Girl Crushes R’ Us

We love Jennifer Lawrence and so do most of you! It wasn’t any surprise to see her at the top of Crushable’s 25 Crushable Girls Under 25. We have a certified girl crush. As in “I’m not attracted to girls but I would make some exceptions for Jennifer Lawrence.”

Elizabeth Banks Hunger Games premiere

Hello, Flawless!

Maybe it’s because she’s young and super talented and the star of the franchise, but Jennifer seems to get all the crushability votes, but she isn’t the only totally crushable lady on set!

Today, we’re going break down some OTHER Crushable ladies of The Hunger Games (of legal age, because we occasionally try to be politically correct.)

Elizabeth Banks – This woman is the Original Girl Crush (OGC, what what) that you never knew you had! From her older roles in Wet Hot American Summer and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, to bigger roles in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Man on a Ledge, to ingenious characters on TV shows like Scrubs and 30 Rock— we love all of her roles! When this lady is on screen, you pay attention. She demands it. Off-screen, she’s super upbeat. What’s NOT to love?

Paula Malcomson – Mrs. Everdeen isn’t the easiest character to have warm, fuzzy feelings for, but anyone who has ever seen Deadwood or Sons of Anarchy knows that Paula Malcomson is actually a badass chick! The gun-wielding, man-trampling, take-no-shit-from-no-one part of our heart will always love her for that. Also, she is smokin’ hot for a woman of her age.

Jackie Emerson Prom Photo

Still one of our fave Jackie photos!

Jackie Emerson – Yes, she’s 18! She’s also one of the most positive, endearing spirits in The Hunger Games universe. She spreads love, works with multiple charities, and sticks up for girl friendship and girl crushes worldwide! The first part of every good girl crush is that the person makes you totally smile, so that’s why Jackie makes the list.

Leven Rambin – Glimmer comes off as a bit silly and boy-crazy in The Hunger Games movie, but we accept it because Leven Rambin is pretty adorable as she fawns over Cato the Mass Murder. It’s twisted, satirical in a way, but also a short burst of amusement that you need from time-to-time in a heavy story like The Hunger Games. And that little smirk of hers? Totally crushable!

Don’t let the boys get all the attention for being the likable ones! These ladies are wonderful examples for bringing solid characters to life and using their star power to be awesome, which makes them some of the most crush-worthy people out there, in our opinion!

Eat Your Heart Out, Boys!
The Girl With The Pearl


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