The District Pride Rodeo

When it comes to District pride, some of us just have the advantage over others!

District 10 Seal The Capitol PN The Hunger Games

Here’s pride for you!

In the beginning of the month, The Capitol PN Facebook asked fans to submit photos showing off their District pride. The best entries will be presented to all of Panem as “Model Citizens”.

If you’re from the technology district or the lumber district, that may be an easy task! Pose with all your electronic devices! Climb a tree! Whammo! District Pride at its best!

But then there are people like us, stuck in districts where things get just a wee bit trickier!

Victor’s Village is on District 10, aka the Livestock district. In reality, we live in a horrible place to raise livestock. We could find a cow, but we don’t exactly have one handy with which to pose for photos! Incorporating District pride would require us to find a farm, sneak in, hope the grumpy owner doesn’t wake up and assume we’re there to tip cows (as if we have the upper body strength!), and snap a photo. Mind you, the flash from the camera would likely startle the cow and its companions, at which point an angry bovine stampede will commence. Thanks, President Snow!

District 10 cowgirl

Best look EVER?! We think so!

“You don’t have to pose with livestock!” You say. “Just dress up like a cattle rancher or something!” What does a rancher look like?! We’re thinking cartoon cowboys. Imagine us in a cheesy cowgirl costume, complete with the boots and a ten gallon hat, shaming every rancher who didn’t spend the majority of their time in a John Wayne film! We would look good, mind you, DAMN GOOD! But futuristic ranchers probably aren’t rocking cowgirl chic (nor are modern day ones, we presume).

Of course, while dressed in the costume we could always try to sneak attack a family member or friend, perhaps a co-worker. We’ll just throw a rubber cow or chicken mask over their head and take photos as we attempt to lasso them…. Though that may be a bit more “Honey Boo Boo” than “District Pride”. We’re pretty sure the districts don’t pride themselves in looking like complete asshats. The Capitol? Maybe. But not the Districts!

Isn’t being obsessed with The Hunger Games pride enough?!
The Girl With The Pearl



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