JLaw’s Photoshop Fiasco

Obvious fact stating time! Jennifer Lawrence is insanely beautiful. Like… beautiful features, beautiful bod, but also a really beautiful personality. She wins.

Sadder fact: Some people want to give her all sorts of trouble about her weight. There were lots of idiotic complaints that she didn’t look starving enough in The Hunger Games, as well as many general assholian comments that she was fat, even though she’s skinnier than pretty much everyone we know. Jennifer has addressed these comments, to point out how ridiculous they are, and to assure the world that she’s comfortable with her body. We love her even more for it.

One of the most recent sources she shared it with was Marie Claire South Africa, on which her cover quote is “I’d rather look chubby on screen and like a person in real life.”

In a stunning act of hypocrisy, Marie Claire then photoshopped the bejeezus out of her cover photo:


At first, we thought we didn’t immediately recognize Jen because of the heavy eye makeup or the sexy stare. But then we noticed that her cheekbones suddenly grew implants. Her jawline thinned and her chin reconstructed into a V-shape. Her bust almost disappeared and her waist along with it. Though we haven’t heard many other people complain (maybe most of the world is just used to magazines doing this by now, as sad as that is), it is really, really obvious to us.

For comparison, here’s Jennifer at the Silver Linings Playbook premiere in September:


This photo is gorgeous. She’s made up but not photoshopped and she looks fantastic!

It’s supremely disheartening that magazines will share Jennifer’s message about being comfortable with her image while simultaneously changing it to suit their own preferences. She’s gorgeous anyway, but when they pair an image of her airbrushed to their ideal of perfection with a quote about how she thinks she looks chubby on screen (which she doesn’t!), it creates a whole world of image issues.

Imagine already having image issues and seeing this. If this magazine quotes Jennifer Lawrence saying she looks like a “normal person” then photoshops her into an unattainable mega-babe (which again, she’s already pretty damn close without photoshopping) which you then perceive as simply being “normal”, it only confirms that there’s something wrong with you in your mind.

We truly wish that no one thought that way, that everyone recognized the manipulative tricks used to sell magazines and make stars look good despite many celebrities objecting to it, and that magazine covers had no affect on people. But none of that is the case.

In short: Can we just let the beautiful girl’s beautiful features be naturally beautiful instead of being total scumbags about it? PLZKTHX.

Said “Beautiful” Seven Times in This Post. You’re Welcome.
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. BEAUTIFULLY said Pearl Girl! Plus, I think turning 1st class actors into cover models cheapens their talent. But it’s all about marketing and money, isn’t it? *sigh*

  2. Totally on target: bullseye! Especially in view of the latest enormous study showing that extra weight isn’t a death sentence — in fact people who are overweight actually live longer than thin people!

    1. Hana: I’ve read about that study, and just to clarify, it wasn’t saying that extra weight has no effect on mortality whatsoever. They found that being moderately overweight by a few pounds made for decreased mortality, and no difference between normal and slightly obese. But if you are morbidly obese (BMI over 35), you still have a higher risk of dying than someone who’s not. The study was also based on BMI, which is easy to calculate because it’s based on height and weight, but does NOT account for whether the weight comes from muscle, fluid, or fat.

      And besides, your reply makes it sound like Jen Lawrence actually is overweight, which she is NOT. That’s the real insidiousness of this. If Jen can be considered fat, then what does that make the average girl?

      All that being said, it seems some of the people who wanted her to lose weight to play Katniss were seeing it as a gender-equality thing; that they thought it was reverse sexism in a way to say that if Jen HAD lost weight to play Katniss, she would have set a bad example, while Liam losing weight to play Gale, and Josh gaining weight to play Peeta, was not controversial at all. So their take was, “if male actors are expected to adjust their weight to better fit a role, why shouldn’t women?”

      1. True, Satsuma. Sorry, I should have used an emoticon 🙂 since my reply was with tongue firmly in cheek while your post was a more serious comment on terrible media messages, with which I completely agree.

  3. Hana: Please, no need to apologize! I was just being my usual nitpicky self, but I wasn’t offended by your comment or anything. The main thing I wanted to point out is that Jennifer is not “fat” or “overweight” by any standard than skewed Hollywood/fashion mag ones. Since some people (not you personally) seemed to take it literally when Jen made comments about being “fat”.

  4. I honestly don’t think she was photoshopped (that much. Of course they always do a bit, but not as much as the writer implies they did.), just loads and loads of eye makeup, and a huge dose of highlighting makeup techniques (you can look it up, its a face sculpting technique) prob made her look like this. And in Hunger Games I noticed how insanely tiny her waist allready is! So Im positive that is pretty much her natural waist. People dont know how much makeup can actually allready make a huge difference but gosh did they go overboard with it. It doesnt even look like her, which is indeed a shame.

    As far as the anorexia-loving-Hollywood thing goes. Screw em all. Jennifer looks awesome. Period.

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