Challange Accepted

I feel like The Girl With the Pearl has issued a call to the masses, or perhaps I’m reading into things too much, or I have hit a serious inspirational dry-spell– but, just this week she wrote about Capitol Citizen Halloween costume ideas, and it stuck me– I NEED TO GO AS A CAPITOL CITIZEN FOR HALLOWEEN!

Let me tell you a story. Last year, I went as Katniss Everdeen– I had an orange backpack (my own, didn’t even have to buy one), a black nylon jacket, a black t-shirt (obviously I went as Movie Katniss here), and a pair of tawny tight fitting cords (the movie pictures were unclear at that point, couldn’t see she was wearing cargos), a pair of mid calf brown boots, and I made my own Mockingjay pin with card-stock and a $2 can of spray-paint. I was rockin’, I tell ya’, except when I walked into the Halloween party I always go to, and only one person knew what I was, the host– ’cause she’s awesome. However, no one else knew what the hell The Hunger Games was. Since then though the film’s been released all over the world (possibly even space), and I know without a doubt that several people who were at the party last year will be there this year as well, have read all the books. Therefore, I know this time I can walk into the room all decked out in crazy fantastic colors, and I won’t have to say “Capitol Citizen” when they ask what I am. If not, I’ll bring a fucking flag that says “District 12 Rules!” if people have the audacity to ask, let alone not know what the hell The Hunger Games is after it being in everyone’s face for the past year.

I have to say though, after going to a midnight release of The Hunger Games, and I seeing several people’s attempts at Capitol Citizen costumes, including my good friend who did a good job by my outrageous standards– I kind of want to one up pretty much everyone I saw that night, because unfortunately the majority didn’t go far enough. And, when I say far, I mean the colors were a bit muted, the makeup was a bit stayed, the hair was semi uninspired. So, here and now I declare to all, and to the lovely Girl With the Pearl, unofficial challenge accepted!

May the odds be ever in my favor! Oh, and I’m totally dying my hair, and yes– I will take photos, just not of me dying my hair. Who the hell wants to see that?

Them There Eyes



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