The Hunger A Capella Games Part 1

Tonight, I went to see the movie Pitch Perfect, which our Effie Elizabeth Banks both produced and played a small role in. She played a Caesar Flickerman-esque character… except raunchier. And her name was Gail Abernathy. Suspicious? I think so.

Aside from really cracking me up, the movie got me thinking. What if, instead of a battle to the death, The Hunger Games was like one intense a capella competition? What would the Districts’ teams be named? What songs would they sing? Well, I’ve got some suggestions!

District 1 – The Glamazons

  1. Material Girl – Madonna
  2. Price Tag – Jessie J
  3. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – Marilyn Monroe
  4. Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani

District 2 – The MaSONICs

  1. Brick – Ben Folds Five
  2. Like a Stone – Audioslave
  3. Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones
  4. This Is War – 30 Seconds to Mrs

District 3 – The Technotes

  1. Technologic – Daft Punk
  2. Telephone – Lady Gaga
  3. Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles
  4. The Humans Are Dead – Flight of the Conchords

District 4 – Vocal Expl-ocean

  1. Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Brian Hyland
  2. Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake
  3. Drowning – Backstreet Boys (Sorry, I’m awful)
  4. Dead Sea – The Lumineers
  5. Swallowed in the Sea – Coldplay

Stayed tuned for the rest!

Part 2
Part 3



  1. You seem to be channeling Plutarch Heavensbee…this sounds quite like what he might have been planning for that singing competition he tries to recruit Katniss for at the end of MJ. Also, “Brick” is actually a very serious song dealing with abortion, Ben Folds has stated that it’s based on his own experiences. But I can definitely see Plutarch not getting that at all, and just thinking “Hey, a song about a brick! Perfect for the Masonry district”, Very interested in what he, er, you, have planned for the other districts!

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