The Hunger Games: Sexy and We Know It

It’s official: The Hunger Games cast is sexy! Well, at least Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Wes Bentley, according to People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive edition! Even some of our favorite fancasts that didn’t make it to Catching Fire made the cut!

We think it’s safe to say that if it were more of a “Sexiest Persons Alive”, we’d see plenty of other cast members too– not to mention that Liam earned himself a spot in last year’s edition as well.

Of course, not everyone agrees. There’s that age-old question that Victoria’s Secret is always asking us: “What is sexy?” Perception varies from person to person, especially when you’re going off attractiveness. There’s other factors to be considered if you want people to consider you sexy and we think the cast of The Hunger Games films are very telling when it comes to these signs!

Let’s break ’em down, shall we?

Modesty“What? ME? Sexy? Why, I’ve never known! I find that hard to believe, as I still like to watch bad reality television while eating Spaghetti-Os in my Spongebob pajamas or something of that nature, but apparently the readers are okay with that!”
There’s something special about somebody who radiates confidence and enjoys a normal life without outwardly TRYING to be sexy. Josh Hutcherson isn’t posing half naked on a beach every time his takes a month off and for that, he is sexy.

Piercing Gaze“Excuse me while my intense eyes burn a pathway through this photo and into your soul…”
No matter what the eye color, the ability to make someone else melt when they look at a photo or video of you is a talent! A picture is worth a thousand words… and a thousand more glances! Wes Bentley in particular wins our hearts here.

GIF-ability“Thanks to that line or hand gesture I had in that movie, I’m an Internet sensation!”
Almost every actor in The Hunger Games wins in this category, thanks to the hilariously talented graphic designers in the fandom. There’s Advice Peeta, Gale vs. Shrek, and Seneca Crane’s Beard taking over everything! How could you NOT love these guys with those images floating around?

Idris Elba The Hunger Games Catching Fire The Office Sexiest Man Alive

Are you, though?!

Intensity vs. Calm“I’m all rough and tough in my acting, but watch me be charming and adorable in my spare time!”
We all love it when an actor pulls off a jarring, intense role on the screen. We love it even more when that person turns out to be a calm, endearing person off-screen as well. Popular fancast for Chaff, Idris Elba, played one of he most intense characters on television for many years– Stringer Bell on The Wire— but he often shows his softer side in various interviews, which always makes us love him.

So continue on with your sexy ways, Hunger Games cast! Even if people occasionally get all trollish on the Internet to debate your general attractiveness, we know what makes you sexayyyyyy!

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    1. Nope, we’re just referring to him because he was a popular fancast for Chaff and a very good example in that last case! I threw his name at the top of the post originally which seems to have confused some people (my apologies– it was written at 2am after a very bad day LOL) but I wasn’t trying to refer to him as a member of the cast. I edited the post to make that clearer πŸ™‚

  1. Speaking of GIF-ability, wasn’t there a photo of PSH in a previous article working that white dressing gown like he was headlining the catwalk?

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