Be Still My…

A long time ago, when people were nervous about Josh Hutcherson’s hair color, Liam Hemsworth’s North American accent, and Jennifer Lawrence’s ability to shoot an arrow believably– the world was appeased with not one, but two pictorial spreads in Entertainment Weekly featuring Jennifer Lawrence in all her costumed Katniss glory, and subsequently some short months later an equally affirming issue featuring Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth in all their rugged, District 12 robustness were released to the world at large. And what happened? Well, some people wept, some people threw copies of Entertainment Weekly’s up in the air in sheer frustration, and others were just kind of well– meh about it all. I honestly can’t recall my reaction, but I know there were no tears, no throwing of things of any kind, and I’m pretty sure meh isn’t even part of my vocabulary outside of Twitter, or Facebook, or here for that matter. I do recall this though, stills– yep a smattering of Hunger Games movie stills in and after those issues were on news-stands, and drug-store, and smoke-shop magazine racks (smoke-shops are the best places to get magazines, I tell ya’. No, I don’t smoke.), all over this complex planet of ours. But (ah yes, a but), what strikes me more than a year after those glorious snip-its of hope that were given to us, a number of them turned out to not even be part of the film.

I give you exhibit A. Or as I like to call it, Katniss and Gale in the Big Bad Forbidden Woods.

Having a chat we’re not privy to.

We all know where this still fits into the sequence at the beginning of the film, right? It’s got to be somewhere between “Damn you, Gale!” then her shooting at those birds, and them hiding from Effie (My-Name-Never-Gets-Mentioned-In-The-Movie) Trinket’s hovercraft. So, where’d it go? Would have been nice to get one more scene in there with them, no?

Which brings me to exhibit B. also known as Cinna, Peeta and Haymitch Are Judge-y Faces. I remember when this was one of about four stills circulating, and everyone– and I mean EVERYONE truly believed that this little moment frozen in digital time would make it into the film. It didn’t though, and then we all cried “what the fuck, man!!??” Seriously, I think we all craved more from this film that we just did not get– and these stills just might prove that. Which brings us to our last still, and probably the one that continues to befuddle me as to why the scene was summarily cut. Exhibit C. Also known as Katniss and Peeta Interact More In the Capitol, Yo.  I apologize for the poor quality of the still, but I’m sure you all can make out that that’s Katniss in the foreground, and Peeta in the background, and they’re in the Capitol apartment. And making an educated guess here, this still was likely a scene between– actually I have no clue– it could literally take place anytime during their time in the Capitol, it could even be on a day they filmed that was entirely scrapped, because neither of the costumes Jennifer or Josh are wearing made it into the film, no– really, I checked. What I’m hoping this scene was, was something between a training session, and a dinner scene, where they may have actually talked a bit, and I dunno connected pre-crush reveal, your guess is as good as mine at this point.

We know that there were no deleted scenes on the different copies of the film on DVD and Blu-ray (still not out in Argentina, mind!), and Gary Ross director extraordinaire has stated numerous times that the film he presented to Lionsgate, was for the most part, the film that made its way to cinemas all over the world. So, yeah– where did all these scenes go, and I know it’ll be debated to the nth degree– do we think they might have added something to the film if they had remained?

To quote Mr. Owl– “the world may never know.” I just hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Catching Fire.

Them There Eyes



  1. Ugh… yeah. I hope that if there’s deleted scenes for Catching Fire, we can get them, instead of them pretending there were never deleted scenes. (we don’t care about green screens, we’ll still enjoy em!)

    Also bloppers (c’mon – that Jennifer Lawrence fall that’s been told everywhere on the internetz must make it!). And commentary. If possible, from Jen and some other people! Please.

    Oh well. We can only hope.

  2. Yeah…the deleted scenes debate. Mr Ross has said over and over again that there were no extra scenes, but he contradicts himself as he has mentioned a scene in the woods with Prim and Gale, scenes with the avox girl, Dayo has said they filmed D11 reaping, and numerous stills circulating the internets indicate they did in fact film scenes that didn´t make the cut. Even the scenes that did make it into the film were trimmed, as in dialogue was cut, you just have to watch footage of the behind the scenes videos and will see there was a lot more dialogue. That tells me two things: 1.I get now what Suzanne Collins meant in her statement after seeing the movie. The movie is a complement, as it is a very brief depiction of the story 2.The script she wrote with Gary included a lot of dialogue straight from the book. Unfortunately, they had to cut it due to time constraints.
    On another note, hasn´t Suzanne Collins been mysteriously absent from the whole new casting/new director/new script debate. Last year she talked about the actors and the director. She hasn´t said anything about the new director, new actors, and script for CF. It makes me worried because an old saying comes to mind: if you have nothing nice to say…don´t say anything at all.

    1. There’s a shot of them filming a scene between Prim and Gale on one of the special features (I believe it was on disc two of my Target three disc edition), but there’s a voice-over so you don’t hear what they’re saying, and there are only a few seconds of it shown.

  3. Actually, the outfits that Peeta and Katniss are wearing WERE worn in the film. You could only see them for a few seconds, but right before the private sessions with the Gamemakers, when Haymitch is telling them what to do, they are wearing that at the table. So it had to either come before the talk with Haymitch, right before the private sessions, or after (if they put the same clothes back on). And there is a short clip of that. On the Hunger Games B-roll, it has Peeta and Katniss talking. Peeta says, “Why did you help me back there?” or something like that. Even more mysterious…

    That scene must’ve been one of the last ones cut (at least they were really wanting that one in there). It first appeared in the movie companion, which came out in February. They wouldn’t have put it in the book if it was cut from the movie already.

    In seems like they are filming a lot of extra scenes for CF, so maybe we’ll be able to see those?

  4. I heard that Lionsgate said that they will release the deleted scenes from the Hunger Games after all the movies comes out on DVD for a special edition box set.

  5. Thank you for confirming picture 3 was not in movie. That has driven me crazy every time I’ve seen that photo.

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