Village? I didn’t even find this site until after I saw the movie… And I am completely sure I was not using any of your top 5 search words. (Cheeky monkeys, your readers!)

    What I am fairly confident about though is that most of my comments are friendly debates with Satsuma, so hopefully others enjoyed it as well.

    As to your goal of making VV even funnier, I can’t wait.

  2. Yay! 3rd in the ranking. šŸ˜€

    I definitely didn’t discover this website before the movie (But I’ve read it all. I’ve had some summer afternoons with nothing to do, so yeah), and definitely not through the most used keywords (I actually think it was through the affiliates from Mockingjay.net or DWTC or something). I didn’t think I was that talkative (and it’s nothing compared to the most talkative people), but it’s an honour to have been contributing to the discussions šŸ™‚ [even if I’m pretty sure my comments aren’t the best]

    I just want to say, keep doing what you do, cause you do it awesomely. I definitely like this blog, and I’m always happy to read the post of the day (except on these days which there are no posts, heh.).

    So yeah… Happy 2013 everyone! šŸ™‚

    1. Let me be the first to say that it’s always nice to get a male perspective (umm, I think you’re a guy) so keep ’em coming.

    1. Honestly, TTB, I thought you’d be right up there so I guess you have your work cut out for you this year. Ha!

      But seriously, you always have some good insights.

  3. Wow, I had no idea I garnered the top #2 spot! Especially considering that, like HGBC, I only discovered this site after the movie came out. (I did read the THG book pre-movie, but only by a few weeks, and it was the movie ads that inspired me to read the book). I guess the fact that we’ve both contributed guest blog posts and had discussions with people about them helped boost our counts as well.

    I also realize that some of my posts have been over-the-top, rude, self-righteous, etc., and disrespectful. I will try to avoid doing that this year!

    TTB, I have a feeling you might be cracking the top 5 for 2013. I’d also be very intrigued to read guest blog posts from YOU!

    Oh, and HGBC…are we allowed to call you Kendra now?

    1. Satsuma, Get out! I also read the books for the first time just a few weeks before the movie! My siblings had been telling me about them for months, and when my dad had stayed up all night to finish Mockingjay, I knew I had to check them out. So it was really just a bonus that the movie came out so quickly after I read the trilogy.

      And yes, you can call me Kendra if you want, but I kind of enjoy the HGBC alter ego. šŸ™‚

      1. Okay, I’ll keep calling you HGBC then. Yeah, I do like the “Satsuma” alter-ego thing, too. While using alter-egos on the Net seems to be not as popular as before, maybe from the influence of Facebook where people are supposed to use their real names, I’ve always used pseuodnyms on Internet discussion boards. It started as a privacy/safety thing, but now I really like having “alters”.

        Ivana/TTB also surprised me when she revealed that she saw the movie before reading the books. The fact that many well-spoken fans only joined the fandom AFTER the movie, is one reason I get rather annoyed with fans who seem to have a superiority complex in terms of being book fans before the movie came out, and look down on post-movie fans as “hopping on the bandwagon”. I’ll leave it there, though, to try to adhere to my New Year Resolution of being less rude on the Internet.

  4. Yay! I made your Top 5! šŸ˜€

    I’ve been a loyal fan of VV since the beginning, but have been mostly lurking nowadays. Though I don’t comment as much as I used to (it’s been a busy year!), I still enjoy every single post. Thanks for the great laughs and here’s to many more in this upcoming year!

    Best of luck in 2013!

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