It’s Your Choice

The Hunger Games is up for 7 People’s Choice Award nominations, and that’s huge. I just got done voting, and I tell you, it’s tough. As a pop culture fanatic with such a soft spot for The Hunger Games, there is a dilemma. Do you just vote for The Hunger Games straight across the board?

It’s hard not to have your biases. I mean, obviously I am biased. I write for this blog after all and run yet another Hunger Games fansite (when I have Internet at home, that is – did anyone miss me while I was gone?). But what about my other biases? I hesitated for a few seconds between The Amazing Spider-Man and The Hunger Games and between Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. I am a little in love with Andrew Garfield, and I’ve liked Emma Stone as an actress longer.

But let’s face it, that little voice in my head won out, the one yelling “You’re a Hunger Games fansite runner, for crying out loud! How are you going to ask others to vote for The Hunger Games when you didn’t?!” Kind of funny to say after The Girl With The Pearl’s post encouraging HG fans to expand their horizons. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite. And there’s nothing like that sense of duty to your fandom.

In all actuality, though, would I really vote for anything else? Probably not. In what we call the real world, I’m still that girl who likes The Hunger Games, and you don’t spend the better part of the last two or so years obsessing over a movie and not giving them your support, especially when you do love the movie and the actors in it.

Now vote! For whoever you want, of course.

But remember, you are reading a Hunger Games blog 😉




  1. I didn’t just vote for THG across the board, but I did think it deserved most of those. I think I was in two minds about The Avengers vs The Hunger Games as the best movie/favorite action movie, but in the end I just loved THG more. There was never any doubt that I would vote for Jennifer as the best actress and face of heroism, that one was a no contest. But I voted for The Dark Knight trilogy as the favorite movie franchise (even though The Dark Knight Rises didn’t quite live up to the first two movies). THG may hopefully become my favorite movie franchise, but right now it’s just one movie. And since this was a while ago, I don’t even remember who I voted for in the best chemistry category, out of the three movies I’ve seen from that list (THG, The Avengers, Amazing Spider-man).

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