The Sound of The Hunger Games

This is not the hilarious game that is sometimes played on Hunger Games Fireside Chat. Sorry to dash your hopes so early in a post!

The Hunger Games audiobook

If only it ACTUALLY looked that cool…

I’ve always been a reader. A non-multi-tasking, hiding away to get free time, “WILL YOU SHUT UP?! I AM TRYING TO FINISH THIS CHAPTER!” reader. The words must be seen by my very own eyeballs and burned into my brain, where they will remain for many a year… even Modelland (which I read as a dare because of similarities to the Hunger Games reaping scene in a preview and nearly gouged my eyes out in the process, ICYMI!)

But just last week, we teamed up with, which specializes in audio books, because any way to get someone discussing books is a good way (…Also, websites don’t pay for themselves. We really wish they did!) Anyway, it boils down to this: Leave it to me to be the only one staring at the advertising on my own site!

Not to brag, but my inner voice that comes out when I’m reading a good book is fucking awesome. It hits all the right emotional undertones and gets the action pumping and makes those cliffhangers so damn cliffy that I just want to consume book after book after book! Maybe loving it so much makes me a narcissist, but hey, I’m reading other people’s words!

Books and headphones audiobooks

Listening to books! GET IT?!

But then this offer… It says free audio book! The Hunger Games looks so pretty on it! And the wondering begins: What’s someone else’s take on the novels? Do they hit all the right emotional undertones? Could they even possibly sound *gasp* better than the voice in my head? The temptation is there. Maybe I should try it. But maybe that would betray my reader voice. Maybe it will be more convenient. Maybe it won’t be as fun. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

There are people out there who swear by audiobooks (usually while they mutli-task), many of whom I know have listened to The Hunger Games books as narrated by Carolyn McCormick. Just like I have trouble reconciling the idea of listening to the series, they can’t imagine actually reading it.

So what’s your take? Does it matter how you take in a good book, as long as you’re taking it in? What’s your preference on how to get your story on?

Dilemma Solving Time, People!
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I’m no avid reader by any stretch. It takes a hearty dose of recommendations for me to pick up a book. Not that I don’t appreciate the literature. I’m just very busy and multitasking is key. But when I read the Hunger Games trilogy (in all of 5 days), I had to read it all again… and again. And I never thought about it, but my inner reading voice is pretty good too. Maybe it’s all those years of children’s books read alouds. After the movie came out, my husband was NOT sold on the Hunger Games and couldn’t quite understand my obsession, so I begged him to read the books. He’s even less of a reader than I am, so I knew I was begging in vain. So instead, I got the audiobooks, put them in my car, and offered to drive… a lot. So far, I’ve cornered him into “reading” the first two books. Now I just have to plan a long road trip somewhere so he can read Mockingjay too. (btw, we both hate the narrator’s voice. She’s like 50 years old reading the voice of a 16 year old.)

  2. Can. Not. Do. It.

    I must read. I was the kid whose mother had to put a LIMIT on their library books. However, as an adult, I have discovered that my preferred learning style is visual. I need the words on the page for it to stick. My husband’s is auditory, which now makes sense to me why he enjoys radio news and books on tape, which I hate because my mind starts thinking ahead of the speaker.

    Anywho, my point is that it all comes doen to learning styles.

  3. After reading the whole trilogy about 10 times, I started listening to the first audiobook. I couldn’t get through the first chapter. I’m sorry, but Carolyn McCormick’s voice is just zoo wrong for Katniss. Most of the people I know who have tried it agree. Even my mom who’s probably about as old as McCormick. Seriously like they really need to do a remake.

  4. Really the only reason I will use an audiobook is for school required reading. If I have to read a book in 2 weeks and it’s dreadfully boring, there is nothing more wonderful than an audiobook.

    There are only two audiobooks that I have stumbled across (after reading the book myself) that I absolutely LOVE and listen to all the time, ‘The Marbury Lens’ by Andrew Smith, read by Mark Boyett, and ‘Shiver’ by Maggie Stiefvater, read by Jenna Lamia & David Ledoux.

    I think reader for The Hunger Games series is pretty bad. Doesn’t sound like Katniss should at all, is too slow and doesn’t inflect enough on the correct words–puts me to sleep.

    Actually, when I was in elementary school, my dream job was to be an audiobook reader! lol

  5. Well I read the books (many times over) then I got them on cd to share and listen while I drive 3 hours a day. I read too fast at times. So I guess by listening to the story it really helped me learn it. I wanted to understand what Collins was telling me. Yes I heard her voice and really connected to the characters, plot and such but by really hearing I got it down. Its not the best recording but I got through it fine. Makes the commute better and keeps me awake. Many books have had a huge impact on me when I read them but I have to say the hunger games was monumental. Getting my adult kids to read them and see the movie was great too. Even my 20 year old daughter said she has never cried so hard at the end of the last book. She was a big Twilight fan but I pulled her over to the Hunger Games now.

  6. Ha, this post is right up my alley. I don’t prefer one to another for the reading experience, but rather because it’s just so darn convenient to have your hands free while enjoying a book.
    I like to draw, I draw a lot. I draw pieces on which I have to work hours on end, and to keep my mind relaxed, entertained and generally unaware of time.. I listen to audiobooks, podcasts or sometimes just music.
    It serves its purpose to keep one part of my brain active and entertained, so the hard working part of my brain that’s doing its drawing task won’t realize the fact that it’s working hard.

    Sometimes I do find time to read a book on paper or on my Kindle, but I will always look for the audiobook -first-.

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