Hunger Games Halloween, Part 2: The Capitol

We’re back with Part 2 of our tips for how to get your Hunger Games on this Halloween!

Katniss, Peeta, and the other tributes way be the most common stars of the show this All Hallows Eve, but if you want to show off your love for The Hunger Games and your hella wicked mad creative skillz this year, taking on the role of a Capitol citizen might be for you!

We’ll get into the specifics later, but let’s start off with some generalities–

The Capitol Look

COLOR! Lots of color! Bright, vibrant colors that make you stand out, but put together in a matching, cohesive fashion that doesn’t make it look like a magical glitter unicorn puked all over you!

Unfortunately, there’s no “Capitol citizen” costume laid out for you, so you’re going to have to get creative!

Step One: Get thrifty! Thrift/consignment stores can be an absolute goldmine when you’re searching for something out of the ordinary and even a bit outlandish. That neon green suit with puffy sleeves collecting dust in the back? Effie Trinket’s BIFFLE. That blue snakeskin blazer? Caesar Flickerman’s top style.

Step Two: Do it up! The hair must be outrageous or President Snow just would not approve!

(If you go this route, it’s also good to pick up a wig cap, because they make life a whole lot easier.)

You can use your natural hair color too, but if so, you better do it up more like this:

Except in a way that’s possible for normal humans to achieve.

Step Three: Accessorize! The Capitol is not bland! Search for some stunning Hunger Games themed jewelry on Etsy or do you nails with Capitol Colors nail polish to achieve that Panem et Circenses shine!

Of course, there’s one member of the Capitol that all the ladies really want to be!

Effie Trinket

Step one: Effie’s hairstyle is all her own, but thankfully there’s a generic “Chaperone wig” made by an unlicensed company!

Is that first one not your style? Try a Marie Antoinette wig!

Or perhaps a Lady Gaga wig!

Customize the wigs color to best match your outfit with either some spray on hair color or– believe it or not– food coloring powder!

Step Two: Heels to High Heaven! Elizabeth Banks said she sometimes had trouble walking around on set. If she can do it for several days, you can do it for a few hours! Any tall, bright, decorative pair will do, but here’s a few ideas:

What about the guys who want to show their Capitol side, you ask? Never fear! Caesar is here!

Caesar Flickerman

Step One: Assuming you don’t have enough hair to dye it blue, put in a bump-it, and make a neat ponytail out of it all, there’s a solution on the Internet! A Caesar wig AND eyebrows!

Step Two: We covered the snazzy thrift suit look already, so to complete the look, all you need is a really shiny pair of dress shoes! …And some teeth whitener, but don’t do overboard!

There’s also the Seneca Crane option, which requires a simple plain black suit and incorporates some facial hair madness! Thankfully you can grow that yourself, free of charge. Try not to hurt yourself carving it out with a razorblade!

We’re Down With The Capitol Style!
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. Thursday night or friday morning I’ll have a “DIY your own tribute shirt” up. SO look forward to that. (Vid and pics I’m hoping)

  2. OhmyJosh. There’s actually a Caesar Flickerman wig/eyebrow set.

    That’s it… I know what I’m going to be for Halloween.

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