The Power of the Compliment

The Twitter shakedown The Girl with the Pearl wrote so eloquently about some weeks ago, is still in effect (for a refresher click here, and get your learning on). So, now that you’re all knowledgeable and stuff, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? It’s still happening, and sadly it’s happening more, and it will probably continue to happen until the end of time, or when Twitter loses all appeal, and we’re able to send text messages directly into people’s brains (or something), won’t that be fun? We all know the drill, unless of course you’re one of those alien hold-outs who does not have a Twitter account (c’mon, people– it’s been around since 2006!), and you still don’t know the reason people use the number sign/ pound sign / pound key, and call it something else entirely. Aside from ultimately changing what we call symbols that have been around a lot longer than Twitter, it’s changed the way we communicate with people, friends, enemies, crushes, and oddly enough celebrities, actors, politicians, heads of state, writers, directors, and grandma.

Twitter has given people unprecedented access to all of these people, and maybe I’m old school, but I remember when writing a fan-letter was the only way to communicate with so-and-so from my favorite TV show. Note: I never actually sent any of those fan-letters I drafted, even though my friends told me “Rebekah, you’re a really good letter writer, you should so totally send it!” Yeah– no, that would have cost postage, and dignity I clearly didn’t want to let go of at the tender age of 13. Fan-letters now though have changed mightily,because if you haven’t noticed– they’re no longer private. Fan-letters have been

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replaced with semi incomprehensible, 140 character messages that pretty much everyone with the ability to type @ can access, and most of these messages are either veiled demands for acknowledgement, or all out demands for acknowledgement. The Girl with the Pearl covered this though, so what’s the big deal? Um, well there isn’t one, it’s just that the acknowledgement demands have become somewhat excessive, and they’re starting to crowd our Twitter feeds, because if you didn’t already know this– the cast of The Hunger Games franchise is made up of nice individuals who are rather accommodating, and are embracing the sometimes new affect of being part of this project.

Look, flattery can get you pretty damn far in this world, and so can giving a smile and a nod to the multitude of crazies we all encounter at one time or another, but there comes a time when even we have to take a step back, cock our heads to the side like a Newsie, and hope the demands for shout-outs for Canada, Brazil, or… take out an atlas and play Point-At-the-Nation, as well as messages of undying love and devotion to someone who is essentially a stranger, will cease. Better yet, kind of hoping they’ll go the way of simply being favorited, replied to in the person’s own personal @Mentions, filed away, and thus acknowledged in a much less public, and frankly irritating manner. So, fans and also cast members please read below.

The favorite button, and the non-retweet reply, use them, love them– embrace them, and be satisfied.

Them There Eyes


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