Self Control

We’re not mindless automatons set in front of computer terminals, being fed information on a constant ever-changing loop, are we? No, no we’re not– but if you think about it, a large amount of people are sure acting like they are. Any now everyone’s all “what the hell is she talking about!?” All right, so over the last several weeks of production on Catching Fire more, and more, and more photos have been taken not just by paparazzi, but by what we’re now going to call fanarazzi, i.e. fans who whip out their mobile phones, their pocket-sized cameras, or their digital SLRs, and snap, snap, snap photos of sets, cast members, and set pieces in, and around the Atlanta, Georgia area. At first I was fine with the photos that were surfacing, the smattering of shots featuring half the cast milling about in white waffled robes, to me those were all fine and dandy. Lately though things have stepped up a notch, and it’s seriously got to the point where I, the person writing this, does not want to see another aerial shot of the cornucopia, a telephoto lens shot of the Tribute Parade chariots, I simply would like to see NONE of it. See, I’m not a mindless automaton, set in front of a computer terminal, with no choices, no conscience, no morals, or ethics– I’m a human being. I’m a person who likes surprises as well, and the ever waning comforting thought, that others know that taking photos of highly anticipated films whist in production, is ruining the mystique of almost the entire artful, and controlled chaos known as film making.

I’m pissed, everyone. I’m pissed because people who are seemingly excited about this amazing series being put to film, are stepping over an invisible line of propriety, and ruining this process that I, as an individual, respect so very much. If you’re a regular reader of this site, you should know by now that I’m a film lover, it should probably be tattooed across my forehead, but that would make my mother cry herself to death. So, just know– I’m pissed, I love film, and I ardently am now going to ask people who are taking these photos (namely fellow fans of the series), intruding on the process they have no business traipsing all over– to cease and desist this deplorable behavior! Do the opposite of wrong, guys.

Just don’t do it. Also, if I knew who was taking those aerial shots, I’d love to give them a piece of my mind– and I got a big mind, y’all– huge.

Them There Eyes



  1. Okay…while I LOVE the term “fanarazzi”, and I do NOT want to be argumentative; this post seems to be quite a 180 from the discussion we had earlier about “The Brother”. The official Victor’s Village position on pics like these seemed at the time to be quite different, that people were free to look at “spoiler” pics if they wanted to, even to do such things as crack passwords to view videos that were supposed to be private, and to question the propriety of this was “being overly self-righteous”.

    Or is this post just meant to be your personal opinion? Is this critique meant to be just for the fans taking the pics, but not the fans looking at them? I’m just really curious as to what has changed in the last few days. Seems to me that everyone has to choose where to draw the line, and we each will choose a slightly different point at which to do it. I actually am not that bothered by set photos, but viewing the private audition videos, to me, was crossing a line. But I think that perhaps we can do so without denigrating people who draw the line at a slightly different point than we do.

    1. Satsuma, we’re three different people, sometimes with three different opinions. In the other post, I (Kait aka The Girl With The Pearl) explain why I allowed for older set pics to be posted on the site as well as why we won’t denigrate OTHER sites for posting them. Them There Eyes is say that the inital TAKING of the photos is offensive, which is her opinion. We’re not always unified on our opinions. It’s okay to be critical of our articles, but please don’t take out MY opinion on someone else.

      This is an opinion site, but it’s also supposed to be fun! Let’s not ruin that by baring down on everyone all the time! Smile!

  2. If you dont want the pics, its quite easy, do not look at them. If any law is not broken, then I do not understand the huffing and puffing. I have looked the pictures but they do not tell much and I will go and watch when the movie hits the theaters. There is so much bigger spoilers about the film and those are the books 😀

  3. Honestly, I used to be like, ‘zero spoilers’, but in this case, with these photos I don’t personally think its that spoliery [sp?] I mean the chariots are out of context of a scene + we already saw them in film 1. Seeing Peeta & Katniss [in a robe] with Haymitch on a stage well You would already know this from the books. Once its in the movie it will all special effects with music and close ups so you can hear them say the words – well, thats what evokes all the emotions & stimulates all the senses, yes? Not just a random out of context photo.
    I had the privilege to preview one of the Harry Potter movies with lots of green screen & no music it did not take away from the other 50 or times I saw it after that. I think there will still be plenty of surprises.

    1. Rebekah isn’t talking about the out-of-context chariots at the race track or the actors in their robes. She’s referring to the latest pics that are popping up, which are a lot more revealing. There’s an aerial shot of the Cornucopia (that one has bummed a lot of people out since they didn’t want to see it this early) and a close-up shot of one of the chariots (styled specifically for Catching Fire). Pictures of the actors’ hotel have also been appearing here and there.

      I personally think it’s a bit mad that people are now actually taking *aerial* shots of the sets. I just can’t get inside the mind of the type of person who would do that, lol.

  4. First of all, sorry for the rudeness in the first post. I seem to be pissing a lot of people off around the fandom these days, and I’ll try to tone it down. 😦

    Here’s my personal take on this. In terms of taking the photos themselves, I think that it’s crossing the line if someone commits illegal acts, such as trespassing on the set (as one fan who tweeted pics admitted/bragged to) doing. I also think that the fans who tried to crack the password to those audition videos were crossing a line, though I don’t know if that was technically illegal or not. I agree with Savanna that whoever took the aerial shot was “a bit mad”, but I don’t think this was technically illegal.

    As for not wanting to be spoiled; blaming people who take the pics for that seems to be a little unfair to them, because it’s not like they are personally coming up to you and waving the pics in your face. I do, however, wish that some fansites were more circumspect in their approach to set photos. I have appreciated the sites that give people the option of seeing them or not by NOT posting them on the main site but just showing a link to them. But not all sites have done that.

    Like I said before, I’m starting to think it’s only a matter of time before some embarassing, semi-clothes actor pics start getting circulated around the web…

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