He’s Back

I think we may have forgotten to comment on one development in the Catching Fire camp, which makes me feel like a right knob, if I’m allowed to be so blunt? Of course I am! In October news broke that James Newton Howard the composer of The Hunger Games score will be back to pen the score to Catching Fire, and the villagers rejoiced! Okay, obviously we didn’t, and magically I just gave the writers for this site a new nick-name, which I was not intending to do– but there you go, new nick-name, and on top of that the newly revealed inability to pay attention to certain positive developments in one of our reasons for living, i.e. The Hunger Games trilogy, and it being made into a quality film franchise! We’re so going to hell. So, yes– we’ve said good-bye, and good luck to Mr. Gary Ross, but we’re holding fast to Mr. James Newton Howard. But really, did we honestly think that he wasn’t coming back? 

Rejoice! We found rejoicing villagers!

Rejoice! We found rejoicing villagers!


After you’re done feasting your eyes on that lovely digitized oil painting of (get this)– villagers rejoicing, let me put this to you? James Newton Howard was probably never not going to pen the score to Catching Fire, especially with Francis Lawrence at the directors helm. Why? Because out of all the films Francis Lawrence has directed, only one of them was not scored by James Newton Howard. That’s right my lovelies, they already have a strong working relationship established, and if I may be so bold (and you know I will be), Mr. Howard will probably be back to score Mockingjay Part I and II, because why ruin a good thing? Or at least, why ruin a potentially good thing.

There are of course other people in the newly established Catching Fire camp that some of us hope return, but out of all the hold-overs from The Hunger Games– I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re glad this one’s making the transition, and it might be because some of us listen to this pretty damn often. 


Them There Eyes



  1. That is very interesting to hear that Howard has done almost all of F-Law’s movies. Thanks for uncovering that little tidbit.

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