Comedy or Error?

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Silver Linings Playbook

There are smiles…

As predicted, awards season nominations have been very good to Jennifer Lawrence and her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Deservedly so, seeing as fans and critics alike have raved about her intelligent take on Tiffany, an unpredictable widower who joins forces with Bradley Cooper’s character to overcome their fears and illnesses together.

There’s just one thing that has got us worried: The Golden Globes has made the dubious decision to list Silver Linings Playbook as a comedy, thus pinning both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley’s Coopers performances in the “Comedy or Musical” category.

... But things are dramatic!

… But things are dramatic!

Silver Linings Playbook is the type of movie known as a dramedy, in which the story has dark, dramatic undertones but, since the characters in the film are doing everything they can NOT to drown in their own sorrows, there are moments of comedic lightness. It’s a hard film to categorize, but we really, really wish it had gone into the opposite category. Here’s the catch: The Golden Globes, while not directly affiliated with the Academy Awards, is a major precursor to Oscar night. And when Oscar narrows things down into neat little categories like “Best Actress”, it’s the comedic nominees that usually lose their place in the lineup because they’re not taken quite so seriously. (Recently, this is not true of musical side of the category, nor do we think Les Miserables will be shunned, because it’s freaking LES MIZ.)

We’re pretty confident that Jennifer’s amazing performance will be recognized enough to survive the category subsidization shuffle, Hollywood is a bureaucratic beast. It’s hard to imagine why the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would pin her performance as comedic when there was so much pain and depth in her character, even during many of the times she made you laugh. Was there just too many actors or actresses they wanted to include in the dramatic category, so tossing Silver Linings Playbook into comedy worked for everyone? Only time will tell.

Better Make It Up To Jen With A Win, GGs!
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I’ve never heard the term dramedy, but makes total sense. True, most comedies are more slapstick than drama and don’t require the same degree of acting skill. Hopefully, Jen will get her due recognition.

  2. I wouldn’t be worried. Jennifer is universally considered as the frontrunner for the Oscar, a Golden Globe nomination (and possibly/probably win) is certainly not going to hurt her chances. The nominees for Best Actor/Actress in Comedy don’t lose their place in Oscar nominations because they got nominated for GG in the Comedy category, they don’t get a place in the Oscar nominations because they were never considered for the Oscar nominations in the first place, but GGs has to fill 5 slots for the comedy nominations.

    Quite a few Best comedy or musical nominees (pictures and actors) have gone on to win Oscars: among films classified in this category have been Driving Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy), Jerry Maguire (Cuba Gooding Jr.), Babe (James Cromwell), As Good As It Gets (Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt), Shakespeare In Love (best picture, Gwyneth Paltrow, Judi Dench), Chicago (picture, Catherine Zeta-Jones), Dreamgirls (Jennifer Hudson), Ray (Jamie Foxx), Walk the Line (Reese Witherspoon), La Vie en Rose (Marion Cottilard), and last year’s Best Picture winner The Artist (also best actor for Jean Dujurdin, and best director Oscar).

    1. Oh, we definitely still think Jen has a great chance! We just don’t necessarily thinking SLP *is* a comedy and we didn’t know how the odd categorization would affect voters’ perceptions of the role or performance.

      As far as past winners for comedy, that’s really not that many (though I understand that’s not the whole list)! In comparison the dramatic roles that win, the numbers are definitely in the favor of dramas. As we mentioned, we don’t think musicals are among those shunned. If anything, there’s been a resurgence in musical recognitions in the past decade or so and we imagine that trend will continue this year as well.

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