Hoping For The Best

It’s been awhile since I’ve ventured down this road, but it’s a familiar one– and right now familiar is good as far as I am concerned. Fantasy casting, we can’t be tired of it yet, because for so many of us it’s one of the things that’s kept our minds engaged when absolutely nothing was going on production wise, yep even going back as far as to 2010. Remember 2010?

There are two major roles to be cast for Mockingjay Part I and II, Boggs and President Alma Coin. I’ve written more than one article concerning the casting of Boggs, but both of them were published before The Hunger Games was released in theatres, thus changing its over all status amongst layman– oh, and then a person like Philip Seymour Hoffman took a justifiably minute role in Catching Fire, and basically changed the casting expectations for all time where it comes to this franchise. So, combining the success the franchise has already attained critically and monetarily, along with bagging Oscar and Emmy (not confirmed, I know!) winning writers to pen screenplays, and the whole Hoffman coup– I think roles like Boggs and Coin just might go to much less conspicuous artists than I hypothesised on previously.

Boggs is a great role, can we just agree on that? He has probably some of the most funny, and intense scenes to take on in Mockingjay, and now that the novel is officially being split in two, it’s safe to assume that characters like his will be fleshed out even more than Suzanne Collins wrote them out originally. Well, at least that’s what we hope will happen. I still hope that the ideas I had previously will at least be considered, because none of them are untalented by any means– they’re just not as recognizable as they may be shooting for now. Which brings me to my ideal Boggs, the Boggs I’ve had in my mind for an extended period of time, but never thought they’d be able to bag someone as successful or as known as him, but things have changed. His name is Jeremy Renner, and he’s kind of perfect for this role in my head. Renner has two Oscar nominations to his name, and numerous other award nominations and wins as well. He’s somewhat new to fame, but he’s been in the acting business since the mid ’90s. The first time I personally saw him in anything was a singular episode of what was then The WB’s Angel (The Buffy The Vampire Slayer spin-off), and after that he popped up in independent films like Neo Ned, Twelve and Holding, as well as Dahmer, which I still can’t get myself to watch, because after reading about Jeffrey Dahmer in one of my college Sociology courses, I started crying, and had nightmares. In 2009 he shot to fame with Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker, and at the 2010 Oscars he was nominated for Best Actor, and Bigelow beat our the ego-maniac, as well as her ex-husband James Cameron for Best Director, and Best Picture. The next year Renner was nominated again at the Oscars for Best Supporting Actor in Ben Affleck’s sophomore picture, The Town, and now everyone seemingly knows who the hell he is! And this my dears is one of the reasons why I think he could maybe, hopefully, pretty please, be considered for the role of Boggs.

He’s known, he’s talented, and I for one have gone to see films he’s in just because he’s in them. Not only is he more than capable of a role like Boggs, as evidenced by the career military as well as law enforcement roles he’s already taken on in film and television, like S.W.A.T, 28 Weeks Later, The Avengers, The Hurt Locker, The Unusuals, The Bourne Legacy, and Mission Impossible. He also fits the description, Renner’s 42 years-old, Boggs is described to be in his 40s by our dear protagonist Katniss Everdeen, he’s also supposed to be in pique physical condition, which is something Renner hasn’t seemingly slouched on in years, because he’s always taking extremely physical roles (See Hurt Locker, Mission Impossible, and Bourne Legacy), oh and there’s the whole blue eyes thing. Boggs is supposed to have close-cropped grey hair, but what the hell– blond is close to grey, and that’s all I need, especially if this isn’t just a pipe dream, which face it– it is. Which brings us to reality, Renner’s really, really, really busy, in fact tonight (Saturday the 17th, 2012), he’s hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time.

So, if you’re not a Renner fan yet, I’m sure he’ll prove himself a worthy comedian tonight, and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy– he can sing.

Them There Eyes



  1. Boggs is one of my favorite characters, too. I love Jeremy–years ago he appeared on a reality show that followed the careers of some aspiring actors. He had just done Dahmer, and I was convinced he would be a star someday. It’s been wonderful to see it actually happen.

    I hadn’t remembered that Boggs’ age was mentioned in Mockingjay–I confess I pictured Stephen Lang in the role. But Jeremy also works for me! 😉

    1. No specific age was mentioned, Katniss just relates his age to people she knows, like her mother I believe. I do remember her saying mid 40s though, I’m taking liberties by hoping for Renner who’s not mid 40s, but his talent more than makes up for it.

  2. Although Jeremy wasn’t my first thought for this role, I can totally see him doing Boggs justice. Just finished a re-read of Mockingjay and was struck by how much Boggs is sprinkled throughout its story, and then still mentions after his, sob, demise. He can definitely do the physical aspects of this role. Only part I’m not sure about, is the family man and softspot part of Boggs. Although I’ve seen Jeremy in several roles, I haven’t seen any that might encompass that kind of emotion. If you have a recommendation, I’ll try to see it. “For educational purposes.”

    A girl can dream!

    1. Try Neo Ned, he’s very lovable in that, and naive. Also 12 and Holding he has some sweet interactions with kids. Also in Hurt Locker he was a dad, most people forget the scene but it’s when he’s back Stateside, it’s an endearing scene, and telling. On SNL he was a dad in a comedy short they did, he read Good Night Moon to his screen time daughter, it was adorable. He can play tender, believe me, I know he’s known for tough guy roles, but even in real life he’s a mama’s boy, and if you search out his work beyond what’s most recent most likely, you’ll see what he’s capable of.

  3. Jeremy Renner wouldn’t be a bad choice. He’s a great actor.

    But I admit, I saw Boggs as less handsome and a little more rugged. More the military type that would ordinarily seem like a bland tough guy, but then surprises us by being so much more – if that makes sense. I was thinking more along the lines of a young(er) Tom Sizemore (obviously not him, because he’s too old now).

    It’s just my personal preference though. 🙂

  4. Jeremy Renner is awesome…too bad he is so busy, and already involved with three franchises, which is crazy. I agree the amazing cast will attract amazing actors for the remaining parts, it´s going to be really exciting to watch

  5. The only problem I have with Renner is that he has worked a bit too much in the last year or so. It seems another of his films is premiering every month causing a bit of over exposure.
    If only Tom Selleck wqs 20 years younger.
    However, Stephen Lang is an inspired suggestion.

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