Not So Hidden Talents

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but the cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are pretty damn talented. Now, I don’t mean just simply at their chosen professions, i.e. acting, I mean some of them are good at things outside of the speaking words written by someone else, and acting out the situation and/or emotions of those words in front of a camera, and also probably a whole bunch of people. I mean that several members of the cast on top of being able to do the whole talking and emoting in front of a whole bunch of people– also a camera, can do other things. But just who are these illustrious cast members, and what is it that they do so well outside of acting?! Well, just for your eyes and ears only, and perhaps a few thousand, maybe a million people (I don’t keep track of numbers, numbers are evil– there are never enough in my bank account), I give you Alan Ritchson singing his heart out!

The video above was recorded in 2010, but Alan’s been working on a singing career for years, he even made it onto American Idol a few years back. I’ve never seen American Idol personally, singing competition shows aren’t really my thing I can safely say, unless you count the news. I mean damn, that Richard Engel, he’s just the cats pajamas, right? Anyway, Alan’s got a nice set of pipes, and apparently this outside interest keeps him occupied between scenes.


Speaking of staying occupied between scenes, that’s a nice segue to our next talented cast member, the affable Miss Jena Malone! Or, well– I assume she’s affable, she certainly seems it in interviews, and on le Twitter. To get on with it, Jena’s a photographer, which I have to say intrigues me, because I am one as well, only Jena’s style is extremely different from my own. Jena loves to use layers in her work, and filters, and just take what’s probably a very simple shot, and turn it into something complicated, and visually rich, and stimulating, and also sometimes a little confusing. Jena makes art, and I have to applaud her for not only doing that in her acting career, but with her photography. And now I will say if you live in the Los Angeles area, or are going to be in the Los Angeles area, and you’re not one of the types who goes totally crazy when they see an actor they admire in person– Jena’s trying to put together a gallery showing of her work in January. So, if you’re a photography fan, or just an art fan– I say go see her stuff in person, there’s nothing like seeing work you may have only ever seen on a 13 inch lap top, blown up and on a wall. adcc19acf60911e1b7ea22000a1d0321_7

Other cast members have talents, but personally– I think the most notable one is Jennifer Lawrence’s uncanny ability to memorize dialog from movies like Dumb and Dumber, as well as Anchorman.

Them There Eyes


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