I Think I’m Getting The Black Lung, Boss *Cough Cough*

Today, The Daily Mail posted an article about how a survey from CareerBuilder found that 30% of Americans fake sick days. “What does that have to do with The Hunger Games?” you ask. Well, apparently two excuses shared in this survey were “being sick from reading too much” and “upset after watching The Hunger Games”.

Now, before we all scoff at this, I’ve got some points to make.

About the first, that could kind of be true. It all depends on where you are when you’re doing this reading. For me, if I’m in the car, then it’s no bueno.

And about the second, all I have to say is… WAIT FOR MOCKINGJAY!

Dear employers,

Your employees should be upset after watching The Hunger Games. It is very upsetting to watch the injustice of it all. But look out for the next few Novembers after this upcoming one  – because, let’s face it, Catching Fire is pretty upsetting too. Your employees will be dropping like flies. I swear, emotional hangovers do exist. Don’t be surprised if people are out for weeks. And man, when the series ends, I won’t know what to do with myself so I hope you’d be kind enough to send me home when I stare blankly at my computer.


In all seriousness, folks, please do not bring The Hunger Games in this. Psh, no one actually calls in sick because of Hunger Games reasons, right?

If you’re going to do it, at least don’t say it’s because of The Hunger Games


One comment

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever actually called out sick to read a book but The Hunger Games trilogy was definitely the closest I got! I used to get up early, stay up late, and thus be a lazy bum all through the work day

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