Bad Lip Reading Is Effie-Approved!

A few days ago, Elizabeth Banks posted on her website about how much she loved Bad Lip Reading, especially the video they did for The Hunger Games, and that Jennifer Lawrence had introduced it to it her.

The Hunger Games  — A Bad Lip Reading   YouTube

Which is awesome.

True, the video had gained a lot of popularity since it was posted on YouTube in September, making it onto all the fansites and even on popular entertainment and gossip sites, but there is still the fandom fourth wall, or at least the illusion of it. You don’t really imagine the stars of these movies giggling around a smartphone in full costume in between takeswatching these videos poking fun at themselves. However, now that I know the story, that is exactly how I do imagine it.funny-dog-pictures-you-wont-get-it-inside-joke

It’s no surprise since The Hunger Games actors are all very game to have a laugh while on the set. But it makes a fangirl wonder just what fandom inside jokes actually do make it into the actor’s hands. We’ve got to remember actors do not live in a vacuum; they do have access to the same Internet that we do.

No need to be paranoid. The Hunger Games actors are people too!

Of course Jennifer was showing that video to everyone. Of course.



  1. I’ve always wondered if the cast have read the letter that one of them supposedly sent to Entertainment lawyer spilling all the lurid details of what happened during filming.

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