Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

Twiffidy is off on a lovely trip to Disneyland, but in between jealously dreaming that we are there with her, we realized that this would be another great opportunity to show off YOUR thoughts on the series! Remember, guest post submissions are welcome at any time! Just send them along to thevictorsvillage@gmail.com!

Today, we’ve got a fantastic post from Lindsay, who’s got her own take on the hotly debated Hunger Games series timeline!


Panem, WHEN are you?!

When it comes to THG, the question of timing truly begs to be addressed. Are we 100 years into the future? 1000?

I don’t think Collins herself has a particular date in mind, though she noted in one interview that “…we have to allow for the fall of North America and the rise of Panem, plus seventy-four years of the Hunger Games… we’re talking triple digits.” On the other hand, the books do provide us with a few tantalizingly vague clues. If you missed them the first time, they include…

  • …Katniss’ assertion that District 13 was “the work of centuries”. (Mockingjay)
  • …the reference to “hijack” as “an old English word”. (Mockingjay)
  • …Plutarch’s rather fairy tale-esque description of ancient Rome. (Mockingjay)
  • …the condition of the abandoned homes at Katniss’ forest refuge. (Catching Fire)

In my opinion, this was probably the most interesting tidbit—and the one most likely to be overlooked! While most of these old vacation homes have been reduced to rubble, the few remaining structures feature sagging windowpanes and rotting wood. If you know anything about glass, you know that the warping process can take hundreds of years—another piece of evidence in favor of the “several hundred years plus” argument. These houses may even date from our own time, comprising the last remnants of a bygone era. (I’d say “golden age”, but it’s unlikely that Katniss has the historical context to make such a judgment.)

What follows is my own personal THG timeline. Take it with a grain of salt, and by all means, let me know if you disagree!


Second Quarter Quell The Hunger Games Haymitch Abernathy Maysilee Donner

Second Quarter Quell

Before “The Hunger Games”

2020-2100: Global meltdown begins. War rages, seas rise, and famine claims countless lives.

2100-2150: Fall of North America. The governments of the United States, Mexico, and Canada fall into varying states of disarray.

2200-ish: Rise of Panem.

2290s: The Dark Days take hold. The Districts rise up, to horrifying consequence.

2300: The First Annual Hunger Games is broadcast live throughout Panem.

2325: First Quarter Quell. In a shocking display of Capitol cruelty, each District is forced to select its own tributes.

2350: Second Quarter Quell. Each District is required to provide two male and two female tributes- twice the usual number. Haymitch Abernathy, a scrappy young upstart from District Twelve, emerges as victor.

2358: On May eighth, Katniss Everdeen is born.

2362: In late May, Primrose Everdeen is born. (Exact date unknown.)

The Hunger Games

Late May –early June 2374: Twelve-year-old Primrose Everdeen is reaped into the Seventy-Fourth Hunger Games. Before she can join Effie Trinket onstage, her sister volunteers to take her place.

Mid-to-late June 2374: Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are crowned as joint victors.

Catching Fire

November 2374: Katniss and Peeta traverse Panem for their bittersweet Victory Tour.

March 2375: The third Quarter Quell is announced. To prove the Capitol’s ultimate power, twenty-four victors must return to the arena.

May 8th, 2375: Katniss Everdeen celebrates her 17th birthday.

Mid-to-late May 2375: The Capitol stages a Very Special—and somewhat anticlimactic– Reaping.

District 13 seal The Hunger Games

District 13!

Late May 2375: Unbeknownst to Katniss, District 12 is bombed into oblivion. 90% of the population is killed instantly.

Late May 2375: Plutarch Heavensbee rescues Katniss, Finnick, and Beetee from the Quarter Quell arena. Unfortunately, he is unable to save Peeta, Johanna, and Enobaria, who are summarily abducted by the Capitol. En route to District 13, Gale informs Katniss that their home is no more.


June-November 2375: Katniss adjusts to life in District 13.

November 2375: President Coin orchestrates a plan to snatch Johanna, Peeta, Enobaria, and Annie Cresta from the Capitol’s clutches. At Katniss’ urging, she also agrees to offer all four ex-tributes full immunity. In exchange, Katniss consents to become the Mockingjay.

December 2375: The former captives arrive in District 13.

January-March 2376: Katniss and Johanna train for the upcoming battle against the Capitol.

March-April 2376: Katniss and Finnick’s unit, Squad 451, advances on the Capitol.

April 2376: The war ends with a rebel victory. According to the prior agreement, Katniss is granted the privilege of executing President Snow. However, at the last moment, she opts to shoot Coin instead. After a quickie trial, during which she is deemed insane, Katniss returns to District 12. Soon afterward, Peeta and Haymitch join her.

(Epilogue) Late 2390s: A thirty-something Katniss reveals that she and Peeta have married and started a family. (Sadly, information on the other victors is not forthcoming.)

Where art thou, Johanna Mason?



  1. This is very cool. I never really thought of the timeline. Yet to meet it happened layer but you make a good argument. I agree.

  2. I admit, I’ve thought much about the timeline. Interesting to consider your speculations. And, thanks for including the James Gaisford photo of second quarter quell!

  3. Glad everyone enjoyed hearing my thoughts! KMD– I’ve always figured that the rest of the planet was pretty much decimated during the “global cataclysm” phase. My theory is that the arenas are scattered throughout the ruins of the rest of the world.

  4. While I agree with the overall timeline, I have some nitpicky corrections: While Coin agrees to granting the captured victors immunity in the “Mockingjay Deal”, she doesn’t agree to the rescue plan until after Katniss loses it after realizing, after the whole “Peeta warns D13 about the impending bombing, then gets beaten on live TV for it” episode, that Snow is torturing Peeta specifically to break her. (I still don’t know why Katniss didn’t demand a rescue as a condition of becoming the MJ, but I guess Peeta’s first interview, where he looked pretty comfortable, made her assume the Capitol wasn’t treating him *that* badly, and that he was more in danger of being executed as a “traitor”.)

    Also: “April 2376: The war ends with a rebel victory. According to the prior agreement, Katniss is granted the privilege of executing President Snow. However, at the last moment, she opts to shoot Coin instead.”

    I think there’s much room for debate as to whether Katniss shooting Coin really was a decision she made “at the last moment”, or if it was pre-meditated. Also, the description of how the Capitol refugees were dressed during the last battle, made me think it was still pretty cool out. Though if the Capitol is in the Rockies, and weather patterns might be completely different at that point, an April date for the end of the war is still plausible.

    It felt to me that while the first two books were very solid in terms of the timeline, mostly because they are framed by the Games, Collins left much of the MJ timeline very vague, especially at the end. There seems to be much room for speculation as to (a) how long it was between when the rebels take the Capitol and the execution of Snow is scheduled and (b) how long itwas before Peeta was cleared by Dr. Aurelius to return to D12 and (c) how long it took him and Katniss to “grow back together”…

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