The Hunger Games Don’ts of Etsy

Before the holidays, we produced a list of some of our favorite Etsy finds of the year. While browsing through Etsy, we found some really awesome stuff. We also found some really cringe-worthy stuff. Stuff that has nothing to do with the Hunger Games that people want to sell as Hunger Games items. Stuff we wouldn’t even consider bringing to your attention until after the holidays.

These are those items. Mind you, this is just a random smattering of what’s on Etsy, but it’s enough to make us lose a little faith in humanity.

Hunger Games Steampunk Wedding Dress
This is actually a really beautiful design.. that has absolutely to do with The Hunger Games! Giving a model an arrow does not make something Hunger Games themed. Steampunk is cool, but it is based on Victorian fashion that is not Capitol fashion, so you really can’t even swing that angle.

The Hunger Games Origami Flowers
Does it matter what books the pages come from when they are bent and cut up so you can’t actually read them?! And at $4 a piece, any sentimental value is lost to the actual price tag!

Effie Trinket Kawaii Romper
It’s a bra with a bunch of pink ruffled fabric attached. Does everything with pink ruffles mean Effie Trinket? We think not! In fact, we’re pretty sure Effie would not approve of this poorly-sewn number. And this model… we just… *headdesk*

Peeta’s Bread with Butter Soap
Yes, because this is not any regular piece of bread! It was made by Peeta! He makes perfect white bread which he slices up and tops with butter because he has all the supplies to do so in the extreme poverty of District 12! Again, this is not just soap that’s trying really hard to be sold as a Hunger Games product. We swear!

Hunger Games Shorts
These jeans have been attacked by the worst style of the 1980s. THEY SPRAY PAINT AND BEDAZZLE DENIM SHORT SHORTS. AND THEY WANT $35 PLUS SHIPPING FOR IT! We could do this for $5 at home if we really wanted to, but we enjoy our dignity!

The Hunger Games Calf Warmers
Now something that even the 1980s rejected! CALF warmers, not even long enough to cover the entire bottom half of the leg. “May the odds be ever in your favor” has been literally written in, which obviously makes it all about The Hunger Games!

Hunger Games Vintage Dictionary Art
For the finale: Doodle a Mockingjay on a random page of the Dictionary and save yourself $7.

Buyers’ Regret Never Looked So Hunger Games-y,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Wow, those calf warmers take the cake. Finnick’s wedding cake. (See how easy it is to add THG to any random conversation?)

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